Can I write Post UTME in two Schools?
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Can I write Post UTME in Two Schools or Universities? (2024 Admission Guide)

Can I write Post UTME in two Schools or universities?

Are you a candidate who wishes to know if you can apply for a Post UTME screening examination in two schools, or are you a parent who wants to know if you can you can apply for post-UTME in different schools for your ward?

Post-UTME is an examination that is being written by most schools to help select eligible candidates for admission.

While most schools take the normal O Level result and grant their students admission, most schools go through a screening process as their post-UTME requirement and other institutions give an examination to help determine or select the best candidates for acceptance.

Post-UTME is an essential requirement and in whichever format that it is being given all aspiring candidates are to be present.

Admissions are being given to students by the school and by the Joint Admission Board(JAMB). As such it is important to note that JAMB cannot offer a single candidate admission twice. admission given to a student by JAMB is once in a particular year.

Situations JAMB offers a candidate admission twice is if the candidate rejected the first admission that was offered in the portal. He can then proceed to the second choice

Can I write Post UTME in Two Schools or Universities?

Getting admission to two schools was usually possible before the introduction of the Central Admission Processing System (CAPS).

CAP is a processing system that is managed by JAMB, this makes it possible to control admission status. Hence shortening the duplicate admission and extending the admission status for others.

At first, one person could get admission about 5 or 4 times which amounts to the total number of students needed to be admitted in a particular year hence shorting out some persons who are qualified and supposed to get admitted.

Hence, applying for two Post UTMEs in two schools is based on choice. You are allowed to apply for Post UTME in any two schools based on the first and second choice of your jamb registration.

You can go for screening in the two schools if it is scheduled on different dates, venues, and times. but if it clashes, you have to choose the one that is the most important.

It depends on individual choices, if you feel better applying for the post-UTME in two schools, you are allowed to do that.

Note that JAMB does not offer admission to one person two times in a particular year.

Before the joint admission and matriculation board offers you admission two times, you have not accepted the first admission.

Admission is usually accepted on the JAMB CAPS portal. so if you accept a particular admission you are not eligible for admission from any other school that year.

You have to wait till the next year so you write jamb again and put your major school of interest, or sometimes you can begin studies with the admission accepted.

If you are so keen on your second choice of interest you have to reject the admission offered to you by JAMB so you can be eligible to get another offer from JAMB

YES, you can apply for Post UTME in two schools. But it should be within your first and second choice. the choices you made during your JAMB registration.

It is pertinent to note that there is a difference between JAMB and post-UTME. JAMB is a  national examination body that serves as a pathway for students or candidates who wish to enter the tertiary institution.

The Post UTME examination is an examination that is being set by the institution you wish to attend in other to select its, candidates for acceptance.

Before a candidate is eligible to apply for post-UTME he must have passed JAMB. Passing JAMB means he must have met the stipulated cut-off point stipulated by JAMB for a particular course.


In summary of the above, it is very possible for you to apply for the post-UTME examination or screening in two schools.

But you must be careful it doesn’t affect each other, by this I mean it doesn’t clash, the same date, venue and time. if you are marked absent in a post-UTME examination you have automatically failed the post-UTME. Whether it was screening or examination.

Also note that Post UTME has scheduled dates, times, and venues for each department. So failing to show up on your department or faculty scheduled date and showing up on another date is a total failure.

JAMB offers admission on the CAPS portal, once you have accepted a particular school’s admission you cannot accept another or be offered another.

Also, for any school that was the second choice that you applied for, you will have to change, of course, the institution to make the school your first choice. This is the procedure in most cases while others don’t necessitate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between Post UTME and JAMB?

Yes, there is a difference. Post-UTME is usually a screening or examination managed by a tertiary institution while JAMB is a national examination council.

Is there a difference between the post-UTME screening and the post-UTME examination?

They are all classified under Post UTME. Yes, they are different. Most schools do only screening which is submitting your complete credentials accordingly.

While most schools give students examinations and select them based on the scores they get.

Which school am I choosing when registering for the post-UTME?

Out of the 4 choices you made when registering your JAMB, you are to choose your first or second choice. apart from that you cannot apply for any other schools post UTME except it’s a private university.

Most private universities accept candidates who used the school as their first choice during JAMB registration  or you will have to buy a change of course and institution form


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