How to Download Official Texas Lottery App for Android
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How to Download Official Texas Lottery App for Android (2024 update)

Is it difficult to download the texas lottery application on your android or iPhone device? Or, are you tired of visiting the texas lottery office whenever you want to run some transactions? It could even be that you are wondering what the texas lottery is all about? because some people do not even know about the texas lottery application

In this article, we will discuss briefly the texas lottery application and we will talk extensively about how to download the texas lottery app on your android phone.

 How to Download Official Texas Lottery App for Android

What Is A Lottery?

A lottery is a kinda game or means of making money organized by either a company, state, organization, etc by selling tickets to random buyers and giving a price to the winner when a ticket number is chosen.

What is the Texas lottery?

This is a lottery that is accepted by the Texas government and operated by the texas lottery commission.

It costs $1 dollar every time you play. Texas prohibits the purchase of tickets by credit but allows retailers to get payment through debit cards.

The Texas lottery is only available for Texas residents. Whether you are a citizen or not as far as you reside in texas.

The texas lottery is usually used to support texas education. this has been since 1997. The money made from the process is used to support the public education system

In this article, our focus is on how to download the Texas lottery application on your Android.

 How to Download the Official Texas Lottery App for Android

Android users now have access to the Texas lottery application Downloading the application you can have access to;

  1. Get access to licensed lottery retailers faster and without stress.
  2. Pick and save your lucky numbers.
  3. Create plays for yourself at your convenience.
  4. Enter promotional code for second chance winnings.
  5. Have access to updates on different jackpot costs.
  6. Scan bar codes and scratch tickets for winning

You can download the application on Aptoide, google play store, download, 9Apps, Apkmonk, Apkpure, etc

Follow the Guidelines

  1. Using a preferred browser open your google play store (for android users using the google play store for their downloads)
  2. Type in the search button “Texas Lottery Application”. and search
  3. You click on the version you wish to download
  4. Your phone must be allowed to install apps from unknown sources. (  you can change this in your downloads settings )
  5. After successfully downloading the application, your phone is going to install it.
  6. If it doesn’t allow installation from other sources it will notify you so you make changes in the download settings
  7. After the installation is done, you input your details so you can manage the account.,

Please note that

when you install the application, you have permitted for your data to be shared, your location is also visible to others, and the application has access to your personal information including your email.

The application will also allow visibility to other devices. Data can be transferred via this platform.

Note that the version of the download may vary depending on the region, time of download, etc

Note that if you are having difficulty downloading the application, it is possible that your Android version does not support the download or is not compatible.

It is also possible that your storage space is low, you can either delete another application, media, or pictures to create space for the download.

Also after downloading the application., you need to update it when necessary to have access to new features.

if you are still finding it difficult to download the application, check your data connection, if you have data or your connection is strong

If you finding difficulties you can call for support on the Texas lottery at 5123445000 or 80037LOTTO or 8003756886.

Offices are open from Mondays to Fridays from 7 am. Also when calling your call will be attended to from Monday to Friday from 7 am.

Texas lottery sells tickets for Powerball, Mega Millions, Texas Lotto, etc.

Yes, the lottery is a form of gambling but it is accepted by the state. Apart from this form, there are other legal forms of gambling accepted

Texas Lottery Frequently Asked Question

Is the Texas lottery a legal business in Texas?

Yes, the Texas Lottery is being managed by the Texas Lottery Commission

Are there other forms of lottery that are legal in Texas?

Yes there are like bingo etc

What is the cost of the Texas lottery?

You are being charged $1 for every single play

Are there any download fees for the application?

No there is no dwonload fees.

How can I download it?

Using your Google Play Store

How can I update it?

Check for updates through your Google Play Store. it will be listed under the application that needs an update.

Does the Texas lottery have legal backing?

yes it does

What is the highest amount that can be claimed?

By a retailer, you can claim $599 any amount higher than you need to get to a lottery claim center close to you.

If you don’t have any, you can send an email and you will reply on how to go about the process.

What are the proceeds made from the Texas lottery used for?

The Texas lottery is used to support Texas education, and public education in Texas is proudly sponsored by the Texas lottery Commission.

Who is eligible to play the Texas lottery?

All the residents of Texas

Can a noncitizen play the Texas lottery?

Yes, so far you are a resident of Texas

Can an individual play the Texas lottery from another country or state?

Nope, the Texas law acknowledges that as a criminal act.


The Texas application can be downloaded on the mobile application. Andriod to be precised.

It is very easy to download the application, you just need a strong internet connection on your phone

You don’t need to pay any money through any online means to download the application as a download fee.

you can download the application through your Google Play Store.

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