NPC Adhoc Staff Salary Structure and Incentives in Nigeria (2023 Update)

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary – Did you apply for the 2023 national population census ad-hoc recruitment? I know that among many other things that bother you to know is the salary that the federal government will pay you at the end of the exercise as an ad-hoc staff member. Many people are disturbed by this, and we deem it necessary to help you out of that by bringing you the NPC Adhoc Staff Salary Structure and Incentives in Nigeria. 

For that reason, we want you to read this article diligently so that you can get the full gist of all the levels and how much each of them is paid. The article will be fully centred on the positions and the salaries of each of them depending on their position.

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary Structure and Incentives in Nigeria

About National Population Commission

This is an agency of the federal government that is saddled with the responsibility of conducting census in the country. And thereby, generating demographic data for the country. This data will help the government to know the population of people in the country. This includes the number of children, men, and women. It will also help the government to know if it should increase its budget or decrease it.

The commission had existed as an entity of its own since 1981, with its members drawn from the 19 states that existed then. It was quite unfortunate that it had not conducted any population census during the period.

Organizational Structure 

The national population commission is a commission that is made up of a policy-making body. And the body consists of 37 Federal Commissioners set up in different Standing Committees. The Commission has a leader, who is known as the Chairman, who spearheads the activities of the commission. It also has an administrative head which is the  Director-General. Visit for further detail.

The commission has different departments. The departments within the Commission are as follows: 

  • Cartography
  • Census
  •  Finance & Accounts
  •  Human Resources and Administration
  •  ICT
  •  Planning and Research
  • Population Studies
  • Public Affairs
  • Procurement
  • Vital Registration
  • Legal and General Services.

So in this article, we are going to look at the NPC salary structure based on position, qualification, and even experience. It is very clear that individuals with higher educational qualifications tend to be at a higher level and as such their salary too will be higher than others with low education qualifications.

Who is An NPC Adhoc Staff?

This is a person(employee) employed, and trained by the agency (national population commission) for a temporary work basis, for at least two to four weeks during the period of the conduct of the census, after which the contract of such individuals finishes.

About the Salary Salary Structure 

The National Population Commission’s salary structure is divided into two categories: First the salary, and second the allowances. But for the sake of this year’s census, the payment will be structured in three different categories:

  • Feeding allowance
  • Training allowance
  • Transport allowance

Feeding allowance; 

This is money/allowance that is given to ad-hoc staff mainly for their feeding, which includes breakfast, lunch, water, and other food they may choose to eat to enable them to stay focused while in the NPC training.

This is how the allowance is subdivided

(a) Specialized Workforce (SWF): N2,000 per day for 13 days. Three (3 days) will be for  SWF and ten (10 days) will be for state training.

Some states will not be part of it, and that is those states that were not involved in the first 3 days. However, the total sum to be received is N26,000 (thousand).

(b) State Facilitators: the state facilitators, will pay N2,000 every day to each person for ten (10 days). At the end of it, they will receive a total sum of N20,000 (thousand).

Transport allowance: 

What is a transport allowance? This is an allowance/money given to trainees to help them transport themselves from where they are rising to the center where they are receiving the training.

Each trainee will receive a transport allowance of N20,000 at the end of the entire training.

Training Allowance:

  •  Training allowance will also be given to all the trainees at all levels. And their payment will also differ based on the position occupied.
  • For the training allowance, trainers will receive N15,000 fifteen thousand every day for completing 13 (thirteen days–SWF and 10 (state facilitator).
  • While trainees will receive: N10,000 (ten thousand) every day for completing 13 (thirteen days), SWF, and 10 (state facilitator).

Duties of NPC Adhoc Staff 

Duties of  Facilitators

Every ad-hoc staff of the national population has a role to play in the process of the census, and now let us look at the specific duties of the facilitators. Here they are:

Their first primary duty is to train all other Census functionaries. That means they are very intelligent persons who read the Census Manual, understand it, and ensure that they impact the knowledge of those they are training.

That is why most of them have good teachers or Lecturer qualities so as to teach others too. They should be people who should have survey experience and are computer proficient.

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Duties of a Field Coordinator

  • The primary duty of the coordinator is to ensure good work from the activities of the supervisors and enumerators.
  • He/she helps with protocols and community entries into the institutions and communities
  • Boundary and map challenges within their assigned areas are addressed by him/her
  • Ensures punctuality among the supervisors on the field
  • They are reported to and give feedback to supervisors and enumerators
  • Cross-check the works of the  Supervisors daily

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary Structure 

If you have been itching to know how much you or any other person that is an ad-hoc staff will collect, here is the structure that will put you to light.

  • Facilitators: N150,000-N300,000
  • Field Coordinator: N140,000-N280,000
  • Quality Assurance Assistants/Rovers: N130,000 to N280,000
  • Supervisor: N130,000 to N230,000
  • Enumerator: N100,000-N220,000
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer: N150,000-N300,000
  • Directors of NPC: N498,000 —- N5,000,000
  • Assistant Directors of NPC: N350,000—-N2,000,000


In the article, we told you that the positions and the salaries of each of the staff depend on their position. The NPC salary structure is based on their position, qualification, and even experience. It is very clear that individuals with higher educational qualifications tend to be at a higher level and as such their salary too will be higher than others with low education qualifications.

Don’t forget for this year’s census, the salary will be placed in three categories, the feeding allowance, training allowance, and transport allowance. I hope the information helped you.

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