How can I block my MTN sim card in Nigeria

How can I block my mtn sim card in Nigeria

How can I block my MTN sim card in Nigeria?

How can I block my MTN sim card in Nigeria

Are you having issues with your sim card? is it stolen? or is it lost, maybe you misplaced it or you kept it where you cant recall. Then you are looking for the simplest measures to block the sim card.

MTN is one of the oldest and largest telecommunication services we have in Nigeria. according to research, it connects more than 60 million in different countries across Nigeria.

MTN Nigeria is part of the MTN group which operates in about 21 parts of the country. this makes the one of the best leading telecommunication services in Nigeria.

It is a company that is known for its latency and internet consistency.

As an MTN user, you need not worry when you have issues with your sim card because you can always retrieve it or block it f it’s missing or stolen.

MTN makes provision for centers to be available in all the countries it operates. so you can visit the nearest MTN office around you to make complaints, subscriptions, etc.

MTn also makes provision for community chats, a platform where customers or users gets to air out their complaint which is one of the reasons their services are rated top-notch. it gives replies to customer complaints ASAP also you can request to speak with an agent if you request.

First, we will discuss the major reason why people block or have to block their sim card

The reasons include; stopping people from calling or messaging the sim, stopping alert notifications (credit or debit), limiting access to bank transactions, retrieving lines, etc (stolen lines).

Another major reason is to avoid sim card Fraud. sim card Fraud is an act of impersonation. a situation where your card is to perform illegal and criminal activities.

Listed above are a few reasons why people block their Simcard, destroy them, or maybe protect them from a third party.

In this article, we will be talking about how to block an MTN sim card in Nigeria.

How can I block my MTN sim card in Nigeria?

There are several ways to block an Mtn Sim-card, the online method, or the offline method, and using another person’s phone to block it.

The online method

if you are looking for a faster means of blocking your MTN sim Card, you can use the online method. the online methods include:

  • Logging into your MTN app.
  • Chatting an MTN customer care through Facebook at @MTNLoaded.
  • Using the Instagram media @MTNNG.
  • Sending an email to MTN customer care@
  • Call 180 and follow the prompts to speak with an agent.
  • Send WhatsApp messages to 090330000 information to confirm if the line is yours. the basic information you may be provided may include your name, your IMEI number, and maybe NIN if the sim was linked, and the last amount you recharged.

You might also be requested to provide the 5 or 3 numbers you called before the line was stolen or misplaced.

The offline method

The offline method includes you getting to the nearest service center around you and making a report of a stolen or lost phone.

After the request, the center will give you a form to fill out. You fill out the form to answer the basic questions. You will also fill on the form why you request your sim card to be blocked. After submitting the form.

Within some minutes of activation, the sim card will be blocked, No one will be able to receive calls or messages or run any transaction with the phone.

For more information and inquiries you can log on to


The MTN sim card is purchased at the MTN center or offices around. while purchasing and registering the sim card, you will be asked to provide your national identification number, this number links to your sim to your details and if it is the same number you used in opening an account it links to your bank account.

As such you have to be very cautious when dealing with your sim card because you can use it to transfer all the cash that you have in your bank.

The MTN sim card has a very smart and fast network, with the several methods listed above you can block your sim card within 30 minutes when you noticed it’s missing.

After blocking you also need to make reports that the sim card is missing so as to avoid issues where the sim card is being used for illegal activities and is being traced back to you.

you can use online or offline methods in blocking your sim card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find an MTN office?

Depending on your location you can use google maps to trace the nearest MTN location.

What is the full meaning of MTN?

The full meaning of the acronym MTN is Mobile Telephone Network.

What can I do if my MTN sim card is stolen?

Firstly, you need to block the sim card using the measures listed in this article, secondly, you can go to the nearest MTN office to retrieve the sim card.

What will MTN require from me before blocking the line?

MTN customer care will only ask for information to be sure you are the original owner of the sim card. They will ask questions like the last amount you recharged, the last numbers you called, your national identity number, the missing phone number, and your name.

Can I get a sim card to replace the missing sim card?

Yes, it Is what we all sim retrieval. you retrieve the sim so that people can still call you using the phone number you gave them.

Can I reactivate a blocked sim card?

Yes, you can if it was not retrieved. you have to get to the nearest MTN office around you and reactivate the sim card.


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