NASENI Staff Salary Structure and Allowance

NASENI Staff Salary Structure and Allowance (2024)

Are you intending to work at the NASENI? Wish to know their salary structure and allowance? Well, in the course of this article, we will be talking about the different positions in the NASENI and the salary structure available.

If you wish to know the salary structure of the different levels of workers at the NASENI then we have you caught up. 

NASENI Staff Salary Structure and Allowance
NASENI Staff Salary Structure and Allowance


Firstly NASENI is a short word form of the National Agency for Science and Engineering. this agency was created in 1992. It was established by the National Agency for Food Science and Engineering. The agency has Mr. Khalil Halil as the executive vice chairman and also the chief executive of the agency. 

This body has different institutes which include but are not limited to the Electronics Development Institute Akwa, Engineering Materials Development Institute Akure, National Engineering Design Development Institute Nnewi, and Solid Minerals Machinery and Equipment Development Institute.

The main purpose or aim of this agency is to conduct developmental work in areas of manufacturing, coordinating, and proliferation of technologies. 

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The Salary Structure of NASENI

The salary of this agency is based on the different levels available. This i because this agency is a governmental agency. The salary structure of the entry-level workers will not be the same as those who have reached a higher level or the professionals. 

The two significant levels that get different salary structures in this agency include 

  1. Entry level 
  2. Experienced Graduates 

Entry Level 

This is a person who just got into the field and might not have any experience of the work structure. They are being employed to work under a body or set of persons who will mentor their skills and help them grow level by level till they are professionals in the field. 

As such it is possible that they will not be getting the same salary as those they are working under.

In this agency the entry-level worker gets a sum of N 130,000 as a salary and attached here include other allowances.

Experienced Graduates or Professionals 

Thai are persons who started from the entry-level and are new professionals. They have worked in the company and have served at different levels. Here they are being made the heads of different departments based on their capabilities and specialties. 

The salary structure of this set of persons ranges from 250,000 – 300,000. Apart from these, they are being given allowances for transport, etc.


Most workers of the agency earn a minimum of 100,000 and 605,000 and even more. So it fall in what levels you belong. Persons who are made heads of departments are not getting the same salary as people who are chairmen etc. 

Also the salary is being paid according to the level of education or the job description /performance /years of experience of the worker. 

This are the basic determinant of the NASENI salary structure.

NASENI Salary Allowance 

Apart from being paid the salary at different levels, each of the workers at that level is being given some basic allowance which we will talk about below. 

The allowances given to workers of the NASENI include but are not limited to 

  1. Housing Allowance 
  2. Transport Allowance 
  3. meal Allowance 
  4. Medical Allowance etc.

Housing Allowance 

This is an allowance given to certain workers of the agency to support the cost of their housing. This money is being added to their salary. 

Transport Allowance 

This is the money that is being regarded as their transport allowance to work and other fieldwork given by the company. 

The money is also added to a workers salary every month and is being summed totals annually.

Meals Allowance

This is the money that is being given to workers to cover their feeding cost. This is also attached to their monthly stipend . the money is being given along side their salary by their employer.

Medical Allowance 

Most times the company takes charge or bills of all the worker’s medical bills. Also some companies add the medical bill to the salary of the worker. This is to aid the worker in taking care of any illness incurred in and outside or the field of duties,

This also go with the salary of the worker.  

Other benefit of the NASENI Workers 

The other benefit of NASENI workers include 

  1. Opportunities for Career Growth 
  2. Development 
  3. Access to Modern and Quality Facilities 
  4. Ability and opportunity to contribute to the development of the country 
  5. Job security 
  6. Access to Seminars
  7. Training and development programs 


This article covers the salary structure and also the allowances that are being covered by the staffs of NASENI. for more information and inquiries, you can visit the NASENI official page . You can also drop a comment in the comment section below sand we will give you updates .

Frequently Asked Question 

What is NASENI?

It is a government agency in Nigeria mandated to facilitate the development, promotion, and application of science, engineering, and technology in the country.

What is the mission of NASENI?

NASENI’s mission is to harness indigenous resources for sustainable technology-driven industrialization through the development of appropriate science, engineering, and technological infrastructure.
 What are the key objectives of NASENI?

The key objectives are the development and promotion of relevant science, engineering, and technology projects, as well as facilitating the commercialization of research and development results.
 How does NASENI contribute to industrialization in Nigeria?

NASENI plays a role in developing and promoting technologies that contribute to the growth of industries in Nigeria.

This includes the development and transfer of appropriate technologies to local industries.
What types of projects does NASENI undertake?

NASENI is involved in projects, including the development of machinery and equipment for industries, renewable energy technologies, electronics, and telecommunications, among others.
How does NASENI collaborate with the private sector?

NASENI collaborates with the private sector by facilitating the transfer of technologies developed within the agency to industries.

This partnership aims to enhance the commercialization and implementation of innovative technologies.
Is NASENI involved in educational initiatives?

Yes, NASENI is involved in educational initiatives. The agency supports the development of science and engineering education and collaborates with educational institutions to promote technological advancements.

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