10 Benefits of Having ICAN Certificate
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10 Benefits of Having ICAN Certificate | Check here

10 Benefits of Having an ICAN Certificate – One can say that having an ICAN certificate is one of the characteristics of a professional accountant, auditor, or even accounting technician. 

It is actually inevitable for them as they will need it in one or more areas of this career unless they delve into another line of business or career path. 

If you wish to gain an audience, gain respect, and be heard in the fields mentioned above then ICAN cannot avoided. 

Just as nursing students need a license to operate it is valid as that. As such it is one of the most important certificates needed. 

10 Benefits of Having ICAN Certificate

What is ICAN 

ICAN is a short form for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. It is a professional body that accepts or embodies different accountants in different fields. it is regarded as one of the professional accountant organizations in Nigeria. 

This is to say that it has legal permission to operate and also has legal backing to function, intercept, and disregard persons who are working in lines or terms of the organizations. 

This body was established on the 1st of September 1965 as a professional organization, with the main aim of encouraging professionalism in accountancy in Nigeria. The board has its official headquarters in Victoria Island lagos nigeria. 

Over time this council has been composed of up to sixty thousand members with an official English language. The board was established by Akintola WIlliams and is headed by a president Innocent Okwusosa. 

It currently has affiliations with IFAC, PAFA, ABWA, CAW, etc. 

The benefit of ICAN we will be talking about today will be in two sector

  1. The Private sector 
  2. The Public sector

The Private Sector

The benefits that can be obtained from being an ICAN member in the private sector include but are not limited to  

  1. Gaining professional recognition
  2. Access to training and development/traveling expenses 
  3. Access to higher earning potential
  4. Corporate networking opportunities 
  5. Carrier advancement 
  6. Professional support 
  7. Global mobility

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Gaining Professional Recognition 

The body ICAN is a professional globally recognized body of accountants and as such you can not be a member of that body and not be recognized as a professional in that field.

The body is made up of professionals in the accounting field and also provides a commitment to quality and standardized ethics. 

Training and Developments

Apart from the training you get from your work organization, the body organizes training and development symposiums, and industry-specific workshops, in different countries for its members. This is where different members of the ICAN come together in order to share technical updates, developmental course information, and possible updates and also learn.  

Most of this training is heavily sponsored by different organizations and significant persons in the industry.

Access to Higher Earning Potential

As a member of the body, you are prone to earning higher earnings and having higher earning potential. This is because you are a certified member and can’t be compared or rated the same with persons who are not certified. 

Corporate Networking Opportunities 

Picking from the example of getting to attend symposiums, technical workshops, developmental courses, etc. you will get to meet persons who are in the field with much experience and they will enlighten you on the do’s and don’ts of the industry. You will also be notified of the ways to go about it, you will get connections to persons outside the events you couldn’t work up to them. 

This creates a professional network around you because you will probably be in the middle of at least persons in your area who are professionals in the field which might likely introduce you to the people who are experts in the field you didn’t even get to know about. 

Carrier Advancement 

The ICAN certificate gives you an edge over others who are not certified. the certified member has new areas and opportunities for career advancement.

This is seen in cases where most employers seek to employ persons with professional certificates than the uncertified,

You have to note that persons who have this certificate are persons who have sat for the examination have passed the exams and are certified. 

Professional Support 

The brand ICAN gives its members access to guidance advice, and also they support legal and tax. This eases its members more than persons who are not certified.

Global Mobility

The certificate that is being given to ICAN members is one that is internationally recognized. That is to say, it has relevance outside the country. 

This gives its members the edge to be accepted to work, earn more potential, become professionals, and network with different professionals outside the states. 

Public sector 

  1. Fixed appointments in the public sector of the government 
  2. Work level 10 upwards 
  3. Offered appointments  without first-degree consideration
  4. Speeds promotion process 
  5. Discounts on airlines, megastores, and hotels 
  6. Access to Health Insurance 

Fixed Appointment in the public sector 

ICAN members are offered prompt appointments in the public sector and not just fixed appointments but from a higher level. 

By the above statement, I mean that persons who are certified are being considered for appointment first before persons who are not certified.

 Work level 10 upwards 

As a member of this organization, you are being considered for appointment starting from grade 10 instead of 6, 7, or eight. It is basic that all ICAN member has grade 10 or level 10 as their starting point. 

Offered Appointments  without a first Degree Consideration

Also, every ICAN member is being offered the benefit of starting work without having to provide a first-degree certificate.

On this note, they are to produce any other related or relevant certificate or qualification apart from a first degree.

Speeds Promotion Process 

In cases where a worker was in grade 7, 8, or even 6 and processed his or her ICAN certificate and obtained it, he or she will be promoted in a period of two years, unlike the general promotion schedule that will run for 10 years. Also, you have the benefit of speeding up your promotion process through ICAN

Discount on Airlines, Megastore and Hotels 

All ICAN members are recognized once they show off anywhere and are given discounts on prices at airlines or megastores etc.  You must have a means of identification either your ID card or work card. 

Access to Health Insurance 

All ICAN members have access to health insurance and life insurance, they can be treated for free in different hospitals allocated to them. The daily can receive treatments for free without getting to pay for them as it is being deducted uniquely from their salary


This article covers a brief overview of ICAN and also covers the benefits of ICAN in the public and private sectors. 

For more information and inquiries, you can visit its official webpage at http://www.icanig.org/ 

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