How to transfer airtime from Mtn, Etisalat, Glo, & Airtel

How to Transfer Airtime from MTN, Airtel, Etisalat & Glo

How to transfer airtime from MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT & GLO.

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This article focuses on how to transfer airtime from one network to another in Nigeria.
as we discussed in our former article, we have 4 major networks in Nigeria
Mtn ——- Everywhere you go
Airtel——- The smartphone network
Glo ———- unlimited
9 Mobile ( formerly known as Etisalat) ——– Here for you, here for Naija.
There are basically two methods of transferring airtime :
  1. USSD code
  2. SMS method

How to transfer airtime from Mtn, Etisalat, Glo, & Airtel

The USSD Code

Just like all mobile operators check their account balance, there is a prepared and specific code that is used. It involves the use of codes and signs or symbols. once you follow the correct pattern it produces the expected result

For example, the code for checking airtime is *000# but it will be different when transferring airtime. It will involve the number, The amount you want to transfer, your pin, and the specific USSD code. e.g *000* 08012355667*200*000#.

SMS Method

This has to do with sending messages to a particular customer care number. after the message, you will receive a response and you follow instructions.

In this article, we’ll take out time to outline these methods in the various networks we have here in Nigeria.

How to Transfer Airtime from MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT & GLO

1. MTN

The MTN network develop a “share and sell” platform before now it was usually used by recharge card sellers to sell recharge cards to customers. as time get by, some people got to understand that it’s not just for selling cards but you can use to share recharge cards to your love ones.


The “share and sell” method is not a new pattern for sharing airtime. It can be categorized as a USSD method of sharing airtime. The guidelines include;

  • Check your account balance to confirm that you have more than the amount you intend to share.
  • The amount you want to share should be between 50 Naira and 10,000 Naira daily. Anything more than that will produce a failed transaction.
  • Sort for a pin, a complex one so you can use it to change your default pin. It should be written down a safe place so you can get back to the document if necessary.
  • To change the pin, you dial *600*default pin*New Pin*New Pin#.
  • You must note the arrangement of the code. you cannot input the new pin before the default pin. it will simply tell you failed or error.
  • You must also note that the new pin is inserted two times separated by the star*. This means the initial and the confirmation. E.g *600*0000*4577*4577#
  • You have to wait for a confirmation message for a successful pin update
  • Dial the code code is *600*phone number*amount*password# e.g *600*0901234567*500*4577#
  • You will receive a transaction is successful SMS. the receiver will receive a credit alert.
  • You have successfully transferred airtime to your loved one using the USSD code.

SMS Method

  • Open your messages
  • Create a new message
  • Your recipient number will be 777
  • To change your pin, you use spaces to demarcate your words or codes. E.g Default pin Newpin Newpin
  • In figures it will be 0000(default pin) 4577 (new pin) 4577(new pin) – 0000 4577 4577
  • Send the figures as the body of the message to 777
  • Wait for the confirmation message that your pin has been updated successfully
  • Type the number, the amount, and your password – 0901234567 700 4577
  • send to 777
  • Wait for a notification message.
  • Note that you cannot transfer more than 10,000 daily.
  • Text YES to 777 to confirm your transaction.
  • Wait for your notification message, this will include your balance


2. Airtel

This network is also known as the smartphone network. this network has a service just like the MTN network the “Airtel Me2U”.

It has a default pin of 1234. you should note that the airtel network uses the SMS method to share or transfer airtime to loved ones or family members

  • First, you need to charge your pin from the default pin. you can use the default pin to make the transfer if you want to. But it is advisable you change it.
  • Text PIN, Default Pin, New Pin to 432 e.g if your new pin is 4577 it will now be PIN 1234 4577 to 432.
  • 432 is your recipient’s number.
  • A confirmation message will pop up on your screen
  • After verification, you transfer by texting 2U Airtel Number Pin to 432 E.g 2U 08023456789 1000 4577.  you will receive a notification message stating the status of your transaction.

3. GLO

Just like other networks, Glo has a service known as Glo Easy Share Subscription Bundle and Glo Me2U. this service has been in existence for some time now.

It is a service platform that helps for easy transfer of airtime from one network to another. You must note that Glo limit per transaction is 1000.

The least amount you can transfer is 50 naira. You should also note that the Glo default pin is five zeros so your new pin should be up to five figures.

  • On your first attempt to transfer airtime, you have to activate either of these services Easy Share subscription or Me2U) on your phone.
  • you have to wait for a confirmation message of successful activation
  • Change the default pin which is given as 00000 to your desired figures.
  • Dial *132*default pin*newpin*new pin# – *132*00000*45577*45577#
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you to notify you that you have successfully changed the pin.
  • Dial *131*phone number*amount*new pin# – *132*0901234567*1000*45577#
  • you have to wait for a confirmation Message from the service provider.
  • If it is not successful, you will also receive a message stating the cause of the failed transaction. it can be insufficient funds, network error, etc.


4. 9 Mobile (Etisalat)

The popular known 9Ja network with mouth-watering data bundles has a service for credit or airtime transfers known as Etisalat Easy Airtime. This network has two methods of transferring airtime the prompt code and the UUSD code.

  • Setting up the transfer services is the first thing to do if this is your first time doing the transfer.
  • For the prompt code, you dial *200# and follow the instructions or service reply
  • You must have a balance of at least 10 nairas after the transaction.
  • After completing it you will receive a notification message.
  • To use the USSD code, you, first of all, change the default pin.
  • Dial *237*DefaultPin*NewPin# – *237*0000*4577#.
  • you have to wait for a confirmation Message from the service provider.
  • To transfer airtime you dial *223*NewPin*Amount*PhoneNumber# -*223*4577*500*0901234567#
  • you will receive a confirmation of a successful transaction.


The process we have just discussed above helps us transfer airtime between different networks. The USSD code, Prompt code, SMS method, and Application method.

The application methods work with advanced phones like android and IOS. it doesn’t work with buttons phone. one has to download the network application and use the application to transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific time one has to transfer airtime?

No! you can transfer the airtime you wish to transfer

Is there a particular phone you can use to transfer?

whichever phone you use, so far it accepts a sim card and you can use it to make calls.

What is the maximum amount you can transfer daily?

Some networks allow 10,000 while some networks allow 1000. The different networks have their limits

Can transfer from Glo to airtel?

Yes, you can transfer to all networks as far as you used the correct code.

Can I use this code to transfer data too?

No, you can only use the codes above to transfer airtime.

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