Which country requires workers' compensation insurance
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Which Country Requires Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Which country requires workers’ compensation insurance?

Worker’s compensation insurance is an insurance policy contract between an insurance company and a company’s employer to protect and guard the health of its staff against injuries or accidents incurred at the cost of dispensing his or her duties.

A worker’s compensation insurance is not for all workers, but workers are deemed fit for it. e.g field workers etc. field workers are prone to high risk because they are interfacing with a larger audience.

Most countries have imbibed this policy as a law for all companies operating and all businesses. stating the requirement and method of operation, some go as far as stating the minimum benefits staff should get under this policy.

 workers' compensation insurance countries

As the world is advancing, we are developing, technological advancements, and new bills are being passed into law. Same with adaption, different people are being exposed to different forms of development.

As humans, we adapt to new environments, and new changes either positively or negatively. The workers’ compensation insurance includes; death loss, custodial care, lost wages, medical and hospital costs, rehabilitation, etc

In this article, we will be discussing the countries that require workers’ compensation insurance, the year it was introduced, and the type of workers’ insurance practiced in them.

Globally we have different countries practicing the 5 types of workers’ compensation insurance and we will talk about them extensively

Which country requires workers’ compensation insurance

The counties that practice Worker’s Compensation Insurance include;

  1. Germany
  2. Denmark
  3. Australia
  4. Canada
  5. India
  6. England
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Mexico
  9. Japan
  10. New Zealand
  11. United States
  12. Norway
  13. France
  14. South Korea
  15. Malaysia


It operates the worker’s insurance system first enacted in 1880. its industrial injuries insurance consists of; general accident insurance, accident at sea insurance, and agricultural accident insurance.


Started practicing workers’ compensation insurance on the first (1st)  of April 1898. it operates just one form of WCI which is Industrial injuries insurance.


A worker’s insurance act of 1987. It practices medical and hospital costs and rehabilitation insurance. it revoked the worker’s compensation act that was enacted since the year  1926.


Introduced here by Justice William Meridith in 1951. Other parts of Canada adopted the system consequently. it operates a general health and safety insurance act. the governing laws differ in different parts of Canada.


Introduced in 1973 and it practices liability compensation, medical and health compensation under the  Fatal Accident and Common Law


Started operating a worker’s compensation insurance in 1897, and it operates social insurance. Social insurance demands contributions from both the employer and the employee.

United Kingdom

Part of the country like Great Britain and Northern Ireland enacted the worker’s compensation law in the year 1897. And with time it expand to other parts of the united kingdom. It practices industrial injuries insurance.

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Started operating the worker’s compensation in 1917 till date. Mexico operates a death loss insurance and a hospital and medical care insurance.


On the 7th of April 1947, Japan passed the worker’s compensation insurance bill into law. it operates death cost and medical and hospital bill workers’ insurance.


Accident compensation insurance was established don’t the 1st of April 1974. in New Zealand, all companies or businesses pay a stipulated amount of money to the accident compensation corporation. The insurance covers accidents or injuries gotten during work and outside work.

United States 

Started first in 1911, and gradually gained a position in the US and other parts of the country. Even as of 2018, there was a review of the bill that was already passed into law.

It operates a federal workers’ compensation program and a state workers’ compensation program. you can visit their website @ https://www.dol.gov/


Workers’ compensation insurance was enacted in 1894. it operates a death loss and a medical and hospital workers insurance policy.


Operating a medical and hospital bill workers’ insurance. France enacted the bill into law in the year 1925. as time passes it spread across all parts of France.

South Korean

Enacted the WCI law in 1953v and the law became effective in 1963. It operates industrial insurance injuries insurance and it covers industries with 10 or more staff.


Although they have an existing national security scheme they enacted the worker’s compensation insurance in 1952. Currently, the Malaysian government is operating the Employees Social Security Act birthed in the year 1969.


listed above are major countries or nations that practice worker’s compensation insurance.  Some countries have made laws for companies. some date back to 18…

This policy boosts the worker’s confidence. knowing fully well that his health and medical cost is being taken care of. most workers sue the company or employer or lay claims if they don’t have worker’s compensation insurance and the employee, it gets some injuries or accidents during the work process.

Although most states and countries are yet to adopt this policy.

Frequently Asked Question

Is worker compensation insurance practiced in all countries?

No, it is not yet practiced in most counties.

Is the worker’s compensation insurance practiced in the USA the same as in Australia?

No, different counties have their own workers’ compensation and different laws surrounding it.

Does the UK operate a worker’s compensation act?

Yes, all employers are mandated to get a workers liability for their staff. as such all workers are protected.

What are the positive impacts of worker’s compensation insurance?

It boasts the employee confidence and it covers the wages lost while the workers are in the hospital, it takes care of the medical bill and hospital of the workers, etc

Can a worker’s compensation insurance cover injuries got outside work?

Most countries that are practicing a general workers’ compensation scheme allow it, for example, the federal workers’ compensation or the state workers’ compensation insurance. but private companies do not permit injuries ar accident gotten out of work



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