10 Jobs for Graduates with Linguistic Degrees and Salary Scale

Linguistics is the study of different languages and the ways they are being used in different ways across communities. Students who study linguistics in college typically earn a Bachelor of Arts degree which trains them in the basics and complicated concepts that surround language. 

Some of the courses that linguistics students might take include phonetics, morphology, syntax, and historical linguistics. 

10 Jobs for Graduates with Linguistic Degrees and Salary Scale

10 Jobs for Graduates with Linguistic Degrees and Salary Scale

Listed below here are the 10 Jobs for Graduates with Linguistic Degrees and the Salary Scale

1. Technical Writer

Technical writers are responsible for preparing manuals that are instructional manuals. This manual helps on how to be guided, it talks about journal articles and other documents in reference to communication compatibility and technical information that are easier

 The technical writer also helps to develop, gather, and give out technical information through an organization’s or firm’s communications system.

How much are Technical Writers paid?

Technical writers make up to  $65,329 a year on an average range, or they could earn up to  $31.41 per hour, that is in the United States. Technical writers who are on the lower end, that’  bottom 10%, make roughly $48,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $87,000.

2. Communications Specialist

A communication specialist has responsibilities and skills. Their responsibility is to listen, they should have problem-solving skills writing skills, and speaking skills. These are the skills they should have in order to accomplish their duties.

How much are Communications specialists paid?

Communications specialists make up to  $51,023  every year on an average range. On the lower end, they make 10% of their income which is  $36,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $71,000.

3. Linguist

A linguist is a specialist whose work is to evaluate and research different aspects of languages. They may as well specialize in a particular language and do research on it. Many linguists have the privilege to work for a company that provides services for editing written documents and can help with details like localization, grammar, and sentence structure.

To be hired as a linguist, one needs to acquire the following:

  • Native competence in a given language combination(s)
  • Be very effective and efficient when it comes to time management
  • The commitment to fulfill deadlines in a timely manner
  • They have to be very Professional, resourceful, collaborative, dependable, and proactive.
  • Must be Familiar with memoQ a plus
  • Individuals need to be very conscientious and attentive to every detail of their work.

How much are linguists paid?

In the United State, the linguist is being paid $86,280 per year as an average range

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4. Copy editor

A copy editor is a specialist whose work is to write professionally, they work on editing and writing documents for accuracy. Copy editor’s duties are to proofread text for grammar errors, sentence structure, correct syntax, and edit documents to improve their clarity.

Most copy editors work for companies that deal with producing large amounts of content or marketing materials. They can as well work for written publications, as an advertising agency, or on a freelance basis.

How much is Copy Editor paid?

Copy Editors are being paid $36,60  a year as an average range 

5. Data Analyst

Data analysts have responsibilities in the office of linguistics. The main responsibility of a data analyst is to gather data and interpret it. 

They make sure that the meaning of the data results is to analyze the quality of data and the information that highlights important patterns and trends in the activities of the organization.

Data analysts’ work is to present reports to management and without these reports stakeholders of a company may be unable to make any informed decisions. 

Data analysts have the privilege of being employed by different numbers of institutions such as banks, factories, universities, software development companies, and a lot.

How much is Data Analyst paid?

Data analysts make up to  $74,342 every year on average range, aside from that they could make $35.74 every hour that is in the United States. Data analysts also make 10% from the bottom $53,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $103,000.

6. Foreign language teacher

Foreign language teachers are to teach courses in specific languages. They do not just teach their language only but they demonstrate a high level of fluency in reading their languages and writing them correctly. 

These skills create a conducive environment for effective learning. Also, foreign language teachers ​​ include vocabulary, accent, grammar, and as well as spelling.

How much is a Foreign language teacher paid?

They earn $43,264 a year, as an average salary range. 


7. Translator

 A translator is a linguistic professional whose work is to translate text and communications from one language to another language.

Translators are experts when it comes to speaking at least two languages, tho there are many translators out there who are experts in a wide variety of languages.

The advantage of working as a translator is that they can work in any position that works with people who speak multiple languages or they could work for a government agency, or public facility, to provide translations for written documents, oral conversations, and more.

How much are translators paid?

 Translators can earn up to $55,256 every year.

8. Research Internship

A research Internship work is to Collect data. Analyze them, and repeat. A research internship is an opportunity to gain an experience in the career you’re heading into. 

They get a lot of pieces of information related to that field and sort out problems and situations that they may have to deal with during their career.

In most cases,  research internships are mainly for students who are in their last year of school or those who just graduated. 

How much is the Research internship paid?

Research Internships are paid the sum of $39,573 a year and $19 per hour.

9. Profesor

A professor is an educator who teaches courses at a college or a university. Their duties are to create lesson plans, give lectures and assignments to students and guide the student through planned classroom activities.

 Professors in linguistics can teach a wide range of classes, for example, linguistics, philosophy, speech and communication sciences, anthropology, or other social sciences that relate to how different communities and populations use language.

How much is the professor paid?

Professors are paid yearly the sum of $57,973

10. Speech-language pathologist 

A speech-language pathologist is a specialist whose job is to treat people with communication disorders in other words we could say people who are experiencing challenges when it comes to speaking. 

Speech-language pathologists work in medical facilities or educational facilities. They can diagnose a patient who is suffering from language disorders, they can create treatment plans, and as well as administer therapy that can help improve a person’s speech.

 A speech-language pathologist can as well teach patients new techniques they can use to build muscle which can contribute to their ability, to speak clearly.

How much are Speech-language pathologists paid?

Speech-language pathologists are paid $80,383 every year.


In conclusion to this article, if you study Linguistic in college, you have better chances to work in those above mention careers, and they are being paid well. I want to believe this has given you ideas on what kind of work you could apply for after graduating from college. if there are any questions you have, leave them in the comment section.

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