Ontario Graduate Scholarships Application Update 2024
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Ontario Graduate Scholarships Application Update 2024

Ontario Graduate Scholarships Application Update 2024 – Students who wish to study at the University of Toronto can now do so with the aid of the Ontario graduate scholarships. Ontario’s graduate scholarship is a scholarship that is made available for graduates. This scholarship has been in existence since 1975.

The scholarship for Ontario graduates is only based on scholarships. This means you have to show strong academic or let’s say excellent academic performance. The University of Toronto located in Ontario Canada is a public research university that is surrounded by Queens Park.

It is also known as U of T. The university was formerly known as Kings’ College from 1827 to 1849. The university was established on March 15th, 1827. It has academic affiliations with universities in Canada, URA, U15, and AAU. The university motto is velut Arbor ævo in Latin. In English, it means a tree through the ages.

The university has Rose M. Pattern as its vice chancellor and Meric Gertler as its president. It has about 3,246 academic staff, 7462 administrative staff, and a total of 64,218 students. The university has its unique colors, blue and white and a campus at St George Urban 71 hectares (180 acres).

In this article, we will be talking specifically about the Ontario graduate scholarship that is being offered at the University of Toronto.

Ontario Graduate Scholarships Application Update 2024

Ontario Graduate Scholarships Application Update 2024

The Ontario graduate scholarship is available online for all candidates who wish to apply. While registering online you have to prepare and scan the following requirements correctly

  1. Transcripts from your post-secondary institution
  2. Your previous awards or publications conferences or research experience
  3. Your plan of study is well written. It should not exceed two (2) pages. One page of it should be for your study plan and one page for reference and citations.
  4. Lastly, you should add two academic references (referee will need to submit their reference online through the link sent to them)

Eligibility for the Application

  1. Candidate should be a Canadian citizen, a permanent or resident, or protected identity under subsection 95(2) of the immigration refugee protection Act.
  2. An international student who is studying or planning to study at the university is under a temporary resident visa (student permit visa).
  3. Be a registered applicant or should register for a full-time program of study of two or three sessions at the university in 2023/2024. (a full-time student has at least 60% course load (40% for students with a disability) or ad determined by the university. Note that this eligibility criterion is being determined individually by the graduate unit
  4. An applicant who has not exhausted their lifetime maximum government-funded support or the OGS/QEII available for their level
  5. Candidates who have at least an A- or equivalent in the last two years of study which was full-time

Eligibility for the Award

To be eligible to hold or be part of the Ontario graduate scholarship all applicants must

  1. Must register at the University of Toronto.
  2. Be enrolled as a full-time student of the university for an eligible program at the graduate unit to which the scholarship is awarded.
  3. Students or applicants who withdraw transfer to do part-time and as indicated in their admission status, complete a degree program with basic requirements before the end of their awards, or do not complete the required session(full session) will have to refund the funds that were paid for the incomplete session.
  4. Applicants must be in good standing with the Ontario Students Assistance Program (OSAP).
  5. Persons who do not have the following scholarship SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR, QEII_GSST, or another OGS the same session with the Ontario graduate scholarship award.
  6. Any other eligibility requirement imposed by the scholarship unit of the Ontario scholarship program upon inquiries

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The Application Process

  • All candidates/applicants must submit an Ontario graduate scholarship application to their prospective graduate units using the University of Ontario School of Graduate Studies online platform.
  • Every graduate unit has its own submission deadline which all candidates must follow. Before the application, all candidates’ should carefully go through the Ontario graduate scholarship application instructions online.
  • After completing your submission it will be forwarded to your graduate unit for review and consideration.
  • You must note that the Ontario graduate scholarship is not transferrable either from person to person or from university to university or even from graduate units to graduate units.
  • If a student is applying to different graduate units the application forms, and documents must be different and submitted to the different graduate units.
  • Each graduate unit has its own unique application form, requirements, and process

For support

It is important to note the following

  1. All candidates who are being students of the award program have several years to which they are limited to hold the OGS.
  2. Also, master’s students will on some occasions receive a maximum of two years of Ontario graduate scholarship and QEII_GSST awards.
  3. Doctoral students may also receive a maximum of four years of Ontario graduate scholarship
  4. The two categories of students listed above are both subjected to a maximum of six (6) years per student.
  5. The guideline of the GS restricts students to a maximum number of six (6) years and also restricts students from holding another government scholarship at the same time.
  6. Some government scholarships restricted are OGS, QEII-GSST, OTS, SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR, and Vanier CGS.

For more information and inquiries as regards OGS, you can visit the official University of Toronto OGS awards page at https://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/awards/ontario-graduate-scholarship/

Or you can contact Debbie Chau, Graduate Awards Officer, Graduate Awards Office, School of Graduate Studies,  ogs@​u​toronto.ca  or call 416-978-2382


The Ontario graduate scholarship is a scholarship that can be accessed by local and international students from eligible countries. As an international student, you have to be sure you are eligible before applying.

This scholarship covers your two years study program. Also, the scholarship has its application process. All applicants are advised to go through the Ontario Awards Scholarship application instructions and guidelines before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the OGS for undergraduates?

No, it is mainly for graduates

Can I apply for the OGS at any university in Toronto?

Nope, the application is only received at the University of Toronto

Can I transfer the OGS from one graduate unit to another?

Nope, you cannot.

Can one application go around the different graduate units I wish to apply for the scholarship?

Nope, different graduate units have different application process and requirement

Is applying a clear pass for the scholarship?

Nope, the application after submitted will be submitted to your graduate unit for review and consideration.

Is It possible to hold another government scholarship while am applying for or on the OGS?

The OGS guidelines restrict that. You cannot hold the two programs concurrently.

What is the maximum number of years of government scholarship programs?

It is six years.

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