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NYSC Mobilization Timetable 2023/2024

We are happy to announce that the NYSC 2023 Batch “A and B” Mobilization Exercise has started and the official NYSC mobilization timetable has been released.

The Mobilization timetable for both batches “A” and “B” Stream 1 and 2 service year has been made public by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) management. The official timetable includes the dates and activities necessary for the successful mobilization of graduates whose names are on the NYSC senate list.

However, In order to prepare for the next orientation course, Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) who are anxious to read the official NYSC timetable have come to the proper spot. The schedule is available here.

Please take note that this schedule could alter if the officials don’t show up as scheduled. If that occurs, we will promptly update this page.


What Does NYSC Mobilization Means?

The Nigerian government has required a year of service for all Nigerian graduates, both domestically and internationally, since May 22, 1973.

This program was run under the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program. After a brutal and immensely destructive civil war, Gen. Yakubu Gowon devised this plan to reconstruct and restructure the country.

Section 24 of the Nigerian Constitution, which mandated the formation of NYSC, served as the foundation for its establishment.

“with a view to the right nurturing and development of interpersonal relationships among Nigerian young and the advancement of national cohesion.” Every year, corp members are mobilized for the program, and participating graduates are split into batches and streams across the nation.

NYSC mobilization is the process whereby graduates from various higher institutions throughout the world are mobilized and sent to various states of the federation following their registration for the NYSC program

The body in charge of the mandatory Youth Service program decides to deploy graduates and registered Corps members in batches, due to the insufficient facilities to accommodate and provide for the thousands of graduates from Nigerian universities and polytechnics that graduate each year.  


NYSC 2023/2024 Batch A Mobilization Timetable

S/N                               Event             Date
1 Online printing of call-up letters 25th January 2023
2 Commencement of 2023 Batch A Stream 1A Orientation course 23rd January 2023
3 Commencement of 2023 Batch A Stream 1B Orientation course To be announced later
4 Commencement of 2023 Batch A Stream 2 Orientation course 18th January 2023


NYSC 2023/2024 Batch A Mobilization Timetable For Stream 1 and 2

S/N                             Event           Date
1 2021 Batch A Post Mobilization Workshop 20th – 23rd Jan. 2023
2 2022 Batch B Pre-Mobilization Workshop 1st – 5th Feb. 2023
3 Upgrading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Result for Full/Part-Time Graduates and revalidation lists by CPIs 13th – 20th Jan. 2023
4 Submission of Senate/Academic Board Approved Result for Full/Part-Time Graduates and revalidation lists by CPIs 10th – 24th Jan. 2023
5 Online registration for foreign and locally trained Nigerian graduates for Stream 1 16th – 19th January 2023
6 Online registration for foreign and locally trained Nigerian graduates for Stream 2 19th April – 8th May 2023
7 Pre Camp physical verification of foreign-trained graduates’ credentials To be announced
8 Entertainment of complaints from Prospective Corp Members by the State Deployment and Relocation officers and NYSC helplines/Desk officers 14th – 29th January 2023
9 Action by the ICT department 2nd – 6th Jan.  2023
10 PCMs’ notification and call-up letter printing 11th – 15th Jan. 2023
11 Commencement of 2023 Batch A Orientation Course 25th Jan – 14th Feb. 2023 for Stream1

18th March – 7th April 2023 for Stream 2



An update to the approved NYSC timetable

As we previously indicated, be sure to complete your final clearance with your institution in order for your name to be on the NYSC senate list before the deadline. and Register for NYSC at your institution’s Directorate of Students’ Affairs.

On this page, we occasionally post the most recent information about the National Youth Service Corps, so keep checking back if you want to stay up to date and never miss an update.

Additionally, we advise you to store or bookmark this website and revisit it frequently in case the National Youth Service Corps makes any changes. We’ll let you know as soon as this happens.

Please use the comment section below if you have any more questions about the NYSC mobilization timeline. We will do our best to address your concerns.


The NYSC orientation camp’s daily routine

The NYSC program will typically last for 21 days or let’s say just a period of three weeks, before coming to a conclusion, but let me be clear. The next three weeks will be extremely demanding and occupied with drilling.

Not going to terrify you. Just be sure to be at the camp early enough to grab a good position and get registered and approved by the NYSC staff or officials.


Arriving at the camp: 

It’s best to be there early to avoid any needless tension. Keep in mind that the portal’s Corp member validation and camp registration both have deadlines. Your data to be transferred to the NYSC site will be a big concern for the official if the gateway is taken down.

Although you can purchase the following items at the camp, doing so will cost you about four times as much as purchasing them elsewhere. Bring these items from home in order to make your stay at the camp comfortable.

  • Insect/Mosquito net
  • You can purchase plastic buckets, plates, and spoons at camps.
  • Don’t rely on the NYSC’s own; get soap, detergent, a towel, three pairs of shorts, and three singlets.
  • Plates, a spoon, and a plastic flask.
  • Do not overlook Dettol.
  • Do not overlook hypo

The following objects are prohibited in the camp:

  • Laptops, 
  • Metallic items,
  • Weapons, 
  • Electrical devices like radios and TVs, etc.

Be aware that a combined attachment of law enforcement, military, civil defense, and other security organizations will be stationed at the entrance to inspect your baggage for illegal materials.

Please bring a couple of your own clothes because you guys will wear white dresses every day of the week, with the exception of Sundays.

In order to do this, I’ll suggest that you bring enough white shorts and white shirts.



A location to stay will be given for you to use for your whole 21-day stay in camp. The only requirement for the 21 days is that you take care of yourself. This is not a luxurious setting. Even if some camps have the proper infrastructure in place, the bulk doesn’t, leaving you to make the most of what you have.

Smoking is completely forbidden within your hostel, and violating any of the camp’s rules or regulations could result in expulsion, therefore you are urged to follow them to the closest.

If you are stationed in the country’s northern regions, such as Kano, Katsina, etc., you should refrain from drinking alcohol and avoid getting into a theological fight.

Keep in mind that the routine of NYSC camp life would severely shorten your sleep period to just 10 or 11 pm to 4 am. You should leave the accommodation and head to the parade area by 5 a.m.



Don’t forget to participate in the camp’s required registration.

Your fingerprint will be taken in order to confirm your identity and prevent any form of impersonation.

Remember to bring your school ID card and certificate with you. Everything must be checked at the camp, and anyone suspected of possessing a phony certificate will be sent home.

Don’t forget to open a bank account as well. The NYSC will instruct select banks to open an account for you, so just do it. You’ll receive the account number by SMS after a few days.


Platoon Registration And Kit Collection:

I hope your shirt, shoes, and boot sizes fit. The ones handed to you might not be your size or might be smaller, so to me, all of that seems like a formality.

In this instance, all you need to do is find someone with whom you can exchange; by doing so, we were able to resolve the issue of the big shirt, shoes, and boot.

a brief rundown of what you will receive:

  • 2 white shorts, 
  • 2 white t-shirts, 
  • +belts, 
  • khaki Trousers, and a blazer from the NYSC
  • Socks, two pairs, and
  • A Crested vest from NYSC


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