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NABTEB GCE Registration Form Portal –

The NABTEB GCE registration Form 2023 is now available. The 2023 NABTEB GCE (November/December) certificate examination registration period is currently open. The deadline for registering has been extended. Below are extensive instructions on how to fill out the registration form for the 2023 NABTEB GCE.

The NABTEB GCE registration process for 2023 is made to take into account the biometric features that will be used for examination center validation.

The application is available now! The sale of the 2023 National Business Certificate (NBC)/National Technical Certificate (NTC) and General Education Advanced National Business Certificate (ANBC)/Advanced National Technical Certificate (ANTC) application form has begun, according to the NABTEB exam regulatory body.

NABTEB Registration Form

However, examinable General Education Subjects and Trades at the Ordinary Level make up the exams. The NABTEB Ordinary Level Certificate provides candidates with the following benefits:

Candidates can become certified craftsmen if they pass all of the requisite trade, trade-related, and general education subjects. Craftsmen who have earned their NABTEB credentials through NBC/NTC can work for someone else, work for themselves, or hire workers. They are also qualified to close the skills gap that Nigeria’s technology development now faces.

More so, candidates with adequate Credits are eligible for admission to higher education institutions both inside and outside of Nigeria thanks to the integration of General Education subjects into the NABTEB examination format.

Continue reading to learn the deadline, where to buy the form, and how to register properly and without any problems.

Where Do I Purchase NABTEB GCE Form?

Private candidates may acquire registration PINs/Slots for the examinations mentioned above at:

  • NABTEB Zonal Offices in Abuja, Kaduna, Yola, Osogbo, Enugu, and Benin City,
  • NABTEB Liaison Office in Abuja,
  • NABTEB Area Office in Lagos,
  • NABTEB State offices Nationwide and
  • NABTEB National Headquarters, Ikpoba Hill, Benin City.


The registration for:

  • Nov/Dec NBC/NTC/General Education is N10,250 per candidate
  • Nov/Dec ANBC/ANTC is N12,250 per candidate
  • GCE (Advanced level) is N15,250 per candidate.

Exam fees, result verification, biometric registration, e-learning, and information VCD are all covered by the registration fees.

Late registration will attract N5,000.00 per candidate.

The detailed steps for registering for the 2023 NABTEB GCE Exam are listed below;

Main Registration Portal for NABTEB GCE Form 2023 and How to Apply

NABTEB GCE Registration Portal –

To start the registration process, go to the NABTEB registration portal at  As an alternative, you can complete the registration process by going to the closest computer registration center in your area.

In order to improve registration, NABTEB has implemented biometric capture.

Visit a Cybercafe to Capture

  1. biometric data of students (i.e. Right and Left Thumb). NOTE: Your nearest NABTEB office can provide you with a copy of the NABTEB Biometric Data Capture Application.
  2. When completing the biometric data capture, be careful to include the right name, passport/ registration card, as well as the PIN and SERIAL.
  3. After the biometric data has been successfully captured, go to the online registration portal to finish the registration process. NOTICE: If you do not initially complete the biometric data capture, the portal will not let you register online.
  4. Fill out the form as directed, then submit it.
  5. Print the photocard and registration completion, then save them safely.


  • Make sure your passport is 160 by 200 pixels and less than 30 kilobytes in size
  • Select the “Start Here” link
  • Fill in the PIN and serial number you got from the scratch card you bought
  • Complete the displayed form and submit it
  • Place your candidate number on paper and keep it secure.

Click here to view NABTEB Official Registration Portal


Conditions That Follow NABTEB GCE Examination

  • Each candidate must bring their own set of writing instruments, including a pencil, eraser, ink, ruler, and mathematics set.
  • Candidates must supply their own drawing materials, including their own drawing board, Tee-square, metric scale ruler, and other drawing tools. Additionally, if necessary, they are permitted to use slide rules during the exam.
  • Calculators that are basic, noiseless, non-programmable, and cordless may be used.
  • Candidates are not permitted to bring GSM phones or other electronic devices into the examination room.


The Entry Guide, Examination Structure, Time-Table, List of Centres and Trades Available at Each Centre, as well as Other Relevant Instructions, should be carefully read by candidates.

Feel free to leave a remark below this page with any queries you may have about the GCE 2023 registration, and we will get back to you.

FAQs About NABTEB Registration Form 2023

Can I combine WAEC and NABTEB for admission?

You can, indeed. The combination of results is typically accepted by all institutions, including universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, nursing schools, and colleges of health technology. Additionally, you are free to combine WAEC with GCE or any other kind of exam, such as NECO or NABTEB.

Can NABTEB be used for direct entry?

The abolition of the NABTEB A’level GCE as a requirement for DE starting in 2022 has been authorized by the Honorable Minister of Education. However, everyone who acquired it before this date will be able to utilize it.

How much is the NABTEB exam fee?

The cost of the NBC/NTC/General Education Examinations for NABTEB Olevel in November and December is N16500. The exam price, result verification, biometric registration, e-learning, and information VCD are all covered by the Nabteb registration fee. Those who register after the deadline will pay a fine of N5,000.00 each.

How many years does NABTEB last?

The reality is that your O-level result, whether it be from WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB, is valid forever and has no time limit. The examinations administered by these examination bodies are referred to as “achievement tests,” hence the certificates granted are perpetually valid.

Can I use NABTEB to study abroad?

NABTEB was established to lessen the strain of WAEC. In contrast to WAEC, which has support from the international community, NABTEB is an internal examination board. However, various sources claim that NABTEB is also recognized in some nations outside of Nigeria.

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