14 Side Jobs for Black Female Students
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14 Side Jobs for Black Female Students (2024)

14 Side Jobs for Black Female StudentsSome of the side jobs you can work as a black Female student are what we have stated in this post. It is okay to have a full-time job that pays well, but will you have to wait until the end of the month before you get paid? Of course not, In case of an Emergency, you will need money for whatever may come up. 

But having a side job added to what you are doing now, can serve you at the point of emergency. Now if you are looking for a side job, or if you don’t have an idea on what side job you should engage yourself in, this post is for you.

14 Side Jobs for Black Female Students
14 Side Jobs for Black Female Students

In this post we have listed more than 14 side Jobs for black Female Students, with this side job, you can still go about your daily activities or schedule. Remember no job is too big or small as long as it pays you and it helps to solve one or two problems that may need finances.

14 Side Jobs You can work as a Black Female Student

  1. Get and Monetize a YouTube channel 
  2. Deliver Packages
  3. Sell Digital Products
  4. Design your own T-shirt and sell 
  5. Make and sell your handmade goods
  6. Start a Clothing Line
  7. Create content on Social Media
  8. Become a Translator
  9. Involve in an Online Survey
  10. Advertise and sell out your Photograph
  11. Blogging
  12. Involve in Affiliate marketing
  13. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
  14. Become an Online Tutor

Get and Monetize a YouTube channel

Here is one of the side jobs you can start as a black female student. Do you know that YouTube has over two billion users who watch 530 million hours of video every single day? You can build an audience big enough, while you create content to entertain your viewers, and you get paid as you grow your YouTube with followers and subscribers.

Deliver Packages

You can sign up with Amazon Flex as a delivery girl. If you can access a vehicle, that will be good enough. At least with this job, you can schedule when you work while you focus on other things you may be doing in school.

Sell Digital Products

You can also work as a digital producer. When we talk about digital products, we are referring to products that are not physical assets but can only be accessed digitally. Examples of these digital assets are downloadable sites or streamable files like PDFs, Videos, MP3s, and Templates. 

If you can sell products like those mentioned, you could earn extra income from there. If you are good at graphics, you could be contacted, because websites are always looking for new graphics to make their site unique. 

Design Your Own T-shirt and Sell 

Do you know you can design your own T-shirts and sell them with the help of Shopify? It can be done print on demand, it is low risk. Now you will enjoy this work if you have a passion for designs, you can make them and sell them online. Buyers will contact you. From there you will be making income from it while doing other major jobs or tasks.

Make and Sell your Handmade Goods

Find out what you are good at, and what hobbies you have, you can start from there. You can make your craft that you are good at and make sales online. Even if it takes time, you will be spotted and sponsored one day. 

Start a Clothing Line

Sometimes, starting a cloth lining may be like a full-time job. But believe me, creating your own line is easy, especially when you are using dropshipping clothing suppliers. From there you can choose your product. At this point, you will have to be very creative to attract a lot of fans.

Create Content on Social Media

When we are talking about creating content, there are a lot of social media platforms you can use to create content. Media like TikTok, Instagram, Bigo, ect. All you need to do is create something unique in the content, something that will get the attention of the audience. 


Become a Translator

You can work as a Transcriber or translator, get files from clients, and type out what you hear them say. These files may be audio, it could be video or phone calls. You could use it for legal proceedings. Now there are sites you could work for such as Rev, TranscribeMe, and GoTranscript for a paid work opportunity.

Involve in an Online Survey

Here is another platform you can make money from. There are a lot of big companies that may want to get what they think about their product or services, you can take part in the survey on websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and branded Surveys. These websites have a lot of surveys that you can take part in, Although the pay may not really pay bills, it can pay something.

Advertise and sell out your Photograph

Selling your photography on-site can bring money to you. Sites like Shutterstock, Burst, and Getty Images usually look for photos that can be used on their website for buyers. Each time they refresh their site, you can see your images.


Another way of making money through my Job is Blogging. For a long time now, it has been one of the side jobs people have indulged in. You can use Substack, this is the platform where you can write and publish your work directly for people to see and get paid through the numbers of subscribers.

Involve in Affiliate Marketing

Taking part in Affiliate Marketing is advertising someone’s product on your platform, and then getting a commission from the sales you make and from your referrals. This is usually done through code or links. You can combine this side hustle with your main job.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Working as a Pet Sitter and a Dog Walker can serve as side work. You can always have time for it while you go about your main work. There are sites you can look out for, you can apply from that site. Websites like Wag, PetBacker, and PetSitter.com. 

Become an Online Tutor

You can start an Online class on platforms like Cambly, Preply, Learn to Be, and TutorOcean. Note that you could easily tutor anyone on these platforms. You could add this to your main job as a side job, at least you could earn income from it.

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