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15 Best Scholarships for African American Students (2024 Update)

15 Best Scholarships for African American StudentsAre you an African American Student? Do you have citizenship in the US? Wish to know the scholarships available for you to apply for? The requirements for the scholarship? The eligibility for the scholarship? etc 

Here we will be talking about Fifteen major scholarship opportunities that are made available for African American students. Also, we will list the scholarship that all African Americans can benefit from which still accommodates the Americans. Also, you have to note that most of these scholarships offer part tuition-free and other covered full expenses. 

Also, note that the  Scholarship covers undergraduates while the others cover just masters students. 

Who is an African American? 

An African American is an individual who resides in the United States but has origins traced back to Africa. It can be their ancestors, their parents, etc. But they were born and brought up in America. This group of persons Is one of the largest ethnic groups in the United States of America. 

You can invariably say they are black people living in America who have ancestors traceable to Africa. 

15 Best Scholarships for African American Students

Here is a list of the top 15 Best scholarships for African-American students in the United States 

  1. ABA Diversity SCholarhsip 
  2. ACS scholars program 
  3. Lacks at Microsft Scholarship 
  4. National Black Nurses Association 
  5. AMS Minority Scholarship 
  6. $10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship
  7. $ 2, 000 Sallie Mae SCholarhsip 
  8. Scholar Dollars Essay SCholarhsip for BLack students 
  9. $40,000 Big Future CSholarhsip 
  10. Minority Women in STEM Financial Need SCholarhsip 
  11. Niche $25,000 Scholarship essay 
  12. James Lsynn Baker 
  13. Minority cosmetic science scholarship 
  14. $25K “Be Bold “ No ESSAy Scholarship 
  15. LF UNdergrdaute scholarship American Chemical Society Scholars program 

ABA Diversity Scholarship 

This is a scholarship that will be sponsored by the American Bus Association. The scholarship was established in  1926. It aims to expand the number of groups who are minor in the administration of transportation, travel, and tourism. Winners are being selected based on academic achievements, character, leadership, and need for finances, and ABA affiliates get extra consideration. The scholarship is worth $5,000.

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ACS Scholars program –

This is the second African American scholarship on our list of scholarships. The scholarship is a renewable scholarship that is meant for students who are represented and are major undergraduates in chemistry-related courses in the college or university. The application deadline is March and all qualified candidates are to complete their application online. 

BLacks at Microsft Scholarship -

This is a scholarship opportunity established to help blacks grow and also earn big careers in technology. This scholarship offers $137, 500. The $5,000 award is renewable while the $2,500 is a one-time application for about 45 different individuals. 

National Black Nurses Association Scholarship 

This is a Scholarship for a black who is an NBNA member. The scholarship covers students at all levels. It is worth $2,000. The scholarship demands that you must have only one year of school leave. Also, you should be enrolled in a nursing program, etc.

AMS Minority Scholarship 

This is a scholarship worth $6,000 and it is being slashed to $3,000 yearly. You have to complete the application before the deadline, get an official high school transcript, and also a letter of recommendation.

$10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship

This is a scholarship that is worth$10,000. It is open to High school students, college students, community college, graduates, and technical/vocational students. As far as you are a US citizen or permanent resident. 

$ 2, 000 Sallie Mae Scholarship 

This scholarship application deadline is February 24. It is worth $2,000.This scholarship is open only to Legal residents of the fifty United States, the District of Columbia, and has criteria like Parents who have their child enrolled in an accredited institution in the United States 

Scholar Dollars Essay Scholarship for Black Students

This is a scholarship for black American students who are in the grade label of HS Upperclassmen, college, or graduate. it is for citizens of the US or permanent residents and it accepts blacks and Africans. The scholarship covers Black High School juniors and undergraduate students. The scholarship aims to help black students who are passionate about their education have fewer financial worries. 

$40,000 Big Future Scholarship

This is a scholarship that does not demand an essay, minimum GPA and test score, or citizenship status. All you need to do here is to qualify by completing the six steps on Big Future  

Minority Women in STEM Financial Need SCholarhsip 

This is a scholarship for undergraduate students for only female students and the schools involved are the University of Texas, Dallas, Austin, Arlington, University of North Texas, Texas Women’s University, Texas A & M University-College Station. 

Niche $25,000 Scholarship Essay  -

This is a scholarship that covers housing, tuition, housing, books, and every other college expense. it covers High school students and college and graduate school students. you have to note that only one entry is applied for every person. 

James Lsynn Baker 

This is a scholarship that accepts just one winner It is a scholarship that is worth $10,000. it is for graduate and high school school students. To be eligible you need to be a resident of Texas, and should have experience in volunteering background preference 

Minority Cosmetic Science scholarship

 This is a scholarship that is worth $5,150  and it is being awarded to high school and undergraduate students. to be eligible for this scholarship you must be in the cosmetics science or natural Cosmetology field. Although it demands an essay m determination and passion as selection criteria. 

$25K “Be Bold “ No ESSAy Scholarship 

This scholarship is being awarded to all levels of education but just one winner. Sit is worth $25,040.It is a merit-based scholarship and it doesn’t involve essay competition. The scholarship application deadline is March 2024. The scholarships aim for individuals to be earnest, determined, and moving. 

LF UNdergrdaute scholarship American Chemical Society Scholars program

 This is a multiple-award scholarship worth $20,000. It includes students of High School Seniors and college students. The scholarship application is on the 1st of March 2024. You need letters of recommendation, unofficial transcripts, etc 


This scholarship covers the top fifteen scholarships that we have for African American students. For more information, you can drop a comment below as our team is on standby to reply to you. 

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