15 most patronized delivery services in Nigeria
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15 Most Patronized Delivery Service Companies In Nigeria (2024 Updated List)

15 Most Patronized Delivery Service Companies In Nigeria – Hey guys, in this article, we will be taking a deeper look at the top 10 most recognized and patronized delivery service providers in Nigeria that you ought to know, just in case you want to patronize one.

Without taking much of your time, let’s quickly outline the names of the top 15 best delivery service companies that are operating in our country as of today.

15 most patronized delivery service companies in Nigeria

The Top 15 Most Patronized Delivery Service Companies In Nigeria 

  1. DHL Express
  2. KOS (keep on shipping) 
  3. KOBO
  4. Federal Express
  5. UPS (United Parcel Service)
  6. GIGL (God is Good Logistics)
  7. ABC Express courier Limited
  8. Sky Net Worldwide Express Nigeria
  9. Tranex Delivery Company
  10. Sandbox
  11. EMS Speed post
  12. AB Logistics
  13. Red Star Express
  14. Topshop
  15. ACE(African Courier Express)

DHL Express

DHL Express is one of the most patronized delivery services in Nigeria. For those who are not familiar with this courier, I would recommend that you try this very one.

They make sure they deliver, and they never disappoint, apart from the fact that they are very costly with their expenses, aside from that they are good with their shipping.

They operate in over 200 countries, and they are known and rated as one of the best shipping companies in Nigeria. You can reach them for your order through this link https://www.dhl.com/ng-en/home.html

KOS (Keep On Shipping) 

KOS which is known as Keep On Shipping is a shipping company based in Nigeria. So if you have anything you need to be delivered within Nigeria, you could give KOS a try.

They are one of the most patronized couriers, they operate on pay-on-delivery, which is as nice as that.  You could reach them through this link www.enquiries@kos.ng 


Kobo is another patronized delivery you can go for. They make deliveries both in Nigeria and internationally, within Africa.

Their office in niger is in Lagos, you can reach them through this link www.kobo360.com 

Federal Express

Federal Express is another courier which may likely take the lead when it comes to delivering packages and goods. They cover close to 230 countries.

They could take 2 to 3 days to deliver your goods in another country, they never disappoint. The amazing thing about them is that you can track where your goods are going till they reach their destinations.

UPS (United Parcel Service)

The United Parcel Service is another most patronized delivery service. They are known for their efficiency in cargo deliveries. 

United Parcel Service has a large customer in Nigeria and is mostly patronized in Nigeria. it is also operating in almost every nation in the world.

They’ve operated for over 100 years now. 

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GIGL (God is Good Logistics)

When we are talking about the most patronized delivery service in Nigeria, let’s not forget Good Is Good, they are very good

They never disappoint with their delivery services, even pick-up packages. God is Good is into e-commerce services, corporate delivery services, and domestic delivery services. 

And they have their way of making customers track their goods. Do you know that they ship to over 200 nations, be it local or international, and they are in for the business? 

They can be reached through this link www.giglogistics.ng. You can contact them through this line +234-908-784-2410.

ABC Express Courier Limited

ABC Express is one of the most Patronized delivery services in Nigeria. They are mainly into cargo services, nevertheless, they also take part in courier services.

You can reach them through their website here www.abccargoxpress.com here is their contact line to reach them too. +234-810-131-2485

SkyNet Worldwide Express Nigeria

SkyNet Worldwide Express Nigeria is another delivery service that has grown and expanded so much. They have over a thousand offices across the world.

Another good thing about them is that they provide door-to-door deliveries. They are located in Lagos.

Tranex Delivery Company

Tranex Delivery is another most patronized delivery services in Nigeria, they ship both locally and internationally.

There are vans, buses, and motorcycles deliveries. They are good at what they do. They can be reached through their website here www.tranex-ng.com. You can also reach them through these contact lines +234-802-569-7917, +234-9095270137, or +234-812-368-2573.


Sandbox is another one of the most patronized delivery services. The good thing about this very delivery service is that you could use it for personal use.

They offer international and local delivery services. They have created an avenue for those who want to make their marketing online.

Their delivery fee is based on the weight of the packages and the locations.

EMS Speed post

EMS Speed Post is one affordable delivery service you can ask for in Nigeria. They make international deliveries too, their service comes with packages.

Each shipping they make has tracking services too, one could track their goods or parcels which will be delivered to another country.

AB Logistics

AB logistics is one of the patronized delivery services. They are known to be affordable, each delivery they make could be very very affordable let 900 that’s on the size and weight of the parcel. 

Red Star Express

Red Star Express deals with three services, which if you want from them, they are ready to deliver for you.

More to that, they make their deliveries through Air Express, Bulk Mail, Inbound Collect, and E-commerce.


Topshop is another unique delivery service. They are basically into exporting and importing goods, cargo parcels, and freight to their customers.

They also make doorstep deliveries Nationwide. If you need to get to them, you can contact them at this line +234-908-077-7728. Better still you can email them through their email address here, hello@topship.africa

ACE(African Courier Express)

African Courier Express is one of the most patronized delivery services.  They could make deliveries on the least things like foodstuff.

They also make deliveries on items like packaged gifts including coupons. The office is located in Lagos. 

Here is their website, you can make research through this link www.ace.ng 


We’ve been able to mention that delivery services that are very reliable for deliveries of any kind.

From the above list of most patronized delivery services, you could do your research on any of them depending on where you want to send your packages to, and the sizes of the parcels.
I want to believe this article was helpful, if any other delivery services should be mentioned here, you could mention them in the comment section.
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