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JAMB CAPS 2024: All You Need To Know

JAMB CAPS 2024 I know most of you here might be curious to know what JAMB CAPS is all about.

Well, that’s what we will talk about in this post.

Over the years, Jamb has undergone different degrees of transformation; these changes are channeled towards eradicating malpractices and all sorts of misappropriation that come with The Jamb examination.

One of those changes introduced by Jamb was the introduction of JAMB CAPS.

jamb caps


JAMB CAPS stands for The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board(JAMB) Central Admission Processing System (CAPS).

Previously, schools gave admissions to successful applicants; different allegations were leveled against these institutions because of irregularities.

Many who merited admission were denied admission.

I was a victim of this particular issue. In 2018 when I wrote my first Jamb, I scored 251.

I was confident about getting admission.

To my greatest surprise, I was denied admission by my institution of choice. However, after I conducted some investigations,

I discovered that about three students who didn’t score up to 200 were offered admission. You cannot imagine how devastated I was.

Incidents like mine that I just narrated necessitated the introduction of JAMB CAPS; with Jamb CAPS, it’s no longer possible for a student who scored 200 to get admitted to a school where another who scored 250 wasn’t admitted.

The federal government created JAMB CAPS to ensure that all admission processes are controlled from a single Platform.

Jamb noticed a need for more transparency in admitting students by schools. There were situations where those who didn’t have up to the cut-off point could easily get admitted through connections while some above the cut-off failed to get admitted.

It threatened the quality and everything Jamb stood for.

The question of JAMB’s importance in giving admission became on the rise; people questioned their credibility, and some even called for its scraping with the opinion it has outlived its importance since it’s unable to checkmate admission frauds.

Before the introduction of JAMB CAPS, Jamb was only responsible for conducting the Jamb Examination and awarding JAMB admission letters.

Schools were in charge of admission, but everything was soon going to change with the introduction of JAMB CAPS.

In 2019, Jamb announced the introduction of JAMB CAPS, and the Jamb Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) was introduced to address most of the issues we discussed earlier; the CAPS automatically made Jamb the major determinant of admissions.

Jamb CAPS brought about much-needed stability and credibility in Jamb examinations. The decision on who gets admitted was no longer with schools; thus, only those who met official cut-off points were admitted.

We will discuss other benefits of the introduction of JAMB CAPS: Provisional admission in JAMB CAPS, JAMB CAPS Marketplace, Checking of admission status in Jamb CAPS, and rejecting of admission in Jamb CAPS.

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JAMB CAPS MarketPlace

With Jamb CAPS Marketplace, Higher Institutions can now offer admission to aspirants who did add them to their choice of institution but hit the required cut-off points.

I have a friend who benefited from the Jamb Marketplace. During his Jamb Examination, he added an institution in Imo State as a choice. However, while waiting for admission, another institution from Rivers State offered him admission, which he accepted.

The above example means that if Rivers State University has few people who applied for Nursing, they can go to the Jamb CAPS Marketplace and offer admission to candidates who reached the Jamb cut-off but did not add the institution as a place of choice.

Just like schools can source for candidates, the Jamb CAPS Marketplace also makes it possible for candidates to source for schools equally; by this, we mean you can go to the marketplace,  ready to accept admission from schools and courses different from the ones you applied for, schools will consider you for admission provided your O’ Level’s results, and Jamb subject combination is okay.

With the JAMB CAPS Marketplace, it’s easier to write a Jamb Examination once and get admitted; institutions and candidates make themselves available for admission.

Jamb gives applicants notifications for possible available admissions on the marketplace; you’re expected to reject the admission a maximum of three times, at which you’ll no longer be eligible for the admissions.

Provisional Admission In Jamb CAPS

We will look at this from two perspectives, the candidate being offered provisional admission and the school offering the admission.

When you see that you’ve been offered provisional admission in the Jamb CAPS, it means admission has been offered.

It’s now left for you to either accept the admission or reject it.

If you accept the admission, your name will no longer be available for other institutions.

If you reject the admission, you’ll still be available in the Jamb Marketplace for other institutions interested in you.

We’ve talked about the candidate offered admission; let’s talk about the school giving admission.

When you are offered provisional admission, the university can only accept you automatically if you meet all necessary admission requirements.

That said, you must meet all admission requirements before schools accept you.

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How To Check Admission Status On Jamb CAPS

 When checking your admission status, ensure you use a laptop or desktop.

Using mobile browsers hides many details; if you must use a mobile browser, make sure it’s Chrome or any other browser that can activate the Desktop mode.

Take the following steps;

Visit the Jamb CAPS official website by clicking HERE.

Login to the Jamb CAPS platform; every detail, including your profile, Jamb scores, etc., will be visible on the dashboard; scroll down to check your CAPS admission status.

Click on the UTME/DE button; an admission option will be provided; if it’s a mission you like, click on accept. If you don’t like it, then click on the reject button.

If admission is not offered, don’t click or accept or reject; keep checking pending when admission is offered.

Once you accept admission to Jamb CAPS, your profile will no longer be on Jamb CAPS Marketplace.

How to Reject Admission On Jamb CAPS

If you are not offered your dream course or institution, you can reject admission by clicking the REJECT BUTTON on the Jamb Caps website after logging in with your details to check your admission status.

Remember, you can only reject admission three times; you’ll no longer be offered admission.


There’s no doubt the introduction of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board CAPS portal greatly improved the Jamb Examination and admission processes.

Candidates now have the option of rejecting up to three admission options.

The above means you have an alternative, and chances are that the first sitting in the Jamb examinations can guarantee your admission.

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