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Hello! Are you an MTN network subscriber? There is a new data promo for you, it is called ‘The MTN Double Data’, that is designed for MTN uses. It will surprise you how you can subscribe for data, and you are instead rewarded with x2 (double) of what you intended to subscribe for. Is that not amazing?

So in this article, we are going to discuss this latest data bonus. The post will give details about those who are qualified for the data plan, the eligibility, and how you can subscribe to it. 

To be a partaker of this wonderful awoof from MTN, you have to be eligible, so if you want to enjoy this, keep reading this article. As we progress, the article will explain the qualifications for enjoying this package.

MTN Double Data Code and the Value involve - AWOOF4ALL

About MTN Double Data (AWOOF4ALL)

Another name for MTN Double Data is the MTN 100% data bonus. It is an offer that is launched by MTN to compensate those who have been subscribing to MTN data. The MTN double data code means that you can enjoy time 2 (x2) of your MTN data subscription that you buy.

For instance, instead, of the 750MB of regular data, that you are supposed to get at N500, you will rather receive 1.5GB instead, which is double what you actually subscribed for. That is what the MTN double data does.

If you ask me, who will like to be part of this offer, you will realize that almost everyone will like to be entered for this offer, but unfortunately, it is not available to every MTN subscriber. The reason is that anyone that can be eligible for this before they can partake in it

MTN Double Data Requirements

What are the requirements that an MTN customer must meet before they are qualified to enjoy the MTN double data? The following are compulsory for all intended beneficiaries;

  • All who intend to enjoy this data plan must have an active MTN sim
  • Also, beneficiaries’ internet access must be either 3G or 4G/LTE, and so on.

Who is Eligible to Enjoy the MTN Double Data Offer

To be eligible for the MTN Double Data, you have to:

  • Be on the Yafun Yafun tariff plan on your MTN line.
  • This latest tariff plan is also available to all new MTN line users
  • To know if you are qualified for the plan, send PROMOTION to 131, if you receive a notification that says congratulation, then you are qualified for the double data plan. But if you did not receive a message as stated above, it, therefore, means that you are not eligible for the plan.

Steps on How to Upgrade to MTN Double Data

If you want to upgrade to MTN double data plan, how do you achieve that? See the way to do it here. You can use any of the following if you want to upgrade to MTN double data, the 3G or 4G LTE sim, those two are highly recommended because they work smoothly for MTN double data.

The process of upgrading to this data plan does not take much time, within two minutes the process is completed. What do you need to do to upgrade? Just send a short SMS to MTN, and you will immediately be migrated to the MTN double data plan.

To activate your sim in order to enjoy this data plan, follow this simple guide below;

  • Send an SMS to 131. For instance, type “DOUBLE” as an SMS and send it to 131.
  • This is how the SMS should look “DOUBLE” to 131.
  • An SMS notification from MTN will be sent to you that contains a successful message. ignore the message and move to the next step below
  • Again, send SMS “PROMO” to 131.
  • You will also receive another notification from MTN
  • Lastly, send another SMS that looks like this:  “FREE” to 131.

Steps on How to Activate New Sim Cards for Double Data

If you just got a new MTN sim card and you want to activate it and enjoy the MTN double data, here is how you can do it. The steps are:

  • Send an SMS/message to 131. The message should look like this: ‘PROMO‘ to 131.
  • A successful message will pop up 
  • Next, reply to that message by pressing ‘1‘ to proceed.
  • After the above step, dial *131#, and then you are good to start enjoying the double data plan.

Steps to Get MTN Double Data on MTN 4G Sim Card

Is your sim card a 4G sim card? Here is how you can get your own MTN 4G double data on your sim.

  • Send an sms, by typing “PROMO”, then
  • Send it to 131.
  • FREE” to 131

If your sim card is very new and here you are using it for the first time, do this:

  • Reply ‘1‘ to proceed.
  • Next just dial *131# ,

NOTE: Those migrating from 3G to 4G LTE, will automatically receive 4GB data. 

Steps to Subscribe for MTN Double Data Plan of 40GB 5000 & 24GB for 3500

Do you want to subscribe for MTN double data worth 40GB 5000 & 24GB for 3500 data? 

You you know that there is actually a short and direct USSD code that you can use to subscribe for 40GB and 24GB without following the long process stated above? Yes, it is possible, see the code to dial here below:

  • You have to dial *131*116#, to subscribe for the 40GB for 5000
  • You have to dial *131*107#, to subscribe for  24GB at 3500

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MTN Double Data and other Data Bundles

The following are the data packages that subscribers can for, they consist of different data plans, the price, the activation codes, and how long they will last. To find out this and more in this table.

Data Plan Price (NGN) Activation Code Validity 
1.5GB 1000 *131*106# 30days
2GB 1200 *131*130# 30days
4.5GB 2000 *131*110# 30days
6GB 2500 *131*147# 30days
10GB 3000 *131*148# 30days
12GB 3500 *131*107# 30days
25GB 6000 *131*153# 30days

Important Note: The above are the list of MTN data bundles that you can subscribe to, including the MTN double data plan packages.


That is all you need to know about the MTN double data plan, and we told you that you have to upgrade to 3G or 4G LTE for you to enjoy this bonus. So you can only be a part of this double data plan if only you meet all the requirements and conditions spelled out above. For those who are using 3G and 4G, congratulations.

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