Kaduna State University School Fee Schedule for 2023/2024 | Latest Update

Kaduna State University School Fee Schedule – Hello, we are back again with a piece of vital information for you, I mean those of you who have been looking for the KSAU school fee schedule. A lot of you have been asking us how much is the school fee of KASU for new and returning students, while others ask if the indigene and non-indigenes pay the same amount of school fees.

It is on that note that we are bringing you this latest update that just got to us lately, and it is all about the school fee schedule that you all have been asking us about. so If you are one of those people who have been e inquiring to know, about the tuition fee, then read this article for your own good.

The problem with most Nigerian students is that they don’t take the information seriously, and we have come to understand that some of them usually fail to gain admission into the university, not because they did not perform well in their JAMB UTME or even do well in their Post-UTME, rather, because they lack the necessary information that would have helped them to scale through in their admission processes.

Because of that, we have dedicated ourselves to this work, by ensuring that all of you who seek admission at KASU get this information. You that knowledge is power. If you have information about something, you cannot be misled. Some of you who seek admission think that admission is over, once you have written the examination.

Now back to the focus of the day. Today, this article will focus on all school fees, acceptance fees, accommodation fees, and other fees and other fees associated with KASU, the Kaduna State University school fee schedule for the 2023/2024 academic year.


Kaduna State University School Fee Schedule

Article Outline:

Background Of Kaduna State University 

What is Acceptance Fee?

KASU Acceptance Fee

What is School Fee?

KASU School Fee Breakdown



Background Of Kaduna State University 

It was in the year 2004, that the Kaduna State University was founded, and it was founded with a vision to meet the need, and to encourage higher education in the northern and the southern parts of the state. That was the first vision that propelled the university’s establishment, under the Kaduna State law promulgation of May 2004. 

The institution, (Kaduna State University) goes with the motto: Knowledge for development and unity. The school is located in the heart of Kaduna. At its establishment in 2004, the institution started with seven faculties and a total of (thirty-nine (39) departments, while its library has over 17,000 volumes worth of books.

The institution is housed by two major campuses, which are the Kaduna campus, and the Kafanchan campus. However, the university degree programs first started on the Kaduna campus, while the Kafanchan campus kicked off much later in the year.

His Royal Highness, Sanusi Lamindo Sanusi is the current Pro-chancellor of the university, while Hussaini Adamu Dikko is the Chairman of the Governing Council.  Also, in October 2022, Nair El-Rufai of the Government of Kaduna State appointed Abdullahi Ibrahim Musa as the present Vice Chancellor of the university.

Kaduna State University runs a postgraduate program. It is in these postgraduate programs that they offer postgraduate diplomas, master’s degrees,s, and Ph.D. to its candidates. It  has four faculties for the postgraduate (PG) program:

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Management Sciences

What is Acceptance Fee?

Acceptance fee is a compulsory levy that is levied on every new student of a Nigerian university after they have been offered admission to study a particular course in the university. This is the first levy new students should pay. Payment of this fee means you have accepted the admission the school gave to you while refusing to pay means forfeiting the admission offer. The KASU acceptance fee is only 30,000 (thirty thousand naira only).

What is School Fee?

School fee is a lev levied on all the students of government-approved academic places of learning, be it primary, secondary, college, or university. Whether the school is a government own or privately-owned institution, It is obligatory for students to pay their school fees, else they will not be allowed to partake in the activities going on in the school and may not even sit for examinations.

NOTE: Please visit the university’s official website at http://www.kasu.edu.ng/ for more information on the Kanu State University school fee schedule.

KASU School Fees Schedule for Indigenes and Non-Indigenes 2023/2024 

Arabic Studies 46,000 27,000
Agriculture 46,000 27,000
Architecture 46,000 27,000
Accounting 46,000 27,000
Biochemistry 46,000 27,000
Biological Science(s) 46,000 27,000
Biology 46,000 27,000
Business Administration 46,000 27,000
Chemistry 46,000 27,000
Chinese Studies 46,000 27,000
Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies 46,000 27,000
Computer Science 46,000 27,000
Crop Production And Soil Science 46,000 27,000
Drama / Dramatic / Performing Arts 46,000 27,000
Economics 46,000 27,000
Environmental Management 46,000 27,000
Estate Management 46,000 27,000
French 46,000 27,000
Geography 46,000 27,000
Geology 46,000 27,000
Geophysics 46,000 27,000
History 46,000 27,000
Industrial Chemistry 46,000 27,000
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management 46,000 27,000
Islamic Studies 46,000 27,000
Library and Information Science 46,000 27,000
Linguistics 46,000 27,000
Mass Communication 46,000 27,000
Mathematics 46,000 27,000
Medicine and Surgery 46,000 27,000
Microbiology 46,000 27,000
Pharmacy 46,000 27,000
Physics 46,000 27,000
Political Science 46,000 27,000
Quantity Surveying 46,000 27,000
Statistics 46,000 27,000
Sociology 46,000 27,000

The table above is a breakdown of the KASU school fee schedule for the 2023/2024 academic session.

KASU Acceptance Fee Payment Procedure

  • Visit KASU official website at http://www.kasu.edu.ng/ 
  • Click on the acceptance fee payment button
  • Enter your JAMB Registration Number and password
  • Follow the instructions provided for you
  • Select payment option
  • Pay with your ATM Card
  • Or Make your payment of 2,000 to any of the assigned banks by KASU
  • Follow the procedures outlined there for paying the acceptance fee
  • After payment, please print your acknowledgment slip


The table above is a breakdown of the KASU school fee schedule for the 2023/2024 academic session.  Today, the article focused on all school fees, acceptance fees, accommodation fees, and other fees associated with the Kaduna State University KASU school fee schedule for the 2023/2024 academic year. We hope the information helped you. if you have anything you want to know about the Kaduna State University school fees schedule, please, feel free to ask. your comments and contributions are always welcome.


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