Nursing Attorney | Everything you Need to know and How to Choose One
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Nursing Attorney | Everything you Need to know and How to Choose One

Some of us might be hearing about the term “nursing attorney” for the very first time. while some of us already know what it means and some of us are nursing attorneys.

There are many things to know about a nursing attorney but first, let’s talk about the “nursing attorney”

Nursing Attorney | Everything you Need to know and How to Choose One

What/who is a Nursing Attorney?

Nursing attorneys are people that are sometimes called nurse lawyers. they are legal practitioners that have professional skills in medicine.

They serve as representatives of a healthcare facility or healthcare in a court of law.

The nursing attorney can get a degree in both filed. He can also work in a law firm and also as a legal practitioner and middleman for a healthcare facility, law firm, public and private enterprises, etc.

A nurse’s law speaks on cases like malpractice, workers’ compensation or workers’ insurance, trial case education on health legal matters, reporting discrepancies, resolving false claims, lobbying for change in policies, etc.

In this article, we will be discussing a nursing attorney, how and where to find one  to find one, considerations before choosing one, questions to ask a nurse attorney, a salary of a nursing attorney, the job outlook of a nursing attorney, how to become a nursing attorney

Everything you Need to Know About a Nursing attorney

We have made a detailed explanation of what and who is to be considered a nursing attorney as well as the cases and the duties of a nursing attorney.

We will be looking at How to become a nursing attorney.

How to Become a Nursing Attorney

To become a nursing attorney you have to start with

A university degree

The very first step to becoming a nursing attorney is getting a degree. you are to choose which of the degree you would go for first. is it the legaldgree orthe nusring degree.

Each has its own time and duration. whichever is your choice you need a bachelor’s degree in nursing, as well as you need a nursing degree in law.

You can’t skip any part of the educational process of nursing all because you want to be a nursing attorney, you will attend practical classes, and theory classes and write examinations just like a normal nursing student.

Your examination

The second phase of the nursing attorney journey is passing your nursing NCLEX examination.

This is the examination that will not just certify but save as a major requirement to getting your license

Getting your license

After the examination, you have to apply for a license. you are supposed to apply for a license in the state you want to work.

Most states renew their license within 2 years while some do that within 5 years. whichever state you have to make sure that you keep updating your license.


Off course, it is impossible to defend what you do not know. you have to get an experience in the field. People go as far as spending 7 to 8 years working as a nurse.

This helps you work under all circumstances so you know what t defend and how to defend in the law court.

This also serves as an eligibility criterion for their aspiring job

Earn a law degree

Just like you got a degree from the university in nursing you will also get a degree in law.

You follow due to protocol. you have to be in school for 4 – 5 years studying especially legal writing, civil procedure, legal methods, etc.

You will also have to choose health-related courses like public health law or medical ethics etc.

Whichever method you chose to earn your degree. Whether the online process or the offline process


After your nursing experience, you have to take the law school admission test. just like you didn’t miss a process in the nursing field, you will do the same here.

This test is divided into two sections. The multi-section and an essay.

Whichever you know you’re sure of the answers, write or tick or shade correctly. either you are writing it online or offline. It serves the same purpose.


Lawyers get licenses too just like nursing students. Before you get this license you have to write an examination which will serve s your assessment.

This Is where it will be defined if you are eligible for the license or not. Most people seem to fail at this point. If you have adequate knowledge of the format and possible questions.

It serves as an added advantage.

Job Experience

Before you will be able to defend your client either a patient or a healthcare facility, you have to have an experience in the field.

Trying legal cases makes your logical thinking skill experiment with everything you have ever thought in real life.

Considerations for choosing a Nurse Lawyer | How to Choose One

The three major considerations are

  • The Nures lawyer
  • The establishment or firm involved
  • The cost

Questions to Ask

To the attorney

  • How experienced is the nurse attorney?
  • Area of practices
  • years of experience?
  • Cost of the services he /she intends to offer.

To yourself

  • What do you want from the nursing attorney (legal advice and assistance or care)
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • What kinda firm is involved?
  • Do I want to work with an experienced nurse or one who is in the early stages of his career?

Where to Find a Nurse Attorney

  1. Legal firms
  2. Hospitals
  3. Governmental organizations
  4. HMO’s
  5. Insurance firms
  6. Pharmaceutical companies
  7. Businesses pertaining to health
  8. Associations

The Job Outlook of a Nursing Attorney

  • Educational setting
  • Law firms
  • Government agencies
  • Clinics
  • Insurance companies
  • private organizations
  • Hospitals etc

Salary of  Nursing attorney

The salary of a nursing attorney differs based on experience.

Also, a registered nursing attorney will not get the same salary like a non-registered nursing attorney.

The average salary of a nursing attorney ranges from  $94,615 to $99,022 manually


In this article, we have succeeded in talking about a nursing attorney starting from how to become one, the salary involved, the job outlook, etc.

As a student intending to study this, you have to be science-oriented. also to the nursing attorney you have to be cautious in renewing your license when necessary to avoid penalties

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