United State Visa Interview Sample Questions and Answers
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Most Asked United State Visa Interview Sample Questions and Answers

United State Visa Interview Sample Questions and Answers: Are you one of those who aspire to go to the United States for vacations, Medical treatment, Studies, business, or tourism, which reasons are required for you to apply for a United States Visa? Are you concerned about what United State visa questions could be like?

Then you need not worry, I will tell you the questions you should look out for when going for an interview for your visa.

United State Visa Interview Sample Questions and Answers

What are the Requirements for Visa Application?

The application process requires 

  • Completion of the application form
  • Visa fee payment
  • Submission of documents
  • Visa Interview appearance.

Some visas are asked for based on;

  • Entry scheme
  • Visa validity
  • Duration of stay
  • Purpose of travel
  • Nationality
  • Type of visa etc 

NOTE: when invited by the embassy for an interview, that’s a visa interview, while answering questions, answer them directly with confidence.

In some embassies like the United State Embassy/Consulate, they do require their applicants to come for their interview, the reason why is that they need to assess the person’s eligibility for the very particular type of visa the person applied for.

And as such, when they interview, certain questions are asked by the consular, and these questions are asked based on what type of visa the applicant applied for. So when they ask questions, they are very specific, so they could verify all the details or documents that are provided by the applicant. 

As an applicant, you need to stress your intentions of coming back to your native country after the completion of your trip.

United State Visa Interview Sample Questions and Answers

Here are the following few  common questions that are asked during the United States Visa interview and what should be answered 

1. Why do you want to travel to the United States? 

When a question like this is being asked, It is very important to give an honest answer. Give your reasons, even if you have visited the US before, let them know what you went there for, for example, if it was for Medical reasons, tourism, training, etc. let them know.

These people that the interviewer has all the pieces of information about you, so there is no need to lie, that may ruin your chance of going back there. If this happened to be your first time, just tell them it’s your first time. 

2. How long will you be staying in the United States?

Sometimes you may wonder if they do not know, this kind of question should not come as a surprise to you.

Be it 5 months, One week, two years, three months, two days, etc,  just tell them the duration of time you had planned to stay in the United States.

The consular officer has all your information in your application form in his hands, but however, he will just need to get into a conversation with you. 

3. Where will you be staying?

Just as you provided on the visa application form, you will need to mention to them the address of your stay. If you are planning to stay at multiple places at different locations, please fail to mention the address to them, including the duration of time you will spend non those places, you will have to state your reasons for staying in those places.  

4. Who is responsible for your expenses during the travel?

Questions like this are being asked not to embarrass you but to be sure of where your money will be coming from. In this case,  You will have to present to the interviewer a statement of your bank account,  and probably other documents that will be required by them, so they will know who is responsible or who is sponsoring your trip. So before going for a visa interview, make sure all your documents are ready as regards the bank, so when it’s being asked, you simply show them all the evidence they will need.

Meanwhile, if you have a sponsor, that’s if someone is sponsoring your trip to the United State, then let them know your relationship with the person, and their income, meaning you will have to get their bank account, that is to prove they are capable.

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4. Is it possible to reduce the duration of your stay?

When a question like this is being asked, explain to them why you need to stay for this specific period of time. Talk about your travel plans to justify your reasons for wanting to stay, and why you will need a Visa that will permit you to stay for that period of time.

5. Are there any of your relatives/friends in the United States?

 If your answer is yes that you have any friend or friends, let them know by Answering  Yes, even if you’ve met this friend only twice or just once in a month, still let them know, they would get to know in the end, so it is better you tell them than them getting to find out for themselves. Don’t forget to mention your relationship with the person to the person and if you are going to meet them. If your answer is a No, mention then-No.

6. Have you been to the United States before?

The answer should be Yes or No answer, and if it is a yes, briefly tell them about your last time and why you need to be there again

7. Where will you be working/studying?

If you have applied for a work or student visa, make sure you provide the address of the employer/office where you will be working or your college university address, if it is for studies.

8. What plans do you have after the visa expires?

You will need to convince the consular officer that you have plans to go back to your native country before the visa expires. You will need to reassure your ties to the country to show your real intentions of coming back after the travel plan ends.

7. Have your tickets been booked yet? 

Most time, it is advisable for applicants not to book airline tickets until they are sure they are granted a visa, so before then they can make their research and a clear plan for that. So when answering this question, be smart about it and give them reasons for doing whatever it is you are doing. 

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FAQs About USA Visa Interview Question

How can I  pass the US visa interview easily?

Here are the tips that will be of help to you.

  • Be concise
  • Get all the supplemental document
  • Be bold
  • Speak for yourself
  • Make enough research about what you are going there to do

What makes people get rejected for visa interviews?

Some of the things that make people reject that they get incorrect information or false document. When a question is asked and you cannot give them a good answer or reason for anything you choose to do can ruin your chance of getting the Visa.

How can I impress the Visa officer in the US?

When It is your turn for the interview, walk into the room with a smile, Don’t forget to greet the officer with a warm hello or hi. 

He or she may ask  ‘How are you doing’. Just reply politely and thank them for asking. And when or If your visa is granted, thank them as well in a very polite way and leave.

What should I avoid saying during my interview?

During your interview, please refrain from words like I guess, Umm, Maybe, it is like, in a sentence when responding to their questions, Pay close attention to the questions that are asked and answer the way it is asked, keep it short and simple unless you are asked to elaborate more.

How can I show confidence in a visa interview?

  • Never sound like you are meant to get the visa already
  • Get all required documents at hand
  • Get yourself well prepared
  • Try to create a good impression
  • Be calm 
  • Be confident
  • Your responses should be short and meaning


In this article, I have given you some of the Unites State visa interview sample questions and answers that are expected from individuals. If there are any questions you would want us to attend to, kindly drop the questions in the comment section, and we will make sure to attend to your concerns or questions.

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