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15 Courses that are Considered Useful to Study in Nigeria

Useful Courses to Study in Nigeria – Are you confused about which area you should delve into? or maybe you a secondary school student and your trying to make decisions on your career path?

Are you a jambite thinking of a choice of courses to make? Or are you a parent or guardian trying to make a design on the courses of study you wish your wards to study?

While, gracias, cos you are at the right place. It is important to note that choosing a course of study depends on the field of study you choose when while in secondary school.USEFUL COURSES TO STUDY IN NIGERIA

Opportunities to choose right from the senior secondary school one either to be a science student or be an art student. This adds up to which of the courses your wards are going to study.

You should also understand that you cannot force somebody that is perfect in arts to be studying chemistry, physics, and the like that s science related courses.

You cannot also force a pure science student to get involved in history or government talk more of Christian religious knowledge.

So making a choice of courses of study depends solely on the area of interest of the student. Also when choosing a course in Nigeria we also think of the best courses, courses we consider relevant and most paid.

This is specifically what we will really talk about. We will list the courses that are considered useful. Useful in the sense that it is really required, or relevant, there are job openings and the pay is worth it.

This is to notify you that the rest of the courses listed are not useless or irrelevant, they don’t just add up to the list when talking about high-paying jobs or most wanted job vacancies.

15 Courses that are Considered Useful to Study in Nigeria

The course that is considered useful in Nigeria are listed below

  1. Medicine and Surgery
  2. Law
  3. Medical lab science
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Computer engineering and information technology
  6. Engineering (mechanical, civil, electrical)
  7. Architecture
  8. Accounting and finance
  9. Agriculture
  10. Nursing Science
  11. Business management
  12. Economics
  13. Estate management
  14. Mass communication

Before proceeding, you can also check out the Courses that are Considered Useless to Study in Nigeria

Medicine and Surgery

This is the very first course in our list of useful courses to study in Nigeria. Off course every child dreams right from crèche is to be a doctor.

But before you become a doctor you have to go through several processes and the starting point is to study medicine and surgery courses as a first degree before any other thing.

Medicine and surgery are a course that deals greatly with human health. From the surgeons, specialized doctors (doctors in different fields), etc.

They have different workplaces from clinics, hospitals, institutions, companies, research laboratories, etc.

They are the most sought-after when it comes to employment opportunities and also they are highly paid. As a doctor you are not limited to only one source of income, so far you have your license to operate, you can get involved with different institutions, and you can also be operating your personal clinics.

Also, doctors are a highly respected set of persons, they are highly rated in society. This makes is one of the most useful courses to study in Nigeria.


This is the second on our list f top useful courses to study in Nigeria. As an adult or a student or child right from our primaries, we have dreams to become a judge, lawyer, advocate, solicitor, etc. All this cannot be achieved without going through the university.

Your first degree is everything to you. If you intend to become any of these, you need to start your first degree with the law as your course of study.

A lawyer deals with the constitution, the legal or delicate part of human existence, the control of law and order in society, the making of laws, the implementation of the law, the settlement of disputes, etc.

Why this course is considered useful because the job opening is also relevant, it is also highly rated, they are respected, and also it is among the high-paying jobs.

Lawyers are needed almost everywhere. On this note, it is important that you dedicate your time and effort to the job and not money.

Medical lab science

This is one of the reigning jobs we have in Nigeria. Medical lab science is relevant and most hospitals, institutions specifically health institutions, etc. are employing lab scientists.

The job opening for this job is much when there are limited workers. This makes the course very relevant.

You have clinics, hospitals, the cosmetic industry, consumable production laboratories, etc. also the pay for graduates of this field is also because no company wants to lose its worker because of the scarcity of employee


This is a science course that is highly rated in society. This course is a useful course for studying Nigeria because of the high resected attached to the workers, the high pay, etc.

It is a course that has to do with the techniques or methods of preparing and distributing drugs. Pharmacy as a course is broad, we have medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacy practice, pharmaceutics, etc.

The worth of a pharmacist is almost like the work of human health. Without pharmacists, human beings will be in a very delicate situation because the very drugs we are taking are managed by pharmacists.

Computer engineering and information technology

This is among the useful courses to study in Nigeria. Why is because technology has gotten a greater part of our society so as a graduate of these courses, you can either choose to work for yourself or work in a company.

We have these courses to include data science and information technology. As a graduate from any of these courses, you can work in different companies, you can be working online doing part-time jobs from the likes of coding, space management, etc. You can work in any company of your choice, either as a data analyst, computer operator, etc.

You can earn in dollars, euros, or in naira. It depends on your areas of concentration. It is less stressful but worth the effort and time.

Engineering (mechanical, civil, electrical)

This section is divided into three. You can either study mechanical engineering (manufacturing, electronics aerospace, oil and gas, etc.), civil engineering (construction projects, buildings, etc. ), or as n electrical engineering (automobile, production industries, etc.).

All these are highly rated, and highly paid and the job opening is available. Most times the graduate that is considered the best is being given permission or sponsorship to further his or her education abroad.


This is also one of the most useful courses to be studied in Nigeria. Although it is expensive it worth’s it. Either you work for someone or you can work or build you and you will earn more than what you spend.

Imagine a course that gives you a job worth 300,000 at once. That’s it once you receive your license. Minus that you can be working as partners or somebody and still be earning almost half of that.

Also, this course gives you the ability to become your own boss, determine your work hours, etc. It involves the art of drawing, drafting, supervising building constructions, making plans, etc.

Accounting and finance

Every business needs accountability. Whether a hospital, church, etc. we need to know if we are making a profit or loss. This makes courses relevant in Nigeria.

Bankers are usually seen as money holders and given high respect, they might not be heavily paid depending on where they work but their income is worth it.

Accounting is mostly done by art students, students who early like further maths and mathematics or financial accounting in their secondary school. It is not really possible for a science student to be found in this course


The Nigerian government recognizes the agricultural sector. This makes the courses relevant in today’s society. Unlike before people usually regard the course as for farmers. Unfortunately, it is not so, because agriculture involves different branches.

You can either be involved in the science or business part of agriculture. All of it pays uniquely

Nursing Science

This is rated among the top courses that Are being studied in Nigeria. It has to do with the health sector. In fact, it is said that after the doctors it is the nurses that are being noticed.

The nurse functions in hospitals, clinics, institutions, schools, companies, and even as caregivers.

So nursing is seen as one of the courses that has different areas of employment. They are not restricted to one part of work or place of work.

The pay is also worth it. This course is being studied by secondary school leavers that choose science as their Area of interest.


This article contains a list of about fourteen courses one can study as an art or science student. These courses are considered useful to study.

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