How to Score High in Post UTME Screening Examination (2023)

Most students have difficulty in passing their post-UTME even with an approved cut-off mark from Jamb.

This has made some students write JAMB over and over again and still resulting in the post-UTME screening examination failure.

well, before we proceed, let’s take a look at what is post-UTME.

How to Score High in Post UTME Screening Examination

Post UTME is an examination conducted for students who have gotten the approved cut-off mark of the university they intend to study. It is an examination that is slated to screen(select) students who are eligible and have met the requirements to be accepted into the institution.

Most institutions use the post-UTME screening examination while most institution uses the O-level result grading system. This grading system requires that you have at least 5 credit pass in the relevant subjects. By relevant subjects I mean subject that is related to your course of study.

The requirement or documents you will need during the screening examination include;

  1. Your passport photographs
  2. A copy of your JointAdmission and matriculation board examination slip( it should b the original copy).
  3. Photocopy of your WAec if you used WAEc for your O-level result and NECO if you used your NECo or WAEC/NECO if you combined results and NABTEB if you used it as your O-level.
  4. An original and photocopy of a letter of identification from your Local Government Area (LGA).
  5. Original and photocopies of your certificate of birth and age declaration validated by a court.
  6. Your WASSCE or NECO scratch card.

Most institutions use the computer base system for their post-UTME examination while other institutions use the pen-and-paper format for their examination.

You need to make inquiries about which of them your institution uses so you won’t be caught unawares.

In this article, we will be talking about how to score high in your post-UTME examination

How to Score High in Post UTME Screening Examination

  • Get updates on the examination format and scheme
  • Be conversant with your post-UTME syllable
  • Have good listening, reading writing, and talking skills
  • Engage in extramoral classes/Group Reading
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Be in a friendly and peaceful environment
  • Get access to online applications for post-UTME past questions and participate in the quiz
  • Have proficient knowledge of current affairs and the four relevant subjects
  • Read a bit about your intended course of study
  • Apply for your Post UTME examination on time
  • be sure of your examination date and venue and be punctual
  • keep to instructions and laws governing the conduct of your examination

Get Updates on the format of the Examination

This is a major reason why some students fail their examinations. before the examination date, get to make inquiries about the format of the examination, ask questions like, what format is used, is it computer-based? is pen and paper format? what is the school grading system? is it a subjective or objective question? how many scores does each question carry and what is the average cut-off mark? what is the total number of questions?

All these questions will make you already confident about the examination. This is because you already know what you’re expecting, although you don’t know the original questions. You won’t be carried unaware, for example getting to meet an objective question when you were already prepared for theoretical questions.

So the very first step is to get to know the nature of your examination.

Be conversant with your syllable

Of course, you have to get a syllable as regards the examination you intend to write. getting an in-depth understanding of the syllable is necessary.

There are what you can call areas of concentration. the syllabus gets you focused on the topics that might likely reflect in the examination.

On each subject that concerns your area of concentration, be conversant with the topics involved. even if you can’t cover all at least have introductory knowledge about it.

Have good listening, reading writing, and talking skills

This is another major area to focus on while writing examinations generally. Most students get into the exam hall while preparing to get an A in the exams but end up failing the examination.

All this boils down to reading, listening and writing, and talking skills. you need to read with understanding if need be read a question over and over again so you understand the concept and the context of the question.

You also need to pay attention carefully listening skills are also needed, especially to instructions given before and during the examination.

There might be corrections to some questions or omissions.

your talking skills, most schools or institutions have an oral session in most examinations, your donation matters, and you have to pay attention to your pronunciation.

Engage in extramoral classes/Group Reading

As a candidate that’s seeking to know more about your exams, you need to join extra morals classes, this will get you exposed to tutors who have experience, they will give you insights as to answer different questions and etc.

Also, you need to get involved in group readings and discussions, this will also help you to get more information about the examination.

Have a positive mindset

Most students are prepared yet get scared of the examination even before reaching the examination venue. this makes them forget most things even before they are asked. Be confident of yourself as this will help give Answers to questions you have little or no knowledge about.

The feeling of failure or being unsure of your answers to a particular question might make you delete the correct answer to write an incorrect answer.

Be in a friendly and peaceful environment

During an examination period, most people get to a library so as to get calm while reading.

A good and calm environment is really needed during the examination period as this will help you assimilate things easily. the examination period is not a time to go through emotional traumas or get involved in family issues that will disturb your thinking.

As such you need to stay away from all hasty environments as this will disturb your concentration. You need to stay focused so as to achieve a lot.

Get access to online applications for post-UTME past questions and participate in the quiz

Online applications are usually updated, get an online application that relates to your areas of concentration and study. Participate in quizzes as this will help you get answers to questions you might fail. There are questions you feel you know the correct answers but you get to fail.

The quiz answers will help you to get the correct answers to questions that might be confusing.

Have proficient knowledge of current affairs and the four relevant subjects

Most institutions do not ask much about the intended course of study rather they do oral interviews and ask current affairs questions. it is like an unavoidable question. as such students or candidate needs to get an update on current affairs.

This will help boost their cut-off mark in the examination, also you need to read thoroughly on your 4 subject combinations. questions might be coming up from different subjects.

Read a bit about your intended course of study

You need to have introductory knowledge about your course of study. you might be asked questions related to the course of study. So you need to have some basic information about the course. What you will become after graduation, the process of education, etc.

You can’t intend to be a doctor and not know the major work of a doctor or the responsibilities of a doctor.

Apply for your Post UTME examination on time

You need to get to know your cut-off point on time as this will help you to make certain decisions before it’s late. Decisions as to whether you are changing your course or your applying for a post-UTME in your institution.

Late registration doesn’t help because it will not give you time to prepare for the examination. you will be curious and unrelaxed at the same.

Be sure of your examination date and venue and be punctual

Students are usually found in venues not slated for them sitting to write an examination. that is an automatic fail because the center slated for your department will mark you absent from the examination.

It is important to check and reconfirm your examination venue and time as well as date so you are not found wanting where you are needed.

Keep to instructions and laws governing the conduct of your examination

Also, you need to pay attention to instructions, you might be told to write the synonyms of a particular word and you will be writing the antonyms, it will be considered to be a wrong answer and you didn’t know what you write when it was a mistake.

Most students are usually told to tick buts some end up shading, it’s a fail for you. You might also be told to write in capital letters and there you’re writing in small letters.

To this end, you have to pay attention to all instructions given to you during the examination and the ones written on your examination papers or screens.


All the tips listed above are very important to consider when preparing for a post-UTME Examination. If you follow the instructions, it is almost impossible for you to fail the examination.

Read over and over again, read between the lines, if you are a Christian, pray when you get into the examination hall or center, if you’re a Muslim pray too, also get there with your complete documents. get there with your complete writing materials.

Most students are always looking for where to buy a pen and full scape during the examination, you should try and avoid this s it will make you unstable.

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