How to Send Documents or Transcripts to WES for Verification
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How to Send Documents or Transcripts to WES for Verification

How to Send Documents or Transcripts to WES for Verification?

In this article, we will be talking about the process, and guidelines to follow when sending documents or your transcript (school or work ) to WES for verification

The abbreviation WES stands for Worlds Education Services. what do world education services mean?

World Education Services (WES) means an international nonprofit organization that s into credential evaluation. the WES helps process students’/migrants’ credentials for a valid acceptance overseas. one can rightly say it is your passport or ticket to international employment or education.

The WES came into existence in the year 1974 in new york USA. it also has branches in Toronto and Canada. it is an educational evaluation company that is generally accepted and recognized across the world.

Basically, the WES translates or converts your educational qualifications or credentials to a more recognized and acceptable state. It can be the US equivalent.

It should be noted that people or individuals in foreign countries are to translate their credentials or documents before sending them for evaluation.

Document not in English or French should be translated word for word by a professional and certified translator

The WES does not in any way translate foreign documents so if your sending a foreign document from the WES for translation is it going to be an error or failed process?

How Do You Send Documents or Transcripts to WES for Verification

  • Get to know the requirement/ Eligibility status
  • Ensure the required document are available and in an acceptable format
  • The required fee
  • How and where to submit your credential or documents

Get to know about the required document in your country:

The WES has strict rules to get comprehensive and accurate information about individuals when evaluating documents.

Each country has the required documents. That is to say that the required document differs in each country.

To get to know the required documents of your country you can click on the link,

  • Select your equivalency country (US, Canada),
  • Your country or territory of education,
  • The status of your current education credentials,
  • Your type of education,
  • The name of your institution,
  • And finally the name of your diploma and certificate.

After selecting the correct or accurate answers, you can now click on the requirement button.

Make or ensure the required document are available and in an acceptable form.

The required documents listed should be made available just as directed. Candidates/individuals should note that the WES does not translate a documented credential for foreign students.

To translate your document, you can click on the link or call the USL at 1-800-419-4601. If you are not in the USA, you can call 212-766-4111.

All documents should be correct, accurate, and in presentable form. Follow the instruction as required on the webpage after viewing your required documents

The Required Fee for WES Verification

After getting your documents ready, you need to make enquires about the required fee for the WES. Of course, it doesn’t run free services even though it is a nonprofit organization

There is a fee schedule by the WES

The Basic Evaluation Fees last Seven days  (7 Days)
Document-by-Document Evaluation-$100
Course-by-Course (with GPA & course levels)-$160
CPA Board Evaluation-$200

If its a rush or emergency service the fees are different from the basic fees:

3-Day Service – $100 as an additional fee to the initial amount.
Same-Day Service -$195 as an additional fee to the initial amount.

Of course, the document is not just soft copies but hard copies for presentation. This brings up the delivery fee of the document to each individual. The delivery fee differs on location, time of the document, and matter of urgency.

Overnight Courier Delivery (per address, US & Canada) – $25 as an additional fee
2nd Day Courier Delivery (per address, US & Canada) – $15 as an additional fee
International Courier Service (per address) – $50 as an additional fee
Fax to U.S. or Canadian Recipients – $5 (delivery fee)
Sealed Envelopes (details) – $7 (delivery fee)

the fees listed above s not static. It differs from time to time. It is being changed. so you have to check the updates on fees from time to time.

How and where to submit your certificates or documents

The WES has made provision for the different methods one can use to send or submit the certificate or document that are meant for evaluation

The Postal  Mail Service

The  Express Courier

To send documents through the postal service. you make available the necessary documents in an envelope. make sure they are correct and valid without mistakes and include the required documents. sealed and send through this postal address

By Postal Mail
World Education Services
P. O. Box 5087
Bowling Green Station
New York, NY 10274-5087

To send the documents through the Express Courier Service, you pack the documents in an envelope, sealed, and deliver them to the Express courier agent close to your location. follow up til it’s delivered to the right location.

World Education Services
64 Beaver St, #146
New York, NY 10004
NOTE: This is a courier mail handling facility accepting DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. This address is not a WES office and documents should not be hand-delivered.

The delivery location should be the WES office or outlet.

After it is received you will receive information through your mail or a  call that the evaluation process is set to begin.


The evaluation process includes receipt of the application and verification of the document. the WES has the authority to send photocopies of your document to your institution to verify that it is correct and accurate.

Any documents or credential that is found to be inaccurate or incorrect or false will be placed on hold. also, any documents that are found missing will be placed on hold while the WES sends a message requesting for the missing document to be completed.

Until then the evaluation process cannot be complete. The WES also calculates the student’s CGPA, IGPA and etc to ensure that it meets the basic requirement of your intended country of study.

WES Frequently Asked Questions

what is the full meaning of WES?

The full meaning of WES is World Education Authority

why is it necessary to evaluate my credential/document?

As a student, if you studied or completed your studies outside the US, you have to evaluate your document to see if it meets up the US standard.

why country does the WES evaluate to?

The WES evaluation is based on the US evaluation scale.

Apart from EValuation what other thing does the WES do?

The WES helps you choose your programs or university after evaluating your credentials or document. they show you which school or university best fits your score or grade.

Where is WES accepted?

The WES is widely accepted in the US. It is a member of the national association of credential evaluation service. they are widely accepted across other reputable institutions and universities. they are also accepted by companies who used the evaluation scale to employ or recruit their staff.

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