30+ Hot Selling Products To Import In Nigeria As A Student

30+ Hot Selling Products To Import In Nigeria As A Student (2024)

30+ Hot Selling Products To Import In Nigeria As A Student – Have you been considering going into Importation Business as a Nigerian resident but do not know the most in-demand products that will guarantee returns for your investment? Or have you been curious about knowing what will drive that high customer engagement and subsequent sales?

This article seeks to address bring to the fore 30+ hottest-selling products that you can import to Nigeria to make some side income as a Student.

30+ Hot Selling Products To Import In Nigeria And Sell To Make Profits As Student

What’s Importation

Importation refers to the process of bringing goods from abroad into a country for commercial purposes.

These goods are usually freighted by air, land or water depending on the products in question and the distance between the source and destination countries.

Heavier and more bulky products are better moved over the high seas due to the fact that Ships are better adapted to move extremely heavy merchandise over long distances. 

Also, Ships are a cheaper means of transporting bulky goods when looking at the cost per tonne of goods transported by sea

Goods are also freighted across countries by Air when the goods are very fragile and/or need to be delivered within a shorter notice.

Also, a series of documentation would have to be submitted both to the Shipping Authorities and the Customs Authority of the Source and Destination Countries.

Importation is a very viable business as it aids technology transfer, in addition to the exchange of goods and services amongst various countries.

It also provides foreign exchange for the involved countries and is a very key aspect of World Trade.

Which Countries Can I Import From As A Nigerian Student?

It is a fact that as a Nigerian Student, one can import from almost any country on earth.

However, it is observably cheaper to import from some countries than others. 

This is owing to the fact that various countries possess different levels of economic viability. 

For instance, it would be cheaper to buy from a Country that is a large-scale production hub than from one that is dependent on Importation itself.

Also, countries with high availability of cheap human labor also tend to be importation favorites due to the fact that cheap labor is easily accessible.

China, for instance, has been a major hub from which several countries of the world source various products ranging from Electronics, Jeweler, Beauty Items, and both men’s and women’s Clothing materials etc.

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30+ Hot Selling Products To Import In Nigeria As A Student? 

As a Student resident in Nigeria, you are open to immense opportunities as per the importation of select goods that have a high rate of turnover.

With a population of around 213.4 million as of 2021, Nigeria remains the most populous black nation on Earth.

This huge population equals a huge potential customer base if you decide to venture into the importation Business in the country.

Below listed are 30+ Hottest Selling items that you can import as a student into Nigeria a s a Student.

The products listed below are both high in demand and can be purchased without breaking the bank.

Phone Screens: This remains one of the most in-demand products. A screen replacement is always needed if an unbreakable screen cannot be afforded.

Memory cards: Memory Cards are needed to save important files especially when the provided phone space is inadequate. In addition, these products are both lightweight and cheap to purchase in bulk.

Earphones: Earphones are owned by almost every smartphone user because of the improved acoustics that it provides. Needless to say that the demand for earphones is high.

Air pods: The extra convenience that Air Pods introduce into our lives gives them an edge over wired earphones. They are also lightweight which makes shipping costs cheaper.

Games (PS, Nintendo and their likes): With a lot of teens and even older adults unwinding with games these days, you could set yourself in this niche. However, it is capital-intensive.

Candles: Candles (especially fragrant ones) are needed in some religious organizations, during birthdays and other celebrations.

Printers: Obviously, every business establishment needs one or more of them.

Car trackers: No one wants their car to get stolen. Furthermore, tracking devices can help track and retrieve missing cars. These are in very high demand.

Hair Extension: The Ladies love to look good and change their hair extensions at regular intervals. You could take advantage of this to make yourself some serious cash

Solar lamps: With Nigeria’s epileptic power supply and a sufficient supply of Solar radiation, people are beginning to look into more sustainable ways of lighting such as solar lamps.

Power banks: No one wants to be out of power on their mobile phone, hence, a high population of Nigerians have this in their possession.

Wristwatches: Can be used both to improve the appearance and also monitor time.

Phone Pouch: The phone pouch is both cheap and lightweight which makes it a great choice, especially for a student’s budget. Also, everyone owns one so as to protect and elongate the lives of their smartphones.

Ladies Shoes: Ladies are amongst one of the highest consumers of fashion items be it shoes, clothes or other clothing materials. Take advantage of this and you may have just found yourself a worthy side hustle.

Kiddies Shoes: The reason for the high demand for Kiddies Shoes is that children easily outgrow their current stock of shoes.

Kiddies Clothes: This is similar to the Kiddies shoes category of product ranges.

Men’s clothing: Every man loves to get himself a change of clothes from time to time and this provides a business opportunity for you as a student.

Women’s Clothing: Ladies are amongst one of the highest consumers of fashion items be it shoes, clothes or other clothing items. Take advantage of this and you may have just found yourself a worthy side hustle.

CCTV Camera: This is very critical for security purposes in both private and corporate settings.

Ladies fashion bags: You may not have to go for the biggest, most expensive brand names at the onset. There is always room to upscale with time.

Ladies’ purses: Ladies love a handy purse that goes with their outfits and this is an opportunity you can take advantage of to make some money in Nigeria as a Student.

Jewellery: Depending on your budget, you could start with the not-so-expensive ones from which you can grow with time.

Fabrics: Fabrics are the raw materials from which every other clothing material is produced. Your prospective customers would include Individuals, Corporate Organizations, Schools at all levels, Churches etc. The list is endless. 

Electric bulbs: Every home is equipped with an electric bulb and this creates a huge demand for it. However, it is advisable to go for energy-saving ones as they are the ones in vogue

Beddings: Everybody sleeps on a bed with bedding covered over them. These beddings need to be changed for hygiene purposes and this makes it a very lucrative business for you to start as a student.

Computer Accessories: Just like phone accessories, these are highly demanded by every computer owner as well as corporate bodies.

Ladies’ Undies: The Ladies give high priority to their intimate health and this is obvious in the collection of gorgeous undies a lady has. Investing in this is a sure way of reaping fruits from your investments. 

Men undies: You would not only be selling to men but to women who love to sport boy shorts, boxers etc.

Tricycle spare parts: Although this is highly capital intensive, it assures you of a steady income due to the volume of tricycles plying Nigerian roads

Generator spare parts: Nigeria has a huge electricity problem and depends on generators to provide electricity for its huge population. However, this may turn out to be quite capital-intensive, especially for Students.

Sportswear: Jerseys(especially Football jerseys) are highly demanded especially by teens. As a student, you may find this easier to market as you would be selling to your peers.

Make-up kits: Ladies wear makeup to accentuate their beauty and also cover up for so-called ‘flaws’. Take advantage of this highly demanded product range to give yourself some side income as a student.


Listed above are the hottest-selling products that you can import into Nigeria as a Student. 

Although some of the products are slightly more expensive than others, we have tried to lay extra emphasis on the cheaper and lighter products.

This is because the heavier the product, the more money you would have to spend on Shipping costs.

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