How to Apply for Masters in Nursing at the University Of Ibadan
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University Of Ibadan Masters in Nursing Application Form 2024 – Apply Now

University Of Ibadan Masters in Nursing Application Form 2023/24… Nursing is a highly respected and challenging career path that requires great dedication and hard work.How to Apply for Masters in Nursing at the University Of Ibadan

Nursing has to do with the rendering of care, health advice, and administration of drugs to patients.

A nurse can take care of a patient and his family, a company, etc. The university of Ibadan offers candidates interested in this career path.

The University of Ibadan was founded in 1948 in Ibadan Oyo state. The university is located on Oduduwa road Ibadan.

It is a public university and was formerly known as university college Ibadan. The university gained its independence in the ear 1962.

So far the university is known to be the oldest award-winning institution in Nigeria. the university is managed by vice chancellor Kayode Adebowale and chancellor Saad Abubarkar the sultan.

Direct-entry students study nursing at the university for a period of four (4) years. while students who access the university through the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board examination (JAMB) study nursing at the university of Ibadan for a period of five (5) years.

The official cut-off mark for nursing science at the university of Ibadan is 68.375 based on merit.

The cut-off mark kept by Jamb for science students who are nursing inclusive is 200 to 250. It was changed from the normal 180 for science students.

In this article, we will be concentrating on the guidelines or steps to apply for a master’s in nursing at the university of Ibadan

How to Apply for Masters in Nursing at the University Of Ibadan

Before you apply for a master’s degree at the University of Ibadan you must have a nursing degree.

As said earlier either through direct entry or through JAMB. It offers the same degree. This is more like the first eligibility criteria.

Before we talk about the application procedures let’s list out the various nursing departments we have at the university of Ibadan

  1. Nursing Administration
  2. Mental health and psychiatric nursing
  3. Nursing Education
  4. Community health nursing
  5. Maternal/child health nursing
  6. Medical and surgical nursing

Listed above are the different practices offered in the postgraduate college of Ibadan for the master of science in Nursing and the Master of Philosophy in Nursing.

Under these specialties, the roles that are available include the following

  1. Directorate of Nursing
  2. Nurse researchers
  3. Nurses managers
  4. Nurse informaticist
  5. Nurse administrators
  6. Nurses educators
  7. Nurses lecturer
  8. Pediatric nurse
  9. Clinical Nurse- Leaders/instructors/preceptors/specialist
  10. Mental Health Nurse etc

The Requirement for the Application to the University Of Ibadan Masters in Nursing Program

To apply for the master of science in nursing you have to provide the following requirement

  1. A five-credit pass in the relevant subject in one sitting.
  2. A bachelor’s degree with not less than second-class upper from a prestigious university or any other top-recognized university.
  3. 3 different e-letter of recommendation from your school. it should include your faculty members.
  4. Transcript of your degree in nursing and any other degree you have attained.

It is important to note that while submitting your recommendation letter you need to complete the referee form online while filling out the application form online.

Also, you have to note that all transcripts made should be submitted directly to the deputy registered or the admissions officer of the post-graduate college.

Also, you have to include an unofficial or student copy for temporary reference

The Eligibility Status

  1. Must be a graduate of the University of Ibadan or any other recognized institution that is approved or accepted by the Senate.
  2. Any candidate who does not have any higher degree in nursing or a related degree can only be admitted to a master’s or a professional degree in master’s.
  3. A candidate who has a higher degree in the discipline or related discipline will be admitted to the M. philosophy and the ph.D programs based on the recommendation of the post-graduate committee.

How to Apply for Masters in Nursing at the University Of Ibadan

  1. Using your proffered browser, log in to 
  2. You can log on to
  3. Sign in y submit your surname, first name, middle name, Email, and phone number, and select your nationality. verify the code and submit
  4. Following the instructions that will prompt your screen carefully.
  5. If you already had an existing account you can use the “log in to complete the application button”
  6. You can also log in to change or correct your data and also print documents
  7. Also, you can access the portal and request around the authentication email.

It is pertinent to note that the application form for the school of the nursing program is N13,000

For professional courses, it is N18,000

For candidates writing an English proficiency examination, you are required to pay the sum of N3,000 naira

Rules for filling out the application form

Application forms are filled and submitted online. All payments can be done through the account numbers that are shown on the school portal or you use your debit card and process it through Paypal online.

It is very important to be keen while filling out your form to avoid cases of incomplete form submission.

All candidates are eligible to apply for only one program in a particular department at a particular time

While filling out the form, please include a valid email as an acknowledgment message reporting the status of your admission will be sent there.


This article contains the method of application for a master’s in nursing science at the university of Ibadan Oyo state.

The guidelines, the requirements, the eligibility status, etc.

Before you can apply for a master’s program in nursing science, you need to have a degree certificate, not below second-class upper.

Or a degree certificate in a relevant or related field. It is also a major criterion to have at least 5 credit passes in relevant courses.

Also, note that If you are a direct entry student you are spending four years getting a nursing degree but if you are gaining admission through JAMB you are spending 5 years in the university.

For more information about this program, you can call the postgraduate college at the university of Ibadan at 09090561462.

You can visit the school website at

Also, you can send a mail to the school email, to the admissions officer

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