How To Generate Gtbank Token For Internet Banking & USSD
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How To Generate Gtbank Token For Internet Banking & USSD

Banking has been made easy for all GTB bank users through the USSD code. If you have been finding it difficult to make transactions online because of tokens you should go through this article carefully. If you have been finding it difficult to get the soft token with your phone number, then this article is for you. USSD code is an acronym for Unstructured Supplementary Data.

How To Generate Gtbank Token For Internet Banking & USSD

What is USSD

Unstructured Supplementary Data is a worldwide service for Mobile phones that are used to send messages. SMS stands for Short Message Service. The USSD service comprises only data that are available on mobile phones.

It is a medium for transactions, like sending money, receiving money, checking account balances, and paying utility bills.

The USSD code is shorter and less expensive, it is stress-free because one can sit in the comfort of the phone to make transactions. As far as the person has cases to a mobile phone. Whether an android phone or not, also it does not need an internet connection. That is why it is referred to as less expensive.

About GTB

The GTB is an acronym for Guarantee Trust Bank. It was established in Nigeria on the 17th of January 1990 by Fola Adeola and Tayo Aderinokun.

The bank is also known by the name GTCO PLC and it runs services like multinational financial services (retail and investment banking) pension management for small and large companies and industries, and management of assets and payments services. All this is carried out after the parties involved have had a concrete contract.

Getting to work with a token or internet bank means you need to get registered in the bank, you need to have an account first. also, you need to have the mobile application on your phone.

After requesting mobile application access in your bank, you follow the procedures, you can monitor all transactions going through your account, make transfers and purchase anything you wish to through online vendors, etc

What is internet banking?

Internet banking is a banking method in which transactions are carried out online. they can be carried out through a laptop, mobile application, or tablet. It needs an internet connection. This means that if you do not have active data with a steady connection you cannot access any of the services.

The use of internet banking brought about the use of tokens. this is for verification of every transaction done with the ATM card or transfers code or mobile application.

What is a Token?

A token in the banking system are figure usually generated by a system online that is used to verify transactions that are done electronically.

A token usually lasts for a stipulated time. Once the time is over that particular token has expired.  it is also known as eToken and sometimes referred to as OTP (one-time password). This can code can be used just once.

Features of a Token

  1. Payment of utility bills e.g Electricity, cable subscription, phone bills, internet services, etc
  2. Booking for flight tickets within specified airlines (Kenya, British Airways, delta airlines, Etihad, Lufthansa German Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, etc)
  3. Payment of Visa fee
  4. Selling of foreign currencies from a domiciliary account to the bank etc

Why do people need the token code?

After you might have successfully activated your mobile banking app, you will be asked if you need a hard token or a soft token.

The hard token is gotten through devices that look more like modems but are smaller than that. It is being controlled and managed by your bank. it generates a token as soon as you press it.

The soft token is the one sent to you through a message or gotten using your ATM card in the ATM machine. If you also requested for it to be sent to your mail, your bank will also drop. it is always sent anytime you make an online transaction.

How To Generate Gtbank Token For Internet Banking & USSD

The token is needed during the following process

  • Transfer money from one account to another
  • When making FX transactions
  • When making transactions like cash Drafts in transit
  • Making FX sales
  • When generating secure codes

How to Generate GTbank Soft Token

In generating the GTbank  soft token from internet banking and USSD you follow the following procedures

  1. Using your mobile phone dial the code *737*7#
  2. You will be requested to fill in your transaction pin.
  3. After the transaction pin is verified your token will be displayed in the interface.

GT bank gives one hundred and twenty seconds (120) for a soft token. after 120 seconds the soft token is expired you will have to request another one.

Also, note that the soft token is used for a single transaction. you cannot use one soft token for two transactions.


If you pay for things online using a payment gateway like Paypal etc through your ATM card.  You will be asked after you must have inputted your ATM pin to fill in the soft token sent to the phone number attached to your bank account.

It is also needed if you make transactions with your bank account using your mobile applications. jus after you input your transaction pin you will be asked to fill in the soft token that is sent to your mobile number (the mobile number attached to your bank account).

Note that it is only used to carry out transactions online. you do not need to disclose your token at any point from any physical transactions.

Also, you should note that the soft code has a specific time frame for it. Some banks last for about two (2) minutes after the stipulated minutes it has expired and if you couldn’t run any transaction with it you have to request another one.

For more information as to applying for the token you can log on to the website

Frequently Asked Questions About Gtbank Token

Can a soft token be used for transactions in the banking hall?

except as requested by your bank, you are not allowed to disclose your soft token to anyone

What is the importance of soft tokens?

The soft token makes it impossible for someone to make an online transaction from your account without your consent

Also, it helps to make transactions from any location without going to the banking hall

It uses 128-bit data encryption to secure your account details.


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