What to do if your WAEC result is withheld or outstanding in 2023.
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What to Do if Your WAEC Result is Withheld or Outstanding?

What to Do if Your WAEC Result is Withheld – Are you guilty and seeking a way out of the mess? you actually did it because you couldn’t on your own? and boom you were caught in the process.
Your center was canceled because of malpractice or other unknown circumstances, or your slip was ceased even before the exams were over, or are you having issues with not writing the exams at all?

If you are among this category of persons, then this article is for you. You have to read through the category you belong to and check the way out.

In this article, we will be discussing the major causes of withheld and outstanding results, and the remedies or way out.

WAEC stands for West African Tertiary Matriculation examination. It is an examination that is being taken by secondary school leavers and it serves as one of the pathways to secondary school.

You must understand that there is a difference between the withheld results and held results

Some of the major questions we will be discussing include the;

  • Meaning of withheld results.
  • Meaning of held result.
  • Meaning of outstanding result or pending result.
  • Meaning of no results for this candidate in the specified year.
  • Reasons why WAEC results are withheld.
  • Reasons for results showing canceled.
  • Reasons why WAEC results are not being uploaded from your school.
  • Will the withheld result ever be released?
  • When are withheld/held results going to be released?
  • What is the meaning of ABS?

Meaning of Withheld Result

This occurs in two forms. A student and a center. there might be issues of withheld results to a student if his script, if fund suspicious, either the grades are far from what is expected, or a particular number of students have the same grade, but not to worry such student will be called to defend his or her result and then after verification, the results are released.

If a center result is withheld, it means the center has issues with WAEC or the result obtained in that center is questionable. it is very possible for almost all the students in that center to have the same grade.

Note, that a withheld result is a situation where there is a published result but not released to the student. This means there are still chances of getting the result if there is no illegal activity attributed to it.

Held Result

This issue arises if a candidate is caught engaging in exam malpractice or a center of examination is being reported to have engaged in examination malpractice.

The whole center’s result will be held and if it’s a single individual, most invigilators would write down a report on the examination slip which saves as a reminder to the authorities as to which student was involved in the malpractice and the subject in question.

In that kinda situation it is almost impossible to rule out the judgment of canceling the result from the candidate or center.

Meaning of outstanding result or pending result

This happens when a student has issues of missed scripts, some maybe an extra sheet gotten during the examination or have been recorded present in an examination but their papers are missing.

Outstanding means that there are papers among the subject written that are not cleared. The student must have been present on some examination dates but didn’t write all the papers. That is where the issue of outstanding results comes in.

Meaning of no results for this candidate in the specified year

This is applicable to students who did special registration for special centers. as such you have to go to the center involved to request your result or the reason your result is online.

If you did not engage in any form of examination malpractice your result will result after proper investigation or rectification.

Reasons why WAEC results are withheld

  • It is either your result is found suspicious.
  • Missing script.
  • There is an error in your result.
  • Improper answering of questions.
  • If you did not work in accordance with the rules and regulations guiding the examination process.
  • You filled out a malpractice form during the examination period.
  • Your examination number does not tally with the name on your script

Reasons for results showing canceled

  • You were caught engaging in exam malpractice.
  • You are caught writing for someone.
  • Issues of sharing the same examination number.
  • The center is always noted for examination malpractice.
  • There was a fight or anything that will disrupt the peace of the examination that sprung up at the examination center during the examination period.

Reasons why WAEC results are not being uploaded from your school.

  • It’s either the school server is having issues.
  • Your school has not cleared with WAEC.
  • you have issues with the wrong examination number or name.

Will the withheld result ever be released?

Yes, it might be released and Nope it might not be released. Yes, it might be released if you were not caught engaging in examination malpractice and also if your particulars in the examination papers are correct.

Nope, If you are guilty, that is you were caught in the act of exam malpractice (either with a mobile phone or a piece of paper with jotted notes or passing answer script, whispering in the exams hall, giraffe, etc).

The chances involved are 50/50.

When are withheld/held results going to be released?

Your results are going to be released to your school after a complaint is made by you to the school and the school to the WAEC  authorities. if you are not found guilty of malpractice and any irredeemable activity, you should relax, and your results will be released

It takes approximately 4 months for the report, verification, and publishment.

Before the next examination result is out, your result will be published or sometimes it might be published alongside other examinations like the GCE.

Note that the National Examination Council has to meet and have a discussion on the reasons surrounding the unpublished result( withheld, held, canceled), and the final result is passed.

What is the meaning of ABS? 

This short abbreviation simply stands for Absenteeism. It means the candidate was absent during a particular paper or throughout the examination period.

What to do if your WAEC result is withheld or outstanding?



Stated above are the recent problems faced by youngsters and the questions following it. Most students whose examination slipped or results have been withheld do not need to panic. their result will be released in just a matter of time.

You have to alert your school once you face this kind of issue. Also, you have to be checking your portal on different periods to check if the examination result has been uploaded.

For more information or inquiries/checking of results online you can log on to https://www.waecdirect.org/

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if, after some of the withheld results, it is not published?

Purchase and register for a new WAEC examination

Where should I register for a new WAEC Examination?

The nearest WAEC center is close to you. or you register in your current school of study.

I missed writing my examination Number on my paper what should I do?

You report to the school because it is very certain your result is going to be notified of an unrecognized script.


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