MasterCard Foundation Scholarships to Study in USA
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MasterCard Foundation Scholarships for 2023/2024 to Study in USA

Applications for the 2023 edition of the MasterCard Foundation Scholarships to Study at the University of California, Berkeley in the USA are currently accepted by the management of the grant. Interested applicants are to follow the guide below for a successful application. 

MasterCard Foundation Scholarships to Study in USA

The Mastercard Foundation is an international non-governmental organization(NGO) that was established by its parent company, Mastercard in 2006.

The organization, based in Toronto, Ontario of Canada has so far supported work in 49 different countries.

In 2018, Mastercard Foundation switched to a well-defined focus on Africa, through its Young Africa Works strategy.

The foundation develops and implements various programs basically focused on reducing gender and economic inequality.

They also aim to increase access to qualitative education and aid overall economic advancement. 

Funding is principally managed with bilateral allocations through tertiary institutions, research institutes, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector, plus multilateral allotments through organizations like the numerous United Nations Institutions under the United Nations Sustainable Development Group

The Mastercard Group also partners with several Universities around the world to provide Scholarships, Grants, and other Educational Aids to young, enterprising, and Academically achieving Students, especially those of African Descent. 

Cal (as the University of California, Berkeley is often called) is a public university that was established in 1868 and has a total undergraduate enrollment of around 32,143 (as of the fall of 2021)

With a Campus size of 1,232 acres, it runs a semester-based academic calendar and is situated overlooking the San Francisco Bay. 

Cal has 14 schools and colleges, and a number of graduate and professional schools, such as the Graduate School of Journalism and the School of Optometry.

Other graduate programs offered include those in the highly ranked Haas School of Business, Graduate School of Education, College of Engineering, and School of Law.

Berkeley is well known as a center of liberal student activism: The Free Speech Movement – a 1964 student protest at Berkeley in response to the administration’s ban on political activity – gained widespread attention. 

Who is Eligible to Apply for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

You can proceed to apply for this Scholarship if you:

1. Are a citizen of a Sub-Saharan African country: To apply for this Scholarship, you must be a citizen of a sub-Saharan African Country.

This includes Africans who are refugees and internally displaced within their respective countries or within the African continent.

This scholarship is not intended for indigenes of North African countries.

Also, those with dual citizenship, refugee or permanent resident status in the US, Canada, UK, or EU are not eligible to apply.

2. Have academic talent: All prospective Scholarship recipients must first be admitted to a UC Berkeley master’s degree program in order to be accessed for the Scholarship.

An essential criteria for admission to Cal is demonstrated academic excellence.

3. Demonstrate leadership potential: This Scholarship seeks those committed to developing the skill sets and attitude associated with positive transformative leadership.

4. Come from a socio-economically disadvantaged background: This Scholarship is designed for highly talented persons who might not otherwise have access to quality higher education.

5. Have demonstrated the commitment to give back to their community, country, or continent: The Mastercard Foundation Scholarship seeks out well-rounded students who are engaged in activities beyond the walls of the classroom. 

Some of these activities may be directly related to your field of study, but this may also include other issues (social, economic, political, and environmental) that you are working on and passionate about.

It would be best if you elaborated on your achievements both in your application to UC Berkeley and later in the Scholarship application.

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How to Apply for Mastercard Foundation Scholarships to Study in the USA

Eligible applicants must first apply to a graduate program at the University. 

Then they will be considered for the Mastercard Foundations Scholars Program. 

Click Here to access a list of  Master’s Degree programs. 

However, not all degree programs are eligible for the Scholarship.

Each eligible Graduate Program has specific requirements.

All eligible applicants should carefully review those by clicking here to access the list of eligible Graduate Degree Programs and their requirements. 

Click on this link to access detailed information on the admissions process for international students.

Any further questions regarding admission requirements should be made to the specific graduate program. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. If I meet the stated criteria for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship, am I guaranteed to receive it?

A. Generally, a student who meets all criteria and deadlines for a scholarship will be awarded.

However, Receiving a scholarship is not guaranteed since scholarship positions are limited and highly competitive.

Q. If I almost meet the stated requirements for a scholarship, do I stand a chance if I petition to be awarded?

A. In order to ensure equity for all applicants, students who do not meet the stated requirements for the Scholarship cannot be awarded.

Q. Is there a need to reapply for my scholarship each year?

A. No, provided you meet the renewal requirements.

Q. Can American Citizens apply for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarships?

A. No, only citizens of sub-Saharan Africa are eligible to apply for the Scholarship.

Q. How do I know if I am eligible to apply for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

A. Check the Scholarship Requirements to know if you are eligible to apply for the Scholarship

Q. How can I find a place to stay if I am successfully

A. You will receive an offer of housing once you are successfully selected for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

Q. How will I be notified if successful in the Scholarship screening and selection process?

A. If successful, Notification of your Scholarship award will be included in your acceptance letter, or in a separate letter that will be sent to you after admission.

Q. Is it a fully or Partially Funded Scholarship?

A. The Mastercard Foundation Scholarship is a fully funded Scholarship

Q. What is the deadline for the Scholarship

A. The University of California, Berkeley accepts applications through the fall of 2028

Q. Is it a fully or Partially Funded Scholarship?

A. The Mastercard Foundation Scholarship is a fully funded Scholarship

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