NYSC Relocation (Redeployment) How to Apply and Accepted Reasons for Easy Redeployment

Apply for NYSC Relocation for Easy Redeployment in 2023: Step by Step

NYSC Relocation application processes… It is not unusual to be anxious about NYSC Call-up Letter. That is because the state of deployment may not be favorable to you or may not be the location you have had in mind to serve. It is because of this that most prospective corp members to of redeployment to a place they like.

However, the question popping up in your mind right now is How do I Apply for Redeploy to another state of my choice? I want you to understand that applying for relocation or redeployment is not really a problem because the Management of NYSC allows for redeployment/relocation to a chosen state. 

But you must know that relocation or redeployment is done based on some conditions or criteria. So, if you are among those who want to know how to apply for redeployment or relocation, then read this article diligently and get the full details on how to apply successfully.

NYSC Relocation (Redeployment) How to Apply and Accepted Reasons for Easy Redeployment

What is NYSC Relocation or Redeployment?

Relocation or Redeployment is the process by which a corps member applies to be posted to another state other than his or her original state of deployment, because of insecurity, she is married, he or she has certain health challenges that require the attention of a physician, nurse in a hospital, or is recommended by the DG.

Conditions for NYSC Redeployment or Relocation

NYSC Redeployment or Relocation is grated based on certain conditions. If you are a corp member and you want to redeploy, you will be given the opportunity to apply for it, but it must meet one of the conditions stipulated by the NYSC management for redeployment before you will be allowed to do so. The conditions are as follows:

  1. Security
  2. Marriage
  3. Health
  4. DG Directives

During the NYSC Orientation course in camp, interested corp members are given the opportunity to apply for redeployment. It can be done:

Whichever way they decide to do it, they will have to fill out a form stating reasons for why they want to redeploy or relocate and other requirements.

You will have to drop an application letter, evidence showing that the reasons why you want to redeploy (i.e Health, Marriage, Security, and DG Directives) are true, plus the form filled.

Redeployment/relocation Application Requirement 

For you to have a successful redeployment, you must present:

  1. An application Letter
  2. A questionnaire stating particulars and reason for your redeployment
  3. Evidence supporting your reasons for redeploying (e.g Marriage Certificate or Health Certificate)

How to print NYSC call up letter

Steps for Online Redeployment Application:

If you don’t want to apply manually while in camp, you can also apply online. The steps below will help you:

  • Visit the NYSC official portal
  • Sign in with your email address and password; used during registration.
  • Click on the Relocation or redeployment button
  • Enter your details appropriately in the space provided.
  • An SMS or email notification will be sent to you confirming your application status
  • If your application is successful, an SMS or email notification will be sent to you likewise.

How to Print NYSC Online Relocation or Redeployment Letter

If your NYSC redeployment application has been approved, you need to print it out, so that you can present it in your new state of deployment. To do that, follow this guide: 

  • Visit the NYSC official Portal
  • Log in with your full details
  • Click on Manage Relocation
  • Then make payment
  • Print your payment receipt, it is evidence and proof of payment 
  • Then click on the option, print redeployment/relocation letter
  • After Printing the letter and making a copy of it
  • Carry the letter to your new State of deployment

How to Cancel NYSC Relocation

To cancel the relocation application, can be very difficult, that is why you need a convincing reason before this can be done. If you applied for NYSC relocation and later you changed your mind, you need to reapply for redeployment cancellation. All you need to do is approach the camp commandant through your platoon instructors, stating cogent and convincing reasons, why you want to cancel the redeployment.

 But if f you applied online, then you need to consult your Local government Inspector and inform him or her about the cancellation of your NYSC relocation. If the redeployment letter is already out with your new state, then you need to cancel it, with the help of your state coordinator. With these tips, you can cancel your NYSC relocation application.

Documents Married Women can Upload for Relocation

If you are a married woman, before your relocation application will be considered t you must present the following documents 

  • Marriage Certificate or Court,  Church, or Mosque Marriage Certificate 
  • Newspaper for Publication of Change of Name
  • Husband Local Government Identification
  • Husband’s ID Card (Driving License, Voter’s Card, or National ID Card)
  • House Utility Bill 
  • O’level Result/Certificate (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB)

Sample of NYSC Redeployment Letter

This is how you can write your redeployment application letter.

(Your address)


The Director-General, 


Plot 416, Tigris Crescent off Aguiyi Ironsi Street,

Maitama. PMB 138, Garki, Abuja.

Then “through”

(Your NYSC State Coordinator,)

Then “through”

(Your State Camp director)

Dear Sir,

Application for Redeployment to (name of the new state)

I, ( ____________) with NYSC State code (___________) hereby write to request for redeployment back to your choice of state.

This is to enable me (to state your reason(s) for redeployment) and also continue to serve my fatherland in the State.

Attached are my NYSC redeployment form and (state proof to support your reason) to enable you to consider my application.

I will be so elated if my application is considered.

Thanking you in anticipation.

yours faithfully,




Note: Attach all necessary documentation/certificates.


With this guide that we have provided for you, you can see now that applying for relocation or redeployment is possible, if only you have all the necessary requirements.

If you have read this piece to the end, that means that you now know how to apply for Redeploy to another state of your choice. So, if you are among those who wanted to know how to apply for redeployment or relocation, I hope this article has helped you.


What are the grounds for redeployment in NYSC?

NYSC redeployment is done on three(3) grounds; Insecurity, Health, and  Marriage.

How long does it take to approve NYSC relocation?

It takes between 1 to 3 months, before approval.

How do you get redeployed in NYSC?

By applying for redeployment/relocation while in NYSC Camp or online after camp, by filling out the redeployment form.

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