15 Preparatory Resources to Pass WAEC in 2024

15 Preparatory Resources to Pass WAEC in 2024

15 Preparatory Resources to Pass WAEC in 2024 –  Getting to pass your WAEC examination on the first attempt is one of the most important things one can achieve. This is because WAEC is accepted in just two sittings. After two sittings and you do not have the needed grades,  you have to choose another Examination.

The WAEC examination is being administered by the West African Examination Council in Africa. That is to say, you cannot change location to write the exams.

Here we will be giving you the top 15 Free resources you can use if you wish to pass the WAEC examination.

15 Preparatory Resources to Pass WAEC in 2024
15 Preparatory Resources to Pass WAEC in 2024

Overview of WAEC

This is an examination Body in West Africa. The body is not just a Nigerian body but manages the senior secondary School Certificate examination in different parts of West Africa. This body was established in the year 1952. It has over time produced qualified students and has given several students access to higher institutions.

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Subject Involved in WAEC 

For Science Student

  1. Mathematics
  2. English Language
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physic
  5. Biology
  6. Agricultural Science
  7. Economics
  8. Geography
  9. Further Mathematics

For Arts Students 

  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Government
  4. Literature in English
  5. Biology
  6. Christian Religious Knowledge
  7. Agricultural Science
  8. Economics
  9. Financial Accounting
  10. Civic Education

15 Preparatory Resources to Pass WAEC in 2024

Here is a list of all the resources you need when preparing for your WAEC in the current year

  1. WAEC syllabus
  2. Study Timetable
  3. Exams Time Table
  4. WAEC past Questions and answers
  5. Recommended textbooks
  6. Note Books
  7. Jotters
  8. Dictionary
  9.  Online CBT Test Applications
  10. Study Group
  11. WAEC Tutorials
  12. Examination Guide
  13. WAEC Subject videos
  14. Online Research Document
  15. Absolute attention

WAEC Syllabus

This is the very first thing you need if you wish to pass the WAEC exams. You need to get the WAEC syllabus and then tailor your focus to the topics in each syllable.

Try as much as possible to get acquainted with at least 80 percent of topics on each subject.

The syllable lists out

  1. The Format of the Questions
  2. The number of Questions on Each topic
  3. The topics to be read on Each subject
  4. The Recommended Textbooks

Study Timetable

This should be created by you. it should include all the subjects you want to read with different time allocations on each day. The study time should have the following

  1. Time for each of your Subjects
  2.  break time
  3. period for Solving Past Questions
  4. Period  for Revision
  5. Period for taking  Notes
  6. Period for rest and Meditation

Exams Time Table

This is the Official Time table released by the West African Examination Council. It is being issued out to students who are writing WAEC to help them focus on what they have in each day, and also remind them of the courses written and left. The Exams time table includes

  1. Examination Subjects
  2. Venues for the exams
  3. Time the exams will start
  4. Supervisor of the exams

WAEC Past Questions and Answers

This is the previous WAEC question and answers that have already been out. The main aim of this is to help you get acquainted with the exam questions, how the questions are being asked, and how they are answered.

Also, it is used to get the topics gotten from each subject and the practicals.

This gives a student first-hand knowledge of how the exams will look like. Also most time most questions get repeated from different years.

Recommended Textbooks

These are the textbooks that are being recommended by the West African Examination Council. This textbook has been taught and it will include a topic from which exam questions will be extracted.

It is always advisable to go with recommended textbooks. This can be found online d(E Copy) or offline in the market or resource centers.

You may choose to get the part of the topics to which is in your syllabus from the textbooks and you may choose to get them fully. The main point is that you can cater to each subject


This is available in each subject. For science and arts students. The Council will not give you questions you have not been taught anything about, but questions you have been taught in your SSS classes. This makes your notes relevant.

as such you have to read between the lines and get the formulas correct, especially on topics that appear in the syllabus. This gets you prepared for the examination


This is used during the Reading period. This is where you jot down ideas picked from different perspectives of what has been taught.

Most times a jotter is being used to pinn out relevant points and this makes it an essential tool for learning


This is a must for every student preparing for WASCE. This is used to get meaning to modern words used.

Most times it is used to deduct the different meanings of different words. Every candidate of WAEC Be it an arts or science writes the English Language as it is a compulsory course.

Online CBT Test Applications

This is made available for all WAEC candidates. All you need to do is get a gadget and download it online. fortunately, most of them are free and you can use them offline and online. Also, most of them demand payment and you can use it only when there is a data connection in your phone.

This helps you

  1. Get up-to-date study questions
  2. Get study questions in all subjects
  3. Partake in online/Offline Quiz
  4. Check your reading skills
  5. Helps you know your level of preparation

Study Group

Get in contact with people who have like minds. Persons who are pursuing the same, have group discussions, get new ideas and different perceptions, gather knowledge, etc.

This will help you get to know different ways of solving or answering a particular question

WAEC Tutorials

This is an extra moral class held in most places in the evening and some during school hours to help a student who is preparing to write their WAEC.

This is available for all subjects and is affordable. Here you get to engage with teachers, and you can ask questions and demand explanations from places you don’t understand.

Examination Guide

Before every examination, the board gives out guides that are used by candidates who wish to partake in the examination. From the Guidelines (things that will be used in the exams and things that will not be allowed into the exam ) to the Format of the questions. This will help you prepare for the exams

WAEC Subject Videos

This is found in some social media platforms. Where you get to research for analyses on a particular topic and there you get an explanation on how to solve a question, maths, or anything you wish to inquire about.

This is available for all candidates and on every subject you wish to check.

Online Research Document

These are PDFs you can download online during research and then make or draft out some important points from them.

Absolute Attention

This is being implored during your reading period, mock exams person, and your main examination period.

you need to pay attention to

  1. Instruction is given on the exams Booklet
  2. The time given
  3. The nature of the questions
  4. How you direct your answers

The most question demands you think critically


This is a brief description of the tools you need to work, and the resources you need to prepare as a candidate for the WAEC examination. if you have any issues or questions regarding your exams, you can visit the WAEC official portal at  https://portal.waec.org/.

Also if you need to get answers from us or more clarification please use the comment box below.

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