Obama Foundation Scholars Program at Columbia University
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2024/2025 Obama Foundation Scholars Program at Columbia University

Obama Foundation Scholars Program 2024/2025 – It has been brought to our notice that the management of Obama Foundation Scholars programs is currently accepting applications from suitably qualified candidates who wish to apply for the foundation-sponsored 2024/2025 scholarship opportunity for global students.

The scholarship scheme which is to be hosted by Columbia University through Columbia World Projects is fully funded for young and vibrant people who are determined to undergo a study at the host university, therefore using the idea acquired to impact their respective communities.

I might say that the program is a leadership development program, and it’s fully funded, meaning you don’t have to pay a dime for it.

Obama Foundation Scholars Program at Columbia University

Scholarship Overview

The Obama Foundation has invested in human capacity development through its scholar program for the past five years.

The foundation cohort leaders from around the world who have proven to be committed to birthing solutions to some issues their communities, countries, or regions are facing.

During their study year as a beneficiary of the Obama Foundation Scholars Program, the selected candidates will be exposed to learning new and advanced leadership and humanitarian skills. They will be deeply educated on capacity building and networking, which will in turn foster their impact creation in their various hometowns.

It’s however expected that all beneficiaries should try their best to give back what they’ve learned to their respective society.

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About the Columbia University

The Columbia university which is located in the city of New York is one of the leading citadels for learning as well as being a good center for research.

The institution can boast of conducive and distinctive learning environments for both undergraduate and graduate courses in numerous scholarly and professional fields of endeavor.

It will interest you to know the prestigious Columbia university was established in the year 1754 as King’s College on the grounds of Trinity Church in Manhattan, Columbia, and is over 250 years old.

The school is however rated as the oldest higher institution in New York and the fifth-oldest higher citadel of learning in the United States.

The university joins hands with some scholarship providers to empower other people in the little ways that they can, and that’s exactly what they are doing with the Obama Foundation. Beneficiaries of any scholarship scheme that is in conjunction with Columbia University will be opportune to undergo their study at the institution for free.

Benefits of the Obama Foundation Scholarship Program at Columbia University

Obviously, a lot of the aspired applicants of this scholars program might be wondering what they will stand to gin as a student of the Obama Foundation scholarship program at Columbia University. On that note, I will be listing out the core benefits of this scholarship to you all below;

  1. Tuition and fees
  2. Monthly stipend
  3. Furnished studio apartment,
  4. Basic medical, dental, and life insurance
  5. Air travel

1. Tuition and fees

As a student of any university under the coverage of the Obama Foundation Scholars Program, you don’t have to worry about tuition and other fees because it’s being paid by the foundation.

2. Monthly stipend

The Obama Foundation does give monthly stipends to beneficiaries of her scholar’s program. The stipend will definitely help those folks to cope with the cost of living in New york.

3. Basic medical, dental, and life insurance

Insurance fee for basic medical. dental, and life insurance is the sole responsibility of the foundation. The foundation pays for the above-mentioned insurance fee for you.

4. Furnished studio apartment

The foundation will give you a well-furnished studio apartment; these apartments will be within walking distance of Columbia University. With this, Scholars don’t have to bother about their apartment as everything will be sorted by the foundation.

5. Air travel

You may wonder if you will be the one to foot most of your bills when traveling by air; the reality is the foundation takes care of your movement, and air travels to and fro your home country. 

The only condition is these travels must be program-related activities. Any Travel that does not have any relationship with the program shall be solely the scholar’s responsibility.

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Eligibility Criteria/Requirements for the Obama Foundation Program at Columbia University 

  • The application is  open to all leaders
  • You must be fluent in English; the standard required is that applicants must know how to speak English very well and equally know how to write.
  • You must have shown over time that you have the ability and capacity to positively impact the future of your community.
  • You must be emerging leaders who have already started leaving positive marks and contributions in your field.
  • You must have committed enough to serving your community, region, or country as a leader.
  • You must be willing to apply every positive knowledge and skill acquired in your community, region, or country during these programs. You should impact your society positively just as the Obama Foundation Scholars program has affected you.
  • The required age range is an average of 33 years of age, with ages ranging from 26 to 45

Application Procedure for the 2024/2024 Edition of the Obama Foundation Program at Columbia University

Application for this program is done online!!!

Interested applicants who have met the scholarship requirements and are okay with the T&Cs of the Obama Foundation program should click on the Apply Now link below to get started.

However, if the information provided here isn’t sufficient for you, you can click on the scholarship LEARN MORE link to read about the foundation program on their official website.


Obama foundation scholarships

Highlight Of The Obama Foundation Scholars Program at Columbia University

  • A matriculation program will be organized to welcome successful applicants to the Obama foundation community. At the end of the program, a graduate program to celebrate the achievement of graduated candidates and the presentation of their action plans shall be organized.
  • Leadership conversations and development workshops aim to improve scholars’ ability to narrate their working and learning experiences and modify their leadership approach.
  • An alumnus of the Obama Foundation, Scholars also share ideas on innovations, leadership experience, and how to impact the community with this knowledge.
  • Based on their focus issues, a well-knitted connection is built between alums of the Obama Foundation Scholars program and current Scholars.
  • To help Scholars in their leadership journey and action plan development, the foundation provides support through fundraising experts, strategic communication, and an Executive Coach.


In the course of this post, I believe we’ve been able to discuss everything you need to know about Columbia University Obama Foundation Program, we discussed all the eligibility and requirements before you qualify. This program presents you with the opportunity to progress and harness your leadership qualities. If you know you have met all the criteria and requirements necessary, I would advise you not to waste time and apply. If you follow all the procedures, you may be lucky and get admitted. Remember there are a lot of opportunities in this program, you Stand the chance of meeting and networking with different people and organizations.

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