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Most Recommended Mtn WiFi/Mifi in Nigeria and their prices

Most Recommended Mtn Wifi/Mifi in Nigeria and their prices


Are you looking for a fast wifi network that gives you space to download a number of resources within a limited period of time?

Are you looking for a wifi network that allows you to download successfully without adding viruses to your downloader? then search no further.

In this article, I will be talking about the best and most recommended MTN wifi network in Nigeria, but first, let’s talk about the network MTN.

MTN is a popular acronym denoted by Mobile Telephone Network. formerly known as M-Cell, founded in 1994 with assistance from the southern Government.

A south African multinational network telecommunication that is being operated in many Asian countries across the globe. with its headquarters in Johannesburg with an official name MTN Group Limited.

The MTN group is one of the most successful networks in the telecommunication field and has recorded more than 30 million users globally. its core values include; Innovation, leadership, relationship, integrity, and can-do.

It also has strategic priorities which include;

  • Creating shared value
  • Accelerating portfolio transformation
  • Building the largest
  • Most preferable platforms, driving industry connectivity promotion

MTN group limited is known for its popular slogan “Everywhere You Go”. For more information and inquiries you can visit their website at

furthermore, let’s talk about WIFI

wifi stands for wireless fidelity. it is a networking technology that connects through radio waves to produce to wireless high-internet connection.

MTN wifi is a high-speed network technology connection that uses 3G and 4G

Most Recommended Mtn Wifi/Mifi in Nigeria and their prices

The best and most recommended Mtn wifi/mifi include;

Mtn Mifi

  • MTN Wireless MiFi 23xx series
  • MTN Wireless MiFi 33xx series
  • MTN 5G Mobile MiFi
  • Broadband Mifi

Mtn Wifi


  • Portable Pocket 4G Mini Wifi
  • 4G LTE Wifi Mtñ Hynetfléx Route
  • MTN 5G Ultrafast Router

MTN Wireless MiFi 23xx series


  • Supports SD card for shared media
  • Supports 3G,4G,5G networks
  • Mini 2352: SUPRA/PATHS 900/1900/2100 MHz,
  • MiFi 2372: SUPRA/PATHS 850/1900/2100 MHz;
  • GARS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz).

Price; 12,000

MTN Wireless MiFi 33xx series


  • Linux-based MiFi OS
  • Perform SMS-based messaging actions such as reading, writing, sending, and receiving SMS messages.
  • Fetch weather data for all locations.
  • Monitors data usage (used and roaming)
  • MiFi DLNA Server
  • GeoSearch

Price: 12,000

MTN 5G Mobile MiFi


  • High battery capacity
  • Power optimization
  • Fast charge
  • Allows wifi connection of 15 users
  • Allows USB internet connection of 1 user

Price: 12,000

Broadband wifi


  • Fast speed
  • Internal battery for mobility
  • Connect 10 devices using wifi
  • Supports Mtng Network
  • Working 2,100 mAh removable battery
  • Connects up to 10 devices at once
  • Superfast browsing Speed
  • Network support   4G/ 3G / 2G /
  • LTE Cat4 High-Speed Download
  • Able to connect with any Wi-Fi-enabled device
  • The category is LTE Mobile WiFi
  • BATTERY capacity is 2100 mAh (removable)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM support includes Win10, Win8, Win7, Windows XP, Vista,  Mac OS, IOS, ANDROID
  • Long Lasting 2,100mAh battery
  • Wifi Range is up to 100 Meters
  • Supports Wi-Fi 2.4GHz

Price: 5,000

Portable Pocket 4G Mini Wifi


  • High-speed download
  • Works up to 8 hours before a charge
  • Connects up to 8 devices using Wifi
  • Model: MF253
  • Router type: Wireless
  • Category: Wireless Router
  • Transmission rate: 150Mbps
  • System: FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE 3C
  • Wireless standard: IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b
  • Coverage: 100 meters
  • Frequency band: FDD
  • Multi-function
  • One key encryption
  • Built-in antenna

Price: 20,000

4G LTE Wifi Mtñ Hynetfléx Route


  • Model: MF253
  • Router type: Wireless
  • Category: Wireless Router
  • Transmission rate: 150Mbps
  • System: FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE 3C
  • Wireless standard: IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b
  • Coverage: 100 meters
  • Frequency band: FDD/UMTS
    B1/2100, B2/1900, B3/1800, B5/850, B7/2600, B8/900, B12/700, TDD B38/2600
  • EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900
  • High speed
  • Unique appearance
  • One key encryption
  • Multifunction

Price: 25,000

MTN 5G Ultrafast Router MTNg


  • 5G Network
  • 10x Faster than 4G
  • Superior Streaming
  • Easy to Install
  • Multiple Devices
  • Fast Browsing
  • Wide range connections (wIFI)
  • connects up to 32  devices through wifi

Price: 47,400


In this article, we have succeeded in listing the most recommended  MTN wifi/MiFi with their prices in Nigeria. There are other products in different networks. There are also neutral wifi and Mi-Fi that one can use on any network fo his choice

Each of these products comes with an MTN sim card. any other network inserted into the devices does not work because it is built and customized for MTN networks only.

For data access, you have to subscribe to the different range of bundles we have. Any data bundle package of your choice so as to enable you to browse efficiently

Frequently Asked Questions

where can I purchase an MTN wifi or MiFi

You can purchase it online by placing an order and it will be delivered to your doorstep. you can also visit the nearest MTN shop around your location and request it. Most phone shops also have it.

Can I subscribe to different data bundles on one device?

yes, you can! it all boils down to your budget. each device accepts any data bundle you subscribe to. There are no specific data bundles for a particular device

what is MiFi?

MiFi is a brand name or a product name that has wifi built into it. it is faster than the wifi we use. but then it cannot work on its own. it uses wifi to operate.

what is the difference between wifi and MIFI?

Wifi is a wireless router device just like MiFi, but then MIFI can accumulate more than 30 devices simultaneously. while wifi can at most carry 25 devices.

MIFI can be used in offices, shops business places, and offices but one is limited if he or she uses wifi.

How can activate my device?

Once you get your devices you follow the instruction in the guide leaflet inserted in the cartoon of your device. if you still can’t activate it you call the nearest MTN agent to activate it for you.

Is there any free gist or bonus attached to the devices when bought?

Except for the company you are buying from or the shop is doing promo or adding gift cards there is no official free gist added to the product from the manufacturer

you can only have bonuses from the new sim card attached to the product. you will have a bonus data offer attached to it once you activate it on the devices.


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