NIMC Mobile App: How To Download And Print National ID Card Online

NIMC Mobile App: How To Download And Print National ID Card Online

This article seeks to explain in detail, everything you need to know about the MWS (Mobile Web Services) NIMC Mobile app. So, if you have been curious about this, then read on as we are going to bring everything you need to know about it to bear.

Also, this post will help you know how to download the app and also familiarize you with the App’s user interface including its features.

The MWS: NIMC’s MobileID app seeks to solve Nigeria’s Identification crisis and was created after various revisions, privacy audits, and security analyses.

We take a careful effort to clearly explain all you need to know about the app as a lot of Nigerians are still unfamiliar with the app.

NIMC Mobile App: How To Download And Print National ID Card Online

About the NIMC MobileID App: MWS

The MWS Application (also called the NIMC MobileID) was first put to use in 2021 and serves as a full-suite package of Personal Identity Tokens. 

It was built and deployed by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), the federal parastatal charged overseeing with Identity related Affairs in the Country. 

The platform is also managed by the same parastatal on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria. 

NIMC Mobile App: How To Download And Print National ID Card Online

This NIMC MobileID, together with the National ID Card, driver’s License, and/or Voters Card suffices as a legal form of Identification as far as the Federal Republic of Nigeria is concerned. 

The app also provides the safest and most convenient way yet, for citizens and legal residents in Nigeria to validate and hence verify their Identities, even whilst in transit in the country

Features of the NIMC MobileID App

The features of the NIMC MobileID App include:

  • An interface to link your personal mobile number with your NIN (National Identity Number), i.e Phone number linkage.
  • A Display showing an updated list of all mobile numbers linked to your NIN and current lists of dependents.
  • An embedded QR Code Scanner that is used to scan IDs
  • Virtual NIN Acquisition 
  • NIN Slip Printing 
  • Performance improvements such as Proper Error handling
  • A Date filter and Verification Filter List for accurate processing of Profile Data Error
  • Refreshing the functionality page to access the showMyIDpage

Using the NIMC MobileID App

To be eligible to commence usage of this application, you are mandated to possess a National Identification Number (NIN) issued by the National Identity Management Commission.

Also, you will need a mobile number to receive a one-time password(OTP) during the installation of the MobileID App. The Phone number, must, however, be the one that was used during the NIN enrolment. 

If you have not yet registered for your NIN, then you need to visit the nearest NIMC enrolment center to you so you can register your NIN. 

You can also visit your preferred Network Provider to register your NIN.

But if you have already registered but do not remember your NIN, you can *346# directly on your phone to receive your NIN. 

You must however note that you must dial the shortcode using the phone number you used during your NIN enrolment.

After dialing the code, you are going to receive your NIN.

NIMC MobileID App – Android & iOS Download Link

The below-attached buttons contain links which upon clicking, will redirect you to the Official app store where you can download the MWS: NIMC MobileID App for both Android and iOS Users.

Click on the iOS option if you are an iPhone user and click on the Plyastore Version if you are an Android User. 




Developer: NIMC Mobile ID Team

Price: Free 



‎MWS: NIMC Personal ID

Developer: National Identity Management Commission

Price: Free 

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What You Should Know About The NIMC MobileID App As A Means Of Identity

Now, we are going to consider some of the features that make the NIMC MobileID App a very effective tool for combatting Identity Crises in Nigeria.

As the MobileID App is a valid means of Identification within the Federal Republic of Nigeria, just like the International Passport, National ID Card, Drivers License, and/or Voters Card, you can present it as a legal document of Identity to any demanding authority in Nigeria.

However, you need to take note of a few points that must be taken into consideration prior to presenting your MobileID as a legal means of Identity.

Upon presenting your mobile ID, your ID must be verified on the spot.

The MobileID is not meant to be photocopied or Scanned by a third party, hence, you should not allow that.

If for documentation purposes, a copy is required, the requesting party should deploy their own copy of the NIMC MobileID to scan the QR Code present on the ID Page. They can then proceed to log in to the portal which will be available at and print out the Verification sheet that follows.

Note that Your ID is entirely yours, hence, you reserve the exclusive right to know who the verifying party is, when the verification is being carried out, and for what purpose the verification is intended.

Steps to Follow When Linking Your Phone Number To NIN Via The NIMC Mobile ID App

The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), had ordered that Telecommunication Companies bar calls from phone numbers that are yet to be linked to their National Identity Numbers (NIN).

NIMC Mobile App: How To Download And Print National ID Card Online

However, if you are still experiencing challenges connecting your NIN to your Mobile Number, you can use the NIMC MobileID App NIN-Linkage Option.

To be able to link your NIN to your phone number using the MobileID App, you need to first download the NIMC MobileID App directly from the App Store.

To link your NIN to your Mobile number using the MobileID App, follow the under-listed steps:

First, you will have to Download the MWS: NIMC MobileID App

To download the app for both Android and Apple Devices, use one of the links above as appropriate.

Secondly, Get started by Inserting your NIN and phone number as required

When done with launching the App, insert your NIN and Phone Number as required. An OTP is going to be sent to your inbox for verification.

Third, Go ahead and Create your 6-digit PIN

On completion of the above steps, you will be required to create a 6-digit PIN which you shall be used to sign in to your NIMC MobileID Dashboard.

Lastly, Link your Phone Number(s)

On your dashboard, locate and select the ‘LINK MY NUMBERS’ tab to add and verify your phone numbers. 

Provisions are made for you to add up to seven phone numbers using this application and an OTP will be sent to each number prior to verification and linking.

Note that Network Carrier charges apply for each sent OTP 


That’s our take on the NIMC MobileID App that has come to substitute moving around with cards as legal means of identity in Nigeria. 

If you still have any lingering doubts or questions, our comments section is open as we would love to be of the most assistance.

However, for more inquiries and support, you can also visit

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