Possible Reasons Why You Haven’t Gotten a Good Job yet (2023)
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10 Possible Reasons Why You Haven’t Got a Good Job Yet (2024 Updated)

Possible Reasons Why You Haven’t Got a Good Job Yet (2023) – It is very rampant in today’s society that even with your qualifications, you will not be guaranteed a job. It is believed that job finding begins immediately after you are done with your first degree that is if you have had the opportunity of going through formal education.

Possible Reasons Why You Haven’t Gotten a Good Job yet (2023)

What is a Job?

A job can be defined as a task or piece of work you do in other to get paid. The job can be part-time, full-time, seasonal, temporary, leased, etc.

To secure a job you need to have a variety of skills, a task identity, task significance autonomy, and job feedback. These are the major characteristics of a job.

Once you’re back from your NYSC, you’re pushed to the job market where you have to hunt for a job.

Even though some persons seem lucky to be retained at their place of assignment or even get a job before they are done with their serving year.

Whichever the case may be, there are others who have not added the necessary ingredients and skills to their job hunting and as such find it difficult to secure one.

In the course of this article, we will be talking about the various reasons why people have not been able to secure a job and the possible solutions and recommendations.

10 Possible Reasons Why You Haven’t Got a Good Job Yet

The following are the possible reasons why you have not been able to secure a job

  1. Inconsistency
  2. Not Customized CV or cover letter.
  3. Not committed to work search.
  4. Having a negative mindset.
  5. Low relevant work experience.
  6. Poor recommendation from the former workplace.
  7. Errors in application.
  8. Having little knowledge about the position you are applying for or the company.
  9. Being underqualified for the job.
  10. You lack references.


The very first problem we are discussing here is inconsistency. Inconsistency is a state of not being regular, the situation of not staying the same.

It is being noticed that most people do not even know the kind of job they wish to apply for. They are inconsistent with what they are looking for. They feel anything that comes their way will work.

This is the reason most people haven’t been able to secure a job. In whatever your area of experience is you should be able to produce a CV that suits or qualifies you for that job.

Most times deviating to what it does not even match with your skills. This is a major problem with most workers.

Not Customized CV or cover letter.

If you are applying for the position of a manager, then you have to be focused on it and not apply for a manager with a CV suitable for it and a receptionist with that same CV.

Each job role is different from the other you are applying for, you should be able to produce a CV suitable for that Job.

That is what we mean by a customized CV. The cover letter in your CV should be in line with the role you are applying for.
Your cover letter should also speak about your skills and qualifications for that particular position emphasizing your competence.

Not committed to work search.

Most job seekers are not committed to their work search. Once they submit one or two letters or applications and then attend three to four interviews, they assume the job market is not favoring them. This is a totally wrong assumption as cases arise where a particular place you apply for can recommend you for something better.

Also, most people do spend a few hours in a day on a job search. Same with the vast online opportunities we have. They are not committed to searching for different job opportunities and utilizing them.

If you have a part-time job then job hunting can be partial but if you don’t then it is very possible to make a job search your personal or full-time job.

Having a Negative Mindset.

Having a positive mindset sometimes after your actions towards what you want to do. In job searching, you have to build a positive mindset. Your outlook will be determined by what is cooking in your mind, your tonation will also be determined by what is cooking in your mind.

Sometimes you might have been through a whole lot searching for a job and you are just fed up, but trust me you might be at the right place just when you are fed up.

As such keeping a positive mindset is a very idea when talking about job hunting. It keeps your courage up, your energy, and a positive frame of mind which helps to get empowering responses to questions

Low relevant work experience.

Modern companies are always opting for persons with job experience to save them the time of fixed supervision or learning /teaching period.

This is why you have to have some experience that is relevant to your work application. most jobs do need people who are experienced in different job roles, just When you are done with your application, surf the net and get a course related to the position you just applied for, try gathering basic information about it.

This might not give you experience, but knowledge of what you are applying for. Being proficient in your job makes your application sorted.

Poor Recommendation from Former Work Place.

This is another major reason most people are in the job market today. Most employers go through your CV and then check your last workplace or send a message to them requesting to know your effort or output or performance there.

If you had a nice work time and there is adequate input then you might just get a good recommendation, but if your performance was poor then your recommendation will be poor. This is the hidden reason why most people with a nice qualifications are still job hunting. That is why is usually said no matter what you do or what is being done to do try to keep your best at a particular place.

Errors in Application.

One of the major reasons you need to check the application letter over and over again is to see if it matches or tallys with the position you are applying for.

It is very wrong to apply for a job in HR and then you’re stating the qualities and skills of a receptionist. If your application doesn’t match (your academic qualification, your years of experience, your skills, etc.) then your application is faulty and is being shifted aside to be considered when need for such ever arise.

Having Little Knowledge about the Position you are Applying for or the Company.

This is displayed when you are asked to talk about the company during the interview and you are caught wanting or lacking things to say.

It is very important to do thorough research of what you are applying for the company you are applying for, what why want, the services you offer, their aims and objectives, their mode of operations, etc. so when speaking you speak confidently as if you are a member already.

Being Underqualified for the Job.

This is a situation where your qualifications do not meet up with the expectation of the qualification needed for the job. For example, applying for the post of an accountant with a BSC or masters in Computer processing or maybe political science.

This makes you underqualified for the job. Your qualification does not meet up (by qualifications I mean academic qualifications, our skills, and expertise, etc.)

You lack references.

References are mostly considered because they commend your skills and qualifications stated in your CV.

As such you need to get or reach out to people who can recommend and also attest to your capability in handling various positions.

Persons you can include as references include former bosses, vendors, or maybe colleagues or a person who knows you closely and can give a description of what you can do or not.

Other major reasons include but are not limited to

  1. Your expectations are too high and classy.
  2. You have low interview skills.
  3. You are not building or wavering an online presence.
  4. Lack of industry connection
  5. Lack of expression
  6. You have too much experience for the job which might expose the job to danger
  7. You failed the interview
  8. You did prep your reverences before including them in your resume
  9. Are you not building relevant network
  10. You’re not searching for other types of flexible work arrangements

This article covers the various reasons why people are yet to find a job even with tier suitable and professional qualification.

I strongly advise you to read through it properly and define what your problem is so you can sort yourself out to avoid further continuation.

I wish you the very best of luck in your job search



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