Cheapest Accommodation in Canada for International Students
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Cheapest Accommodation in Canada for International Students

Cheapest Accommodation in CanadaSeeking to get cheap accommodation for yourself as an international student in Canada? Securing accommodation, that will serve your purpose and your budget as an international student can be very difficult, but inasmuch as you have the fund to pay for your apartment, getting an apartment is not going to be that difficult.

If as an international student, you have been offered admission to study in any of the Universities abroad, but don’t have much funds to secure an expensive apartment, then you can go for the cheap ones, that you are sure you will be able to pay the bill.

In this article, we are going to diligently guide you on how to get a cheap student apartment for yourself, and how you can pay for it.

Cheapest Accommodation in Canada for International Students

Cheapest Accommodation in Canada for International Students

By now, I know that you will be thinking about how you can secure a cheap apartment for yourself, but nevertheless, we are here to help you out of that burden on how you can secure an apartment conveniently, and also pay for it.

You have two options to choose from, when you are seeking accommodation in Canada as an international student. It can be on-campus or off-campus. Again, it can be a temporary or permanent apartment, or a private or even a community housing.

For an apartment to be termed cheap, there are certain factors that will make it so, however, let us look at some of the essential factors for searching for a cheap apartment, and why it will be seen as one. 

The following are the component of the apartment we are going to discuss with you in this article:

Accommodation Types for Students in Canada

What are the accommodation options available to all international students who have been offered admission into a higher institution in Canada?

  1. On-campus student accommodation
  2. Dormitories or Condominiums
  3. Townhouses
  4. Shared apartment (Off-campus)
  5. Homestay 
  6. Rental Apartments
  7. Private renting

Dormitories or Condominiums

Dormitories are large student apartments that are situated at the college or University, to give the students a place of living. Most times, dormitories are designed to look like normal hostels, though they are not hostels as one may say.

For a period of an academic year, dormitories can accommodate up to 30, 000 students. Here a student is offered a room or dorm, where he/she lives with three or five other students of the same gender.

In a typical dorm of this nature, students share a kitchen, bathroom, and reading room. It is recommended for year one students, because of its proximity to the campus.


Condominiums are smaller apartments that are provided by the Universities too for their students. It is like dormitories, just that it is smaller in nature. 

Condominiums are not too close to the campus, and that is why it is recommended for those who know their way around the town.

Average Cost of a Dorm/Condominium 

For you to secure a room in a condominium or a dormitory, you will spend up to the sum of


Townhouses Accommodation

This is another type of accommodation that can be secured by international students in Canada, but this resident is mainly for those in the upper year, who still want to stay on campus. The townhouse is actually situated on campus.

Townhouses are even smaller than dormitories, and as such, it holds about three to six rooms for up to 10 (Ten) students at once. It has both single and shared rooms, and it is situated very close to campus.

Townhouses are furnished with rooms, kitchens, Wifi/internet services. This accommodation space is mostly occupied by third-year students and postgraduate students as well.

Average Cost of Townhouses Accommodation

For this accommodation, students are required to pay the sum of 250 to 650 CAD every month.

Shared Apartment (Off-campus)

Shared apartments are usually situated off-campus. It is similar to townhouses in some ways.

They have both single rooms that can be occupied by different students, but as we said earlier, it resembles townhouses because, the kitchen reading rooms are commonly used or shared by all the students living in that apartment, which could be three to five students.

This is the second-best residential place for students in places like Toronto and Montreal.

Average Cost for Shared Apartment (Off-campus)

If you have accommodation at a shared apartment (Off-campus), you will be required to pay the sum of 700 CAD and 1,000 CAD every month.

Homestay Accommodation

At homestay accommodation, students have the opportunity to stay with their family who are also residents in Canada. They stay here as a paid guest, while they continue with their academics.

This is a kind of accommodation that will give the student all the room comfort, since he/she has to stay alone, instead of sharing a room, kitchen, toilet, reading room, and other things with their co-room mates.

The only disadvantage of this kind of accommodation is that you will need to travel daily to your school if your residential home is far from the University or college.

On the other way round, living in a homestay apartment will give you a lot of time to focus on your studies, especially if your family members are helping you to clean, cook, and do other house chores that you would have been expected to do by yourself.

Homestay Accommodation Average Cost

Homestay accommodation will cost you an amount such as $400 and $800 every month.

Rental Apartments

Private renting

Private renting is very expensive, that is why it is for those students who are well-to-do. They have a large budget to spend on accommodation. sometimes, they can decide to pair with others who want an accommodation of such kind.

Since the accommodation in itself is expensive, you can choose the kind of facilities that you need to use that will help to reduce the cost of your apartment. and you can also choose to share your apartment with a roommate that you like.

Average Cost of Private Renting

Private renting can be expensive, so for you to live in a private rental apartment, you will spend between $1200 – $2,500 CDN.

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How much is the Cheapest Accommodation in Canada for International Students

The following are the recommended accommodations for students in Canada.

  1. Casita students resident -Toronto   (Cost – $700 to $2000)
  2. Premiere suit – Canada 
  3. McGill ghetto – Canada (Cost – $175 to $360)
  4. St. John’s residence (Cost – $1500 to $2613)
  5. Totem Park residence – Canada (Cost $475 to $995)
  6. Douglas Hall- Canada (Cost – $1200 to $1500)
  7. Les prince hall (Cost – $600 to $700)
  8. Nestpick – Canada (Cost – $500 to $109)
  9. Jesuit residence (Cost; specified)
  10. Harrington House – Toronto (Cost: $700 to $1000)
  11. Dream apartment -Canada (Cost: not mentioned)
  12. Toviest properties – Columbia (Cost; not stated)
  13. Acadia Park -Canada (Cost $700 to 1509)
  14. Canada homestay network -Canada (Cost: $ 1000 to $1500)
  15. Fairview Crescent -Canada (Cost: $860 to $1519)
  16. Homestay plus – Canada (Cost: $200 to $300)
  17. MLI homestay (Cost: not stated)
  18. Campus 1 MTL (Cost: not mentioned)
  19. Regent students living (Cost: $685 to $785)
  20. Myrez -Canada (Cost: $773 to $1150)

Steps on Acquiring an Accommodation

You want to acquire accommodation right? Here are the steps to take, so that you will not make mistakes that you will regret afterwards. the steps are:

  • Inquire about the facilities
  • Find out about the meals
  • What are the special treat for disabled students


Getting an accommodation as an international student in Canada has their merits and merits, and you have to put all of these into consideration while you are planning on acquiring an apartment for yourself. Make sure that you make findings about the facilities and the cost of the apartment before you go for it.

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