High Rated Caregivers Job in the USA (1)
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10 Most Rated Caregiver Jobs in the USA (Updated)

Caregiver Jobs in the USA – Are you an international or a local resident of the USA? Or are you planning to migrate to the USA and you do not have a fixed job in mind?

Or do you find yourselves being perfect in the caregiving job and you want to get recruited here? Or are you a guardian or a citizen that needs the services of a caregiver? Then this article is for you.

High Rated Caregivers Job in the USA (1)

Who is a caregiver?

A caregiver is one of the professions in the health field. The lower form of nurses. Nurses administer or take care of patients in the hospital and also administer medication prescribed by doctors. but the caregivers are people who administer help take care of someone.

He tends to the need of a person during a short term or long term based on contract. Caregivers most times are needed for aged persons, they are also needed for persons who have disabilities or person who have injury

Caregivers have a high demand in the US. According to research, we have about 4.7 million caregiver jobs between 2018 and 2028

One may be wondering how much caregivers are paid. Most caregivers are working on individual terms while some are being recruited into a company and working under a company.

That is to say, you will be contacting a particular company to give you a caregiver which is safer than you can think because you can always report and also make complaints or change any caregiver that is not of your choice, unlike the personal one.

In this article, we will be talking about the highly rated caregiver’s job in the United States of America

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10 Most Rated Caregiver Jobs in the USA

The list below gives you the different caregiver jobs that are highly rated in the United States of America.

  1. Caring senior service
  2. HOH
  3. Andrew’s home care
  4. Haven Lee homes
  5. SOS personnel
  6. Care for mum
  7. Health care Aides
  8. Comfort keepers
  9. Vibgorhealth
  10. FCP live in


This company offers caregiving jobs in the United States of America. Specifically, they are in need of a live-in caregiver. They intend to hire immediately in northeastern Dallas.

The pay is $43.75 hourly and it is easy to apply. The caregiver is to provide care for clients which includes companionships, meal prep, personal care, light housekeeping, transfer, errand transportation, etc.


This is a live-in caregiver that is needed for hire n the United States of America. Specifically Herndon, VA. The pay is $21, 88 hourly. Intentions to spend time with the clients on a daily basis for a minimum o three months.


This company is in need of a caregiver in Lutherville Timonium, MD. The estimated pay is $30, 00 to $45, 00 hourly.

The description is a loving and caring caregiver that has familiarity with an individual who has cognitive disabilities to help them with their regular daily task.


This company is in need of caregivers in Birmingham, AL. The employer’s estimated pay is $20,00 to $25,00 hourly.

The description is a caregiver who will provide patients with comfort by utilizing the resources and materials and also transport patients, answer patients’ calls and light requests and also make daily reports of observations especially negative ones.


The SOS personnel is in need of caregivers that are in Corpus Christi, TX. The pay is $1700 hourly (employers estimate).

The description is that the caregivers must have a TX driver’s license and insurance. Also, the caregiver is also needed to have fun and build friendly relationships with the client


This company needs Alzheimer’s caregivers. The estimated employers pay is $2500 to $35, 00 hourly. The description is that hours could increase to days depending on the family of the caregiver.

Also, the employer is going to pay for all the activities and meals of the caregivers and also make provision for a car for the caregivers to use during their work period.


The Amanda Senior Care is located in Anaheim, CA, USA. This company is in need of experienced and credentialed caregivers to join their personal care attendants and also in-home caregivers.

They have strategic locations like Dana Point, San Juan, Rancho No, Santa Margarita, etc. The estimated pay is $16,00 to $18 hourly. The caregiver they are looking for must be ready to work full-time.


Comfort Keeper is a company that is currently hiring people for the caregiver’s role at Westford, MA.

The description is caregiver/HHA/CAN. Basic requirements include companionship and personal care experience, a passion for the job and the genuine desire to help others, communication and organizational skills, up-to-date car insurance in your name, registration and valid driver’s license, ability to pass background checks and work-related references, etc.


This company is in need of caregivers in Hayward, CA. The employer’s estimated pay is $25,00 to $30,00 every hour.

The description provides emotional support and encouragement to the client in performing necessary duties. Also assist in personal care which includes bathroom functions, bathing, grooming, feeding, etc.


This company is in need of live-in caregivers. It is located in Miami the estimated employer pay is $27,50  every hour. Also, the Company is in need of a caregiver in Concord, NH. The estimated employer’s pay is $27,50 hourly.

The description for both jobs is a successful clearance of health screens as required by state regulations. Successful clearance of sale of state and company backgrounds and reference checks etc.


This article lists the 10 best-rated caregiver jobs that we have in the USA. Although there is another caregiver job in the USA. These are our top 10. for more information and inquiries you can drop a comment in the comment section down and we will give you updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pay of a caregiver in the USA?

Caregivers are paid according to their years of experience. That is to say, they are not paid equally.

General they are pad within the range of $15, 00 to $25, 00.

Is the caregiving job highly demanded?

Yes the demand for caregiving jobs in the USA is on the high side

Do caregiving jobs accept part-time workers?

Some companies that are employing do employ part-time workers but not to fill the space of live I, caregivers.

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