NYSC Change of Date of Birth & Course

NYSC Change of Date of Birth & Course 2024 Application Guide

NYSC Change of Date of Birth & Course

Have you been shortlisted for NYSC 2024 but having issues with your Date of Birth not corresponding with your WEAC? OR do you want to make changes to your NYSC course? Do not worry, I will guide you on how to go about it.

It is very common to make mistakes with some personal pieces of information about us, sometime the mistakes may not come from us, but the most important thing is that irrespective of what the mistake may be, we have to correct it on time.

There were some mistakes made on our Date of birth, which perhaps may affect us in some way, and to avoid that from happening, now is the time to get it done 

Remember your WEAC and Jamb Date of birth must say the same thing, we should be serious with information to align with one another because anything may come up at any time such as screening, appointments, etc. 

On this page, I will guide you on how to go about it, do not worry, it is pretty simple.

NYSC Change of Date of Birth & Course

How to Correct Date of Birth and Course on the NYSC Platform

Let’s start with birth date corrections

 Here are the steps on how to make birth date corrections

  • First and foremost, go to your browser, search https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/
  • Click on login, then enter your NYSC email address and password
  • After that, click on the resume
  • Click on the correction of date of birth on the NYSC dashboard  
  • It will require your WEAC verification pin, enter your WEAC verification pin.
  • Select your WEAC exam year, type, and numbers
  • Click on the verify button 
  • Click on submit 

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Here I am going to guide you on how to make corrections on your NYSC change of course

  • Open your phone browser
  • Search the NYSC online portal
  • Click on the Login Here button
  • Enter your name and password
  • Click on the Resume button to log in to the NYSC portal dashboard
  • Click and select the link for Correction of Course of Study
  • Select the correct Course of Study of your choice
  • Click the submit button


How long does it take to finish NYSC?

It is a one-year program. After eleven months of their Primary Place of Assignment(PPA), corp members are given a month of vacation before their final passing out ceremony, that’s where they would be certified for their completion. In other words, it is a 12-month program. 

What can I do Immediately after my NYSC?

There are things to do Immediately after NYSC which are very important

  • Check your CV if it needs to be updated, meaning you should already have some version of this before NYSC is over. 
  • Start up a skill or two, it may be hard to find a job immediately, but it is advisable to start a new skill.
  • You can as well go for a master’s or get a certification: For some career paths, earning a master’s is necessary.

Is it okay to travel out during my NYSC camp?

Due to security concerns, you may not be allowed to go outside the camp for any reason. You can book for a trip from your place to your camp destination ahead of time.

How long does it take for a correction of name to reflect?

This process, for it to reflect on the portals, it may take up to 4 days.

 The head of NYSC is called what?

The head of NYSC is Director General Christy Ifeyinwa Uba. He was born on the 25th of December 1963 in Maiduguri, Borno State. He is from Nnewi North in the Local Government Area of Anambra State.

What are the requirements for an NYSC married woman?

Married women prospective corps members are to upload copies of their marriage Certificates, to show evidence of a Change of name and their husband’s place of domicile during registration. This is applicable to all married women whether locally or foreign-trained. The orientation camp is highly not a good idea for pregnant and nursing mothers. 

What is the salary of NYSC?

The Federal Government of Nigeria has made it through the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to pay the coppers the sum of 33,000 monthly.

What Is the difference between NYSC green card and NYSC Call up letters 

There are differences between the NYSC call-up letter and NYSC Green Card. The difference here is that the NYSC green card is an online printout form that contains the personal details of prospective corners while the NYSC call-up letter is a document that contains details of your invitation to the camp and admission into the NYSC program.

What are the benefits of NYSC?

Here are the benefits of NYSC:

  • There is this cordial relationship between the government and the youth which is practically Enhanced.
  • Another benefit is that there is this unity between the citizen with the government.
  • They gain this real-world experience;
  • The nation’s development can speed up because the corp will share thor skills and knowledge out there.

Is it possible to go for a Master’s without NYSC?

It is necessary to go for NYSC before a master, you can apply for a Master’s while at it.

Who are not eligible for  NYSC?

  • Those who are over the age of thirty (30) years.
  • If they have served in the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or the Nigeria Police Force and they served for a period of more than nine months.
  • And if he has been conferred with any National Honour.

How many times can someone be absent from NYSC?

In NYSC, one can only be absent for a period of 14 days. Otherwise one is on vacation leave, other than that, a member may be called from the shot left.

Can NYSC be counted as work experience?

National Youth Service Corp is an experience, therefore it can be counted as work experience.


If you need to make changes to your NYSC portals, kindly follow the steps given to you, It is no stressful thing to do, the earlier the better. Thank you so much for your time. We are always here for your questions and concerns.



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