Things To Do After NYSC to Be Independent Financially

Things To Do After NYSC To Be Financially Independent (2024 Working Tips)

Things To Do After NYSC To Be Financially Independent – Have you ever thought about life after NYSC?  life after graduation?

Most people get lost in the allowances given to them during NYSC. While some persons get to save to raise capital for themselves after NYSC. Some people engage in learning a skill that will help them after NYSC.

It is very possible that people don’t see jobs based on what they studied in school, it is the skill you learn that will help you.

 Things To Do After NYSC to Be Independent Financially

NYSC stands for National Youth Service Corp. It is a program that is set up by the federal government to train and enroll the youths of the country in nation-building.

NYSC was introduced by the General Yakubu Gowon administration back then in the 1960s with the motto service and humility.

In this article, we will be discussing several things after NYSC. Things that will not just upgrade your skills but will boost your financial status.

Unfortunately, most people get to dust after NYSC because they didn’t play for the after NYSC.  but as you go through this article you will discover several things to do after NYSC whether you have the capital or not.


Things To Do After NYSC To Be Financially Independent

The things you can do after NYSC include

How to be independent

  1. Develop yourself
  2. Get connections
  3. Start a business

Develop yourself

Self-value is a priority, you can be a valuable person in society and still remain jobless#. when you develop yourself intellectually, contract jobs will be looking for your services.

Getting a skill, at least we have online skills, if it’s the ICT field you want to go into fine, you can get a digital skill because it is what is currently paying. You can acquire such skills even while you are home, google gives scholarships on various programs online.

Get involved in seminars, and registrations for free training projects. Make yourself available for opportunities

You will have a whole lot of choices to make, you can apply to scholarships online, it shouldn’t be one, apply to many, and at least fortunately one might click.

You can even venture into graphic design. All you need do is add value to yourself to your certificate, and make your curriculum vitae more unique and inspiring.

Get connections

This works well with people who are socially vibrant. participating in different things, showing interest, building good relationships, and your attitude to others help a lot.

A recommendation might come from some who met you just once. also showing effort in little things makes people feel if they are given the opportunity they can do more.

most times people get into places where they are supposed to be relevant but cant display their skill or show their value, and they end up leaving there the same way.

Partake in things that help you showcase what you can do, get the experience, and work in places you know can help build yourself even if it’s not worth the salary, all you are trying to do is to build for something bigger

It might interest you to know that companies right now do not just employ people because they have the certificate, they employ people who have additional advantages, and experience.

Involving most of your experience in your CV, builds up your curriculum vitae, applying to different companies, getting them to know you are available and that you are capable, and creating basic connections even if they are not ready for recruitment at the moment.

Start a business

For persons who saved their capital during the NYSC period or have other sources of raising capital, you can start a business. Even though it breeds small income, it is a gradual process.

There are businesses we can start with small capital, invest in it, and be cautious about. Don’t put all your hopes into the business hoping it will take care of all your needs immediately else you will end up using the capital.

Don’t just wait for jobs through your certificate, start a business that you can manage. something you are good at.


Things To Do After NYSC To Be Financially Independent

  1. Get a Job
  2. Digital skill
  3. Grab internship opportunities
  4. Network Marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Start a tutorial center

Get a Job

Apply to different companies, both online and offline. Visit some companies, institutions, and factories.

Get them to know your worth. You can start by getting a teaching job in a public or private school. Don’t wait to find a job that will be salary full and worth your time and effort in Nigeria. It doesn’t come through easily.

Except you are fortunate to have connections that help place you in government jobs.  just start somewhere.

There are schools around you that need different subject teachers, get to convince the management you are the most suitable for the job and showcase your teaching abilities and your class methodologies.

Digital Skills

As discussed earlier a digital skill, you can get such opportunities online. There are a lot of free digital skills, some are sponsored by persons in particular states or communities.

Enroll in as much as you can. Get the online certificates, it helps build your Curriculum vitae. There are digital skills that pay you within your first to third month of learning. You’re already making money out of it.

Grab internship opportunities

showing your skill at your place of internship helps most times. there are cases where companies tend to retain students who came for internship. This automatically shifts them out of the Job market.

Also, this helps people who have zero or little work experience. It helps you get to know more and also upgrades your knowledge of some things.

The internship also serves as a medium of exposure for some youths especially if it is in a recognized industry.  People build connections there.  utilize your internship period

Network marketing/Affiliate marketing 

Bill Gates one of the richest men once said that if he’s allowed to start gaining, he will invest his time and effort in network marketing.

All you need to do is in the comfort of your home. Get sales and get your money depending on the number of sales you make.

Don’t think it is until you get a shop, and get enough capital before you get to make money through business. most companies even pay you a salary even with your sales.

It is a means of encouragement when you invest 0 nairas. you only invested your time and data.

Start a tutorial center

most of the NYSC corps were sent to schools to teach. this gives you experience and knowledge on how well to handle it. Even in your home or a community hall, open space or you get to any public school or private school and request to use their classrooms for transaction

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