10 Best Advice for Nigerian University Freshers 2023 | First-Year Students

10 Best Advice for Nigerian University Freshers in 2024 | First Year Students

Advice for Nigerian University Freshers… The happiness of getting into tertiary institutions sometimes overwhelms students and they forget basic things they should understand.

It is not that they don’t know but most of them seem to forget and feel it is even simpler in a tertiary institution than in their secondary education.

A tertiary institution is a place where no one tells you what to do, you have to determine the brightness of your future. whatever you wish to become or be is placed in your palms. So whatever ever way you choose to live you are your own architect.

while most students feel it is a prayer answered to get their freedom, most students are scared of being detached from their parents. This feeling affects them either positively or negatively.

What is a University?

The university is regarded as a college or academy or school where students enol to get their degree certificate or undergo educational research

In this article, we will be talking about the 10 best pieces of advice for a Nigerian university fresher (the first (100 level) year students)

10 Best Advice for Nigerian University Freshers in 2024 | First-Year Students

The best advice for freshers or year one students includes;

  1. Be cautious
  2. Be punctual
  3. Avoid misleading information
  4. Build your  CGPA
  5. Read to understand and defend yourself and not to pass exams
  6. attend classes and sign attendance sheets.
  7. Do all your assignments yourself
  8. Get to know your lecturers.
  9. Select your friends
  10. Be prayerful

Be Cautious

Rumor and basic facts have it that right from your convocation day most student who belongs to one confraternity or the other get to recruit newbies to their association.

Being cautious makes you think ahead of most actions before embarking on them. going to certain places, after-party celebrations, walking with people you see as friends, unnecessary introductions, etc.

Avoid night reading, and avoid walking along certain areas of the school during late hours, the late hour might be from 6 pm. Avoid eating and drinking lavishly.

Yes, you might have gotten your freedom but you need to be more careful than you have ever been.

Avoid backtalks or gossiping, don’t be involved in riots, or try to play smart in lectures avoid all shortcuts. don’t think all lecturers are the same.

Be Punctual

This is very necessary for freshers. most importantly in public universities, if you are not punctual to classes like GST, you will stand outside or not even see space.

You need to be punctual to class, examinations, and test halls.

Also if you are not punctual you might end up getting information that a venue is changed just when you have reached the initial venue. so being punctual is a very important factor.

Punctual is necessary so you get to meet the attendance sheet to sign before it gets into the hands of the lecturer

Avoid Misleading Information

This is very necessary as you may be left out because you followed the wrong information.

Always try to get and take the first information given by the lecturer and debunk news rumored by students. take basic information important.

If an assignment is fixed try to meet up with time, and do not listen to extension dates. Also, follow instructions directly and not the instructions students are giving you. they might have used that particular way during their time but it gets different in your time.

also get access to the information posted on your group chats, school portal, etc.

Build Your CGPA

The full meaning of the acronym CGPA is cumulative grade point average.  this is the overall academic achievement in a semester/ year. This will always show in your results.

This particular means of measure is easier to build and it is very easy to get low. when it gets low it will be tough to build it up.

Try avoiding D and C in your results as much as you can.

Attend extra classes kept by the lecturer and senior colleagues. select a reading group where you can have group discussions during reading so you share ideas.

Also, you need to sign the attendance sheet as this is part of your assessment, and submit the assignment when necessary.

Also, try to be in class as some lecturers will give you impromptu tests. buy textbooks as some lecturers will take the names of students who buy them.

Get acquainted with the resource center library and internet research etc.

Read to Understand and Defend Yourself and not to pass exams

Most student freshers think or still believe in the secondary school method of ramming notes to pass exams.

At the university, you have to read and study to pass exams. This is because the university questions are different from the secondary school questions.

You will not get direct questions as you did in secondary school. you will be asked to describe, explain, adumbrate, etc.

If you did not read or study to understand, you won’t be able to write up to three sentences apart from memorized sentences.

Sometimes the exam questions get hard and you will even forget everything you quoted because you will be confused if you even read the right thing.

Attend classes and sign the attendance sheet

You have to attend classes, write your night, and sign the attendance sheet. Most notes you get to photocopy or copy are not with the exact sentences that were dictated in class. Besides that, you will be able to write it down to your understanding.

Don’t forget that in the university you don’t get notes written on the board except for maths all notes are dictated.

Sometimes the very material the lecturer gives is more confusing than what he explained in class. So you have to be in class and get the illustrations and examples as well as the explanations given by the lecturer.

Do your assignment yourself

This is also necessary because if you pay someone to do it, yes you will submit but what happens if the same question is thrown at you in the examination? you get stranded.

So try as much as possible to do your assignment yourself, do research, and then read more so you can explain it well if you are being asked the question in the exams.

Sometimes assignments might not be among the areas of concentration given to you.

Get to know your lecturer

This is also necessary for the university to know their question format, marking scheme, how he wants or like his question answered, etc.

Getting to know your lecturer doesn’t mean you should get too friendly with them because this is the point female students get harassed.

They couldn’t avoid it because they got too close to the lecturer. all you need is make inquiries about the lecture, write his notes participate actively and you will get to know the kind of person, get his past questions and you will get to know his question format, etc

Select your friends

This will help you positively or negatively. your choice of friends sometimes impacts or affects your education.

If you are around intelligent friends you are going to be affected positively, but if you are around the lazy ones who are finding shortcuts.

Most of them came to school with already prepared money to sort courses right from year one. this will affect you badly.

Your kind of friends will make or marry you. choose wisely.

Be prayerful

Whatever religion you practice, you have to be prayerful. some students are in school not to study but to be distracted. it might be your colleague or a senior colleague. They come in different forms.

Also, they are lecturers being sent to jeopardize the destiny of tertiary education students.

Some might fail you more than thrice without any reason. Some might develop hatred from god knows where and you just can’t understand.

You have to be prayerful to be able to go through and be successful.


The university community is the place where you have to certain decisions by yourself and for yourself.

You have to be careful,  avoid a carefree attitude, you need to take care of yourself, your properties, etc. You also have to learn not to show off or spend lavishly. Be prayerful and seek the right set of friends.

Get updated on information. leave politics for the school and people interested because it stands as a great distraction.

I wish you success in your educational career. congratulations

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