Best Hobbies to Put in your CV
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Best Hobbies to Put in your CV that’ll help you get the Job (2024 Update)

Best Hobbies to Put in your CV (2023)

Best Hobbies to Put in your CV
Best Hobbies to Put in your CV

Most people get employed because of the hobbies they include in their CV. Shocking right? Yes it is as simple as that. But in entails that you include meaningful hubby.

By meaningful hubby it means hubby that has relevance and can be benefitted from. If a company get to see thing or hobbies like reading, travelling and etc. in your resume, it is an added advantage to you.

As such you have to be mindful of the hobbies you include in your CV. Other fail to include their hobbies, they feel it is irrelevant when in fact it is one of the most relevant.

If you have a hobby that aligns with your job, it can be said to be  passion or carrier, that is to say you are working with something that you are passionate about and as such you will be very excellent about it because you will work as if you are doing or building your own business brans.

Your skills and ideas will broaden within time and things will not get difficult for you to handle because you are exploring.

In our article today, we will be talking about the best and most important or useful hobbies to include in your CV

You have to note that your hobbies should be something you like doing at your leisure time or something you enjoy doing often.

You don just include an hobby because you want to include t but you have to include it because you like it and your passionate about

The list of hobbies that are best to be included in a CV are as follows but not limited to

  1. Cooking
  2. Music
  3. Writing
  4. Reading
  5. Dancing
  6. Traveling
  7. Photography
  8. Graphic design
  9. Fishing
  10. Public speaking


This is one type of relevant hobby that can be included in CV. Cooking is one part of life that is inevitable. If you don’t cook, you will likely employ one to cook for you. Why because everybody eats.

This particular hobby can be an added or can serve as an added advantage for you if you apply for a position as a chef in a hotel, company, school, organization or even private home.

After your culinary certification or your academic qualification, this can also stand in increasing your chances of getting employed.

This makes cooking one of the most relevant hobbies to include in a resume


This is another hobbies that is considered relevant. Under music, we have persons that are interested in listening to music and person who are interested in writing or creating music. Whichever your hobbies is, it is relevant and can fetch you a job in the music field.

There are persons that are not academically qualified but have the passion and the knowledge more than one that went to school.

Creating music is good for one’s brain and helps in improving one’s mental performance also listening to music helps to strengthen learning, memory abilities, lowers stress and also elevates the mood of a person


In writing you can choose to be a creative writer or a text editor. This can fetch you jobs like content writing, content creating, and text editor in a newspaper or magazine company.

Writing novels for publication, making publications of scientific papers and also communication through various social media platform.

This is another major or relevant hobbies one can gladly be addicted to.


Not minding the kid of books you read, so far you can make meaning statement out of it can trained, nurtured and tailored to productivity.

Reading is a relevant ski in CV as it might increase your chances of getting hired. Reading helps you discover and get to learn new things, get exposed to certain information and broadens your knowledge about specific things.


This is a hobby hat can fetch you work in a ballet or music industry. Most person get to employ people who are passionate to train in this field.

You have to note that dancing isn’t just for fun but it is a social activity that can be done anywhere because it boost cognitive performance and helps relive or unwind. It also aid collaboration skills.


It is very know that as a traveler you will get to learn various culture, tradition and also languages. This makes travelling a relevant hobby to include in a CV.

As a traveler you will e exposed to different ideas, person and etc. one good in this field is good for journalism work where he is bound to travel different places and go different direction, event etc., in order to gather information to make to the press or publish content.

A traveler can also be considered for a research job, because he or she is expected to fetch information as far as possible so far it makes the heading.

Also travelling makes the employer feels you an outgoing, social and also an adventurous person.


This is when one is being passionate about photograph, you find yourself doing photography of still life event or pictures or even nature at your spare time. It can fetch you a job in a museum or a related field.

Also when considering a photographer, we are talking people who are able to pay attention to details and also involved in lateral thinking.

Graphic Design

This is one of the art interest part of hobby. It has to do with one that is creative, and also is keen for details, it is okay for person who wishes to work in a cinematography, or maybe an art curation. It is also needed for a person who wishes to work as a UX/UI designer.

This can also include a painting etc.


This is mostly by people who stay around riverine areas. This can fetch you a job in a company that deals with fish processing etc.

Public Speaking

This is one of the most useful and most interesting hobby one could finds for himself as you will be interested in teaching jobs, hosting seminars, symposiums and even anchoring an event.

This is a hobby that is mostly needed in today’s society. It is one that can fetch you a job on its own talk more of being considered in your application

Other include

  1. Problem-solving
  2. Project managements
  3. Networking events
  4. Volunteer work
  5. Sewing and making clothes
  6. Sculpting
  7. Pottery
  8. Drawing
  9. Podcasting
  10. Fixing or troubleshooting systems
  11. Codding (front end and backend)
  12. Hiking
  13. Trekking
  14. Mountain climbing
  15. Running
  16. Martial arts
  17. Jogging
  18. Football
  19. Basketball
  20. Baseball
  21. Marathon running
  22. Soccer
  23. Swimming
  24. Yoga
  25. Volleyball
  26. Woodworking
  27. Long distance cycling
  28. Learning languages


This article covers the different hobby one can insert or include in his CV. If you find yourself passionate about any of them, do well to include it in your CV as it increases your chances of getting hired


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