Starlink in Nigeria: All you need to know about Starlink
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Starlink Nigeria 2024: All you need to know about Starlink

Starlink Nigeria… Are you having difficulty accessing a high and fast internet connection or are you from an area that is inaccessible or areas that have pore;y served internet connection? Starlink is a new internet service provider that supplies internet connections to vast areas around the world.

Starlink is a company operated by Space X and currently provides internet connection to about 50 countries.

It was launched in the year 2019  and over time it has launched several 3,055 small piles of earth orbit. This world world-volutionalized company is owned by the CEO of the popular automobile TESLER Elon Musk.

Space X is a company that has been in existence for over time. (2002) and it was founded by Elon Musk. Apart from its current production, it has been in the production of spacecraft and rockets.

Currently, Starlink has been rated the world’s most advanced broadband internet that can stream online videos, online games video calls, etc.

Starlink in Nigeria: All you need to know about Starlink

The major unique thing is its high capabilities and its low usage of the earth’s orbit to function significantly. it is seen to be the future of the global world when talking about high-speed internet connection which is affordable to all classes of persons in society.

Starlink internet speed ranges from 50MBps to 250Mbps which is significantly great. Currently, in Nigeria, it is known to be the only internet provider with the highest internet speed which is about 230 Mbps.

Also, Starlink comes with unlimited data and one can have access to it from any location in the world. One of the main reasons for the existence of Starlink is to target rural areas where internet connectivity has been a major challenge.

Elon Musk the owner of Twitter of the popular social media Elon Musk is among the list the world’s richest men. His net worth is about $190 billion.

His parents are from Canada (mother) and South Africa (father). A businessman with over 200$ as a monthly income or stipend. and his age 51.

Starlink Nigeria: All you need to know about Starlink

Earlier this year, the renowned businessman announced the launching of Starlink in Nigeria. Nigeria is said to be the first African country to have Starlink launched. Elon Musk made this announcement on Friday on Starlink’s official Twitter handle.

Currently, Starlink is available to all states that make up Nigeria with a minimum broadband speed of 50 – 200 Mbps.

Apart from the notion that it is set to revolutionize most areas that are having difficulties accessing internet connection, it should be known that Star Links’ minor focus is on private companies, tech individuals who demand superfast internet connection for their services, companies, and business, etc. who can afford the cost.

Starlink gained the approval to operate in Nigeria on the 27th of May 2022. on the 31st of January 2023, it launched its first-ever internet broadband service in Nigeria

How does it work in Nigeria?

To operate a Starlink internet connection in Nigeria, you have to get the satellite dish and install it.

Normally our Nigerian service provider supplies network as far as you are with your smartphone, an active sim card, and data in a network-reached area, but currently, the Starlink internet connection works only in geo-located areas.

Research has it to be the very first constellation satellite to supply high internet connection with a very low latency globally.

To achieve this Space X must have a total of about 12,000 satellites in low orbit approximately by 2025. Currently, it has about 2000 satellites across the earth.

How to operate a Starlink Broadband 

Before talking about Starlink operation you need to get the major equipment involved. and because of the installation, Starlink has made the installation process and package to be very easy.

The pack include

Cost of Starlink operation

An average Nigerian internet plan costs approximately 50$, but Starlink internet broadband costs about $599 which when changed into Nigerian currency costs about (330,000) for a full package.

The full package includes the terminal a  wifi router and a mounting pod. it also has a $110 preorder and subscription fee.

The premium package costs about $2,500  which when converted to Nigerian currency costs about 1.375 million naira for the full package and a $500, that’s a 275,000 naira monthly subscription.

This is deemed much more expensive for an average Nigerian to afford.

The difference between Starlink and the FibreOptic Broadband

Starlink Internet makes use of satellite signals to supply an internet connection. while the Fibre optic broadband band uses copper or fiber optic cables to deliver internet connectivity.

Fiber one produces speeds up to 500Mbps at 163,456 which is $220 monthly and 52,000 which is a $70 installation fee.

This makes fiber broadband more expensive than Starlink 443 monthly subscriptions.

Starlink is said to be proffered when one needs speed, stability, and long connectivity.


Starlink is a high-speed internet connection that was launched in January 2023. owned by SpaceX company whose CEO is Elon Musk who is known to be among the list of world’s richest men.

The Twitter CEO started operations for Starlink in Nigeria and gained a license to operate in May 2022.

Although Starlink is set to face the challenges of poor internet connection in the vast areas of the country, it is more expensive than the initial internet connectivity plans making it difficult for an average Nigerian to access.

For more information and inquiries you can log on to the Starlink website

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the founder of Starlink?

Starlink is owned by the SpaceX company which came into existence in 2002.

Who is the founder of Starlink internet broadband?

The director of the Space X company Elon Musk.

When did Starlink start operation in  Nigeria?

31st January 2023

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