Required Documents for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) in Canada
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Required Documents for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) in Canada

Required Documents for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) in Canada?

Getting the best degree in your country is one of the best things that can happen to you but getting that degree to work in another country is another thing.

Studying in your country and having recommendations does not give you a pathway to study in another country freely. You have to evaluate your result if it meets the requirement or meets the evaluation scale of the country you are going to.

In this article, we will be talking about an educational evaluation agency that is most recommended and recognized across Canada.

Canadian jobs and educational services are one of the highest demands in recent times. It came with the visa application. Canada receives more students and workers, even migrants than most countries in recent times because of the scholarship opportunities available there.

An educational credential Assessment is usually used to verify or authenticate your proof of credential/credential or degree etc to know if it is up to a Canadian qualification.

It is usually used to access the documents or credentials of the individual and compare them using the grade scale of the Canadian university, company, etc.

There are different types of educational credential assessment, such as;

  1. World Education Services
  2. Comparative Education Service
  3. International Credential Assessment of Canada
  4. International Qualification Assessment Service
  5. International Credential Evaluation Service
  6. Medical Council of Canada
  7. Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada

But in this article, we will focus more on the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA), and its document requirements for migration into Canada.

Required Documents for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) in Canada

The document required for educational credential assessment include:

The application process is divided into two:

  1. The online process (Part A)

  2. The offline process (Part B)

1. The online process (Part A)

Documents needed for the online process include : (part A)

  • A government-issued means of identification
  • Degree certificate or diploma certificate
  • Translated copy of the documents

A Government-issued means of identification.

This document must show or contain your date of birth. Some countries refer to it as a national ID card, while some countries include it in your international passport.

This document should be properly scanned. Blurry images are not accepted

A copy of your degree certificate or diploma certificate

You need to make a photocopy and also scan your degree certificate or diploma certificate if you are using a diploma certificate. The documents should be properly scanned so that they bold out your name, certificate ID number graduation date.

Translated documents

Your document should be accompanied by a word-to-word translation copy. this should not be in  English or french. it should be done by a certified professional translator.

This translation should be done to all the documents scanned and submitted. The translated documents should also be signed and submitted online.

2. The offline process (Part B)

This has to do with the Official Academic Transcript from your school or institution of study. it should be sent directly to the ECA office. But if peradventure it is being given to you to deliver. The envelope has to be sealed it should be delivered before any evaluation process can take place.

The people who need an ECA include;

  1. Persons who want to claim a comprehensive ranking system
  2. People who are eligible for a federal skilled trade program
  3. Persons eligible who are eligible for a federal skilled workers program etc


The Educational Credential Assessment in Canada serves as a pathway for admission. and also serves as a medium for workers who wish to migrate to get recruited by Canadian companies.

Once you get the required documents and you are eligible, you will be updated or notified of your admitting status.

The educational credential assessment in Canada verifies each document or credential sent to it. That is why it is necessary for candidates or students to ensure that the documents that are submitted are accurate.

Cases of missed documents or false documents will put the evaluation process on a hold.

for more information on ECA, you can log on to their official website

ECA Frequently Asked Questions

How many delivery options do we have for the ECA?

We have two delivery options. the express courier service and the mailing system

Is the ECA widely recognized?

Just like the English proficiency test, the ECA is widely recognized by different countries across the world. but different country have their own acceptable type of ECA

How many types of ECa do we have?

As listed above, we have 7 different types of ECA.

What class of degree is acceptable for an ECA?

There is no specified class of degree. All degrees are accepted except it was a fail.

what is the major work of the ECA?

Assessment and evaluation of credentials/documents, checking for international equivalency.

How long does it take ECA to process or evaluate a document?

If you submitted the correct document, it will take a month at most. But if you had any missing documents or inaccurate documents, the evaluation process will be put on hold.

Is it necessary to have my documents translated before submitting them?

Yes, as a foreign student, you need to have your document translated word-to-word by a certified professional language translator.

Does the ECA have the authority to verify documents /credentials sent to it?

This is a necessary action that cannot be shifted or overridden. the ECA verifies all documents sent to it directly with your institution before the translation process even begins.

Does the ECA reject documents/credentials?

Yes the ECA reject the documents

How many ECA application processes do we have?

We have two types of applications. The online application is also called Part A, and the offline application is called Part B.

Can I get the transcript from my school to the ECA?

The ECA is supposed to get the transcript directly from your institution or university, but in cases where the school gives you the transcript to deliver to the ECAthey accept a transcript that has the school seal on it.

Can I send two different applications to the ECA?

Yes, you can send it. but it has to be in two different envelopes which different documents. this applies to husband and wife.

Where can I locate the ECA centers?

The different ECA centers have centers or branches across the world.  using your browser, search for the nearest ECA center, and apply.

often times you don’t need to locate a center, you do the online application and send hard copies of your documents through the mailing system or express courier.

Does the ECA guarantee one’s job placement or admission?

No, it doesn’t guarantee your admission or job placement.


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