Oxford University Tuition Fees in 2023 And How To Make Payment
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 Oxford University Tuition Fees in 2024 And How To Make Payment

Are you an aspirant of the prestigious Oxford University who is seeking to know the current tuition fees of the school in 2024 and how to make payment? If yes, this article is all you need.

Acquiring a degree from Oxford University can be quite an experience in itself.

If you are considering Oxford as a Choice University of Study, you would need to know about its tuition costs as well as how to make the payments.

This article will shed light on how you can pay your fees at Oxford without stress. This article also seeks not just to address your concerns about getting admitted but also the cost implications and how to pay your tuition fees at Oxford.

 Oxford University Tuition Fees in 2023 And How To Make Payment

About Oxford

Oxford University happens to be the oldest University in the English-speaking territories. 

Being a very prestigious University, getting admitted into Oxford is an honor indeed.

The University is composed of 39  colleges along with four accordingly divided Departments.

The university has also remained a beacon of a Qualitative Learning Experience since it began teaching of some form in 1096.

How Much Are the Tuition Fees At Oxford?

The tuition fees payable at Oxford University cover both University and College Services.

It is divided based on a formula basis between the University (including both your department and faculty) and your college.

For Students Not Indigent To The UK/EU

As a student not native to the EU Community, you will be classed as an ‘Overseas’ or ‘Islands’ Student. 

Also, you would not be eligible for any tuition loans from the Government of the UK.

Moreover, as an International Student, you will pay a significantly larger amount for tuition fees depending on your course of study.

For the UK and EU Indigent Students

As a native of the EU or UK, you are eligible to obtain tuition fee loans from the UK Government that cover the entirety of your course.

However, by choice, you can also pay your tuition fees upfront without procuring a loan.

Annual Course Fees Payable By The Student

Overseas Students Between £25,740 and £36,065

‘Islands’ Students – Around £9,250

What Is The Annual Oxford University Tuition?

The cost of tuition for Oxford University Students is around 9,000 British Pounds per annum. This is approximately $11,700 and applies to UK students only. 

International students on the other hand have to pay between 15,295 British Pounds ($19,860) and 22,515 British Pounds ($29,230) annually as tuition fees.

What Is The Tuition Cost For Medical Students At Oxford

The Oxford University Medical School is a part of the Department of Medical Sciences.

It is highly efficient in its teaching procedures and is divided into two phases, the Pre-Clinical and Clinical phases of the course, with the Pre-Clinical phase usually spanning between 1-3 years.

The students are residents of the University’s Sciences Area in the City Centre of Oxford, while Clinical students (Years 4-6) are stationed at the John Radcliffe Hospital located in Headington.

Also, the University of Oxford came out as a global leader in the “2019 Times Higher Education rankings of Universities” for Pre-Clinical, Clinical, and Health Studies.

Annual Tuition Fee For A Full-Time Student (Pre-clinical) At Oxford University

 Pre-clinical annual course fee

For Home/EU Students – £9,250

‘Islands’ (the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) Students – £9,250

Overseas Students – £34,025

Annual Tuition Fee For A Full-Time Student (Clinical) At Oxford University

Clinical annual course fees

Home/EU Students – £9,250

Islands (the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) – £28,690

Overseas Students – £44,935

However, Clinical fees are charged from the fourth to the sixth year of studies.

Also, the cost of living expenses for a complete Academic Year is between £1,140 and £1,700 per month.

What Is The Cost Of Tuition At Oxford University Nursing School? 

The Nursing degree offered by Oxford University is accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK.

Oxford University also affords its Nursing and Midwifery Students a plethora of practice and real-life experiences all through Oxfordshire.

These include but are not limited to community, hospital, private as well as voluntary sector work landscapes.

Oxford also has top-notch lecturing facilities, including ones for simulated learning experiences in their clinical skills suites. 

Moreover, as a Student of Nursing at Oxford, you stand to gain the much-needed knowledge and skills for the apt handling of professional responsibilities. 

You are assured of graduating as both a confident and highly experienced professional.

Tuition Costs are: For Home/EU running a full-time program (£9,250, subject to agreement by Office for Students), For Home/EU running a part-time program ( £1,155 per single module ).

International full-time students at Oxford’s Nursing School are scheduled to pay ( £14,540 ) for tuition.

Meanwhile, be aware that the tuition fees at Oxford University are subject to revision for all Students.

In addition, the need to make payment of other fees (besides tuition), to cover academic utilities such as books, graduation, library loans, and other fines may arise from time to time.

How Much Is The Tuition Cost For Oxford University’s Graduate Programs? 

Enrolling in Graduate Degree Programs at Oxford is both a rewarding experience as well as a huge investment.

Stated below is an overview of how much you should expect to be charged as annual tuition for full-time courses depending on your department and nationality.

For UK/EU Indigent Graduate Students: £7,730-17,745 (~€9,000-20,640). This is variable depending on your choice of course of study.

For UK/EU Non-Indigent Graduate Students: £22,600-26,960 (~US$29,930 -35,700), This estimate is also variable depending on your choice of course.

Also, Non-Indigent Students are charged an additional “College Fee” fee ranging between £7,116 – £9,500. This also applies to Indigent Students who are not enrolling in their first publicly funded Degree.

In addition to the Official course fees, Oxford demands that its Students budget between £12,168 and £18,655 (~US$16,120-24,700) annually for living expenses, including but not limited to accommodation, feeding, and other miscellaneous expenses.

What Are The Tuition Costs For Undergraduate Students At Oxford University? 

This is an overview of your estimated annual tuition cost if you are an Undergraduate Student enrolled in a full-time course. These figures are variable depending on your department, level of study, and nationality.

For Undergraduate UK/EU Indigent Students: £9,250 (~€10,760) annually

For Undergraduate Non-EU Indigent Students: £24,750 – £34,678 per annum.

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How Do I Pay For My Oxford University Tuition? 

Oxford University tuition can be paid online. 

To pay online:

First, Log in to the employer portal of the University at https://oxhp-employer.uhc.com.

Alternatively, you can visit https://ww2.payerexpress.com/ebp/oxford/

Next, Click the “Pay Now” option found on the upper left-hand side of the page. 

You must however note that you will not be required to supply login credentials to initiate a one-time online payment

Enter your group number as required and click “Pay Now” to proceed

Locate on the right side of the page, and click the “Add a payment method” tab. 

Supply your bank information as required. 

When you are done, select this “payment method” in the following dropdown menu.

Click on the “Continue to Payment” tab and carefully follow the stated Payment Instructions.

Visit the University’s Official Site Here for more information


Hopefully, this article has been able to give you the needed Information needed to help you make your tuition payments at Oxford University smoothly and hassle-free

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