Top 5 Best Fashion Schools In Florida
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Top 5 Fashion Schools in Florida, Courses, and Application Portals

HEY! Are you looking forward to pursuing a fashion career in Florida? Are you contemplating on which of the Florida-based fashion school to enroll yourself or ward in? If yes, then I have good news for you. SEARCH NO MORE!

In this post, I have drafted down the list of the top-notch fashion school in FLORIDA, the courses they offer, and how you can apply for admission into any of the schools. This article will really help you to pick nothing but the best fashion school to enroll in.

Top 5 Best Fashion Schools In Florida

What is Fashion School?

A fashion School is where you will learn about the art creating of clothes, accessories, footwear, and hairstyle. It can be said that fashion is all about self-expression because one gets to create clothes, pants, suits, skirts, and accessories.    

However, before you proceed to apply for, or pursue a fashion career at any of the below-mentioned fashion schools, it’s pertinent that you consider the following; 

1. Check your Capacity

Here is the part where you evaluate yourself, are you willing to give your best? Because to get to be a great fashionista, you need to give out your best. 

In the world where we are today only those who are creative and dedicated are mostly recognized today.

 Are you ready to give the best of it, if so then you are good to go? There’s nothing as sweeter as getting connections and referrals because of your good work.

2. Zeal

One thing is to design another thing is to have the zeal to designing. You cannot enjoy working as a fashionista or to learn without having the end in mind. One needs to have a seal, that can inspire great ideas on what to design. 

3. Create a portfolio

This is where you need to prepare all the designs you have created, what you are good at, and what experience you’ve got so far from being or wanting to be a fashionista.

Top 5 Best Fashion Schools In Florida

4. How long does it take to get a degree in fashion school in Florida

In Florida, fashion schools may take up to 4 years of courses to get a degree. 

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Best Fashion Schools in Florida, Courses Offered, and Application Portals

Here are the top 10 Fashion Schools in Florida

1. Fashion Institute of South Florida

The fashion Institution of south Florida is one of the best fashion schools in Florida. It is said to be a vocational fashion school where people who are interested in fashion are given room to think about design and to help develop what skills they already know about fashion.  It is located at 773 NE 125th St, North Miami, FL 33161, United States.

The Fashion Institute of South Florida offers programs that cover various courses on fashion and design. The student has to make a three-look collection in two months of their program for a runway fashion show at the graduation ceremony.

They also have internship hours where they provide students with the basic foundation where they can develop their careers.  

Here are the courses they offer

  • Garment Construction
  • Pattern Making
  • History of Fashion
  • Fashion Design
  • Textiles 
  • Trends

Some activities and events at Fashion Institute 

  • Tours to Garment factories
  • Invitations from international fashion schools
  • Industry trends show in Miami
  • A database 
  • Discount on Fabric receival 

Fashion Institute of South Florida Admission Requirements

  • Applicant must be beyond the age of 16 
  • An Applicant be a high school graduate 
  • An applicant should have a valid passport, State ID with a Photo or Driver’s License  

If the student does not have any of the above requirements, there’s an alternative.

  • The applicant must demonstrate Ability-to-Benefit(ATB). It is a passing Test from the approved  Department of Education in the U.S. An applicant must score 200 in verbal and 210 in Quantitative at minimum.
  • The admission Applicant form must be completely filled out
  •  Essay writing on “The effect of the fashion industry on the environment” with 400-650 words, explaining how you can make your brand minimize the impart.
  • Enrollment in prerequisite courses which include: Sewing, and sampling in stitch Albums.


Here is the school Website

Note: Every requirement from the school will be reviewed by the school president, compilation of the requirement will determine your admittance

 2. THOS Fashion School of Design

This School of Design is one of the best fashion schools in Florida which specialize in the study of fashion design and branding. The school is all about teaching real and getting results, they don’t believe in training for many years before one can break into fashion design. Student from 

THOS Fashion school strives at learning fast and getting the work done. The student there starts as a beginner and ends as a creative and critical thinker in working design. 

The school is proud to say that their training is very effective, student starts their practice as they learn. They produce the best designers.

The school is located at 281 N Federal Hwy #3, Boca Raton, FL 33432, United States.

What they teach in THOS Fashion School

  • Fashion Design Entrepreneurship 
  • The business of fashion 
  • Collage Application Portfolio 
  • Fashion Garment Sewing

To get more information about the school you can click on the school website to know more If you are ready you can call this number…561-294-7280

Top 5 Best Fashion Schools In Florida


3. Miami International University of Art & Design

Miami International University Of Art and Design is one of the best fashion schools in Florida, It is a private school operated by the non-educational principal foundation. The school Miami International University of art and design was founded in 1965. 

Also known as Colbeck Foundation. The school does not focus only on fashion, they offer another program which I will list here.

The school offers various Programmes

Bachelor programs:

  • Web page, Digital/Multimedia, and information resources design
  • Fashion Merchanding
  • Interior Design
  • Fashion/Apparel
  • Animation, interactive technology, video graphics, and special effect
  • Design and visual communication
  • Intermedia /multimedia
  • Commercial and advertising art
  • Commercial photography
  • Cinematology and film/video production

Associate Program

  • Culinary art/chef training
  • Fashion/Apparel design
  • Baking and pastry art/baker/pastry chef
  • Fashion Merchandising


  • Culinary art/chef training

Here is the school contact number you can call for more information home: +1 800-225-9023

4. Lynn University

Lynn University is one of the best fashion schools in Florida, it is not just offering just fashion and design as a course, it runs a full course program like every other university. It is a private university that offers degrees for graduate and undergraduate students. It was founded in 1962.

The applicant that is acceptable into Lynn University are:

  • First Year Students
  • Transfer Students
  • International Students
  • Online Undergraduate Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Doctoral Candidates 
  • Social Entrepreneurship 
  • Conservatory Students

For more information please contact:  +1 561-237-7000

5. The Institute of Fashion

The Institute of fashion is one of the best fashion schools in Florida, it is a private school owned by ‘Mother-daughter fashion design team, Rosio and Ella. it was established in 2006. The age accepted is from 12 to 21.

Students who learn from the Institute of fashion have the privilege to learn from the first class red carpet designers.

Let’s look into the school program 

  • Annual Fashion Design Programm 
  • Winter/Spring Workshop
  • Summer Fashion Design Workshop
  • Couture Team
  • Private portfolio workshops
  • Virtual Fashion Sketching Classes

If you want to know more about the Institute of fashion, please  tel: 3056481020

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