Required Documents for BSc Nursing in Canada
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10 Most Required Documents for BSc Nursing in Canada (2024 Update)

Required Documents for BSc Nursing in Canada – This article focuses on the basic documents needed for the study of BSC in nursing in Canada.  Before application, during application, and after application which is your screening period there are basic documents that are needed to be in place for presentation.

They are needed either photocopied soft copy, or original hard copy. They are basic requirements which are also known as general requirements and they are also specific requirements.

The requirements differ on the school involved that is to say different schools have different requirements and documents needed.

In the course of this article, we will be listing the requirements that are known as the general requirements for admission into A BSC course in Canada.

Required Documents for BSc Nursing in Canada

BSC in Nursing

This is like the very first degree or very first step a student takes after his secondary education. In the nursing career, the very first degree you need to get is a nursing degree from a certified or accredited and recognized university, college, etc.

This usually spans for a period of four to five years and sometimes three years depending on the university or organization involved.

This is what lays the bedrock of nursing for most nursing career students. This program has different years with different courses. The teaching covers mainly practical and a bit of theory.

There is a particular period or credit hours each student must cover before he or she is certified with this certificate.

10 Most Required Documents for BSc Nursing in Canada

The documents needed for BSC in nursing include but are not limited to;

  1. Your passport or visa
  2. English proficiency test result
  3. High school certificate
  4. Letter of recommendation
  5. Statement of purpose
  6. Transcript of previous educational qualification
  7. Resume or curriculum vitae
  8. Passport photograph
  9. Reference letters
  10. Financial statements

Your Visa or Passport

This is one of the most important documents that is required from and traveler who is leaving his or her country to another country.

The same is true when returning. It is a passcode or criteria for traveling outside the country where you are from. This also serves as a means of identification and it is being given to an individual by the federal government of that country

This means of identification is given to official citizens of a country as a passcode for traveling out of their home country.

The Visa serves as a legal ground to which they are permitted into another foreign country. The difference between the two is that the Visa is issued by the government of the foreign country you intend to travel to while the latter (passport) is issued by the government of the country where you are from.

English Proficiency Test Result

This is a test of English language examination given to an individual who intends to travel out of his home country to a foreign country. It is mostly given to intentional students who are not from an English-speaking country traveling to an English-speaking country.

This test is a standardized test that measures the skills (writing, reading, listening, and speaking) skills of the individual.

Outside this one can only omit it if he is able to produce a letter from the former institution that is recognized stating his proficiency in English language.

High School Certificate

This is a certificate that is being issued to an individual after completion of his junior secondary classes and d his senior secondary classes. This certificate really is relevant in Nigeria where the student has to pass through a tertiary institution.

The certificate is obtained after a candidate, individual or student has completed his or her examination which is a combination of nine to eight courses that are relevant to his or her future profession.

This certificate serves as a pathway to university education and most times is being considered by international universities.

The certificate is being issued by the West African Examination Council, there are other related certificate organizations like NABTEB, GCE, etc.

Letter Or Recommendation

This is a letter that is usually written on behalf of a person stating his good qualities and proficiencies and also recommending a company or institution to hire or admit him.

This letter usually contains skills, knowledge, and various achievements throughout your academics and work years.

During a visa application, you will be requested to present a letter of recommendation and during your admission process you also be requested to provide a letter of recommendation

This person is usually written by someone you have been under, either your pastor, your faculty manager, your boss or employer, etc he is to attest to the fact that you are of good and moral character and that he can vouch for you to be accepted that your are of exceptional qualities and will bless and work fruitfully if they employ or get to admit you.

Statement of Purpose

This is a kind of decision-maker in your application. It is used by the reviewer to examine or access your take on life, how you go about things, your perception, your career goals beliefs, etc.

In every statement of purpose, you are to explain the reasons why you wish to pursue a graduate degree, also share your motivation and your dreams, your kind of research interest, and the strengths and suitability for the program.

This letter includes your address, subject of the letter, academic background, professional experience, etc.

Educational Transcript

This is a sheet of outline documents that list out all the courses and subjects, the departments and faculty and also the grades in different lines and space, the wards and achievements you have ever achieved in your previous institution, and also the degree that has be certified about a student from the previous institution.

This includes all your failed and passed courses and examinations.

Resume or curriculum vitae.

This is a letter or document that involves specific and important details about a person. The letter is presented to show a person’s background, skills, and accomplishments he has obtained since he started life.

This formal document is being used to deliberate on the qualification of a person for a job.

Passport or photograph

This is a hardware facial recognition document always being attached to the application letter. Formally it is always accepted in two different backgrounds (the red and the white color).

Reference Letter

This is a letter that involves the different persons who can be used to get across to you or can vouch for you. It can also be used as a recommendation letter.

This letter is written for academic purposes, employment purposes, and also for character recommendation.

Financial statements

This is a legal document that is being obtained from a certified or licensed financial agency which is a bank stating the financial status of a particular individual.

This is a formal letter that is used for important purposes only.


This article covers the different documents that are required during the application for nursing in Canadian universities.

You have to note that these are the basic requirements. This means that different universities have different requirements and as such the requirements might be different or include more.

All you need do is log in to your school portal and check the specific requirements Also you won’t be carried unawares.


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