Salve Regina Acceptance Rate And Admission Requirements
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Salve Regina Acceptance Rate And Admission Requirements

Students intending to school at Salve Regina University can now have access to vital information such as the school’s acceptance rate and the university admission requirements.

In this article, we will be discussing bout the two major topics acceptance rate, eligibility, application deadline, and admission requirements.

Whether you are a guardian, a student, or a researcher you can go through this article for educational purposes. Firstly let’s talk about Salve Regina University.

Salve Regina Acceptance Rate And Admission Requirements

Overview of Salve Regina University

Salve Regina University is a private university. Not just a private university by a Roman Catholic university. The university was founded in 1934 by the sisters of Mercy. The university has received accreditation from the New England Commission of Higher Education.

So far the university has enrolled more than two thousand seven hundred undergraduates/graduates yearly. The university even though it is a catholic university allows for marriages and the marriage is being conducted at the catholic institution “Our Lady of Mercy Chapel.

The university is not a male school or a female school only. It allows for both males and females. The university is like a coeducational institution.

While some say the annual school fees for the Salve Regina University is costly others say it is less expensive. Most people see it as costly are see it from the perspective of “a private” institution.

The university is a secure and safe place for international students and locals.

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Salve Regina Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements

Acceptance Rate

The Salve University acceptance rate for students during the fall is 74%. Generally, the university is very selective.

The general acceptance rate is from 72% to 76.2%. This university considers students’ GPA as a strong or basic academic factor for acceptance.

This acceptance rate covers students with academic Sat scores. Some score 1130-1280 or ACT 26-29. The institution also has an early acceptance rate of 72.8%.

International students have an acceptance rate of 17.1%

Application fee

The Salve Regina University application fee is $50 (fifty dollars).


  1. Common Application @
  2. Your application fee ($50)
  3. Your high school transcript (this should include your high school grade or let’s say your secondary school grades)
  4. Two letters of recommendation. One from your school counsellor and one from your teacher. It can be any teacher of your choice).
  5. Personal essay.
  6. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)/
  7. American College Testing (ACT).

SAT code is 3759 while the ACT code is 3816.. it is important to note that students who do not submit to any of the two schools stand a greater chance of being left out during the admission process.

Also if the English language is not your academic language you need to write and submit your English proficiency test result or score.

The English proficiency tests accepted are

  • TOEFL,
  • IELTS, and
  • Duolingo.
  1. Your personal and academic portfolio should be submitted using your student’s status page (specifically for students who are enrolling in a major art program).
  2. Audition specifically for students who are pursuing major programs in arts (dancing). For more information on this, you can visit
  3. Applicants who are homeschooled that is to say are not boarding or staying in the school premises are requested to submit a transcript when they are following a prescribed curriculum.
  4. In cases where the applicant does not have this, he or she should submit a copy of all course descriptions and a portfolio of work. `

Required GPA

Salve Regina University requires a GPA of three points and forty-one 3.41. This means that you need to be an average student before you can meet up with this.

Admission process

The university admission processing process typically takes four weeks. This process begins immediately after the requirements have been met and the documents are submitted successfully.

You should not that submitting inaccurate information makes the application process slow and most times candidates are disqualified.


You must note that if your documents are not completed you will be notified through an Email. The email will be the email you used or provided during registration.

So ensure that you have access to this email always to get updated information. You can also view the information on your student page. You can only access the student’s page with the password that was given to you when you submitted your common application.

Application deadlines

November 1st is for early action I deadline for September admission. It is non-binding.

November 1st is for early decision deadline for September admission it is binding.

January 5th is for early action II deadline for September is non-binding.

February 1st is for Regular decision deadline for September admission.

December Priority deadline for January admission.

Admission Consideration

The following are considerations that are being noticed during the admission process

  1. High school GPA
  2. High school ranking
  3. Excerpts from high school transcripts
  4. College prep courses
  5. SAT/ACT score
  6. Your recommendation letter.

Admission Decisions

  1. Accept
  2. Waitlist
  3. Denial
  4. Early action deferral to regular applicants pool
  5. Early decision deferral to regular applicants pool

Also, the university has made declarations on nondiscrimination. It forbids any act of such. Whether as an en employee, student, applicant, etc. not minding, colour, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, age, expression, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, etc.


The article above describes the acceptance rate for international students and locals at Salve Regina University.

The article also carries the admission requirements for students, the application deadline, the application fee, etc.

For more information, you can log on to the school’s official website at

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate of the save Regina University is 72% to 76.5%

What is the application rate of the prestigious university?

The application fee is $50

Is the university a Roman Catholic university?

Yes it is a Roman Catholic university

Does it have a particular gender it favours more?

No, the university makes a clean declaration against discrimination

How long is the admission process at Salve Regina University?

The university admission process takes approximately four weeks

Does the university accept international students?

Yes, the university accepts international students from different ethnic groups, tribes, religions,s etc.

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