Best universities in Rwanda for international students
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Top 10 Best Universities in Rwanda for International Students

10 Best Universities in Rwanda… Rwanda is one of the counties in East Africa that is known for its diverse tourist attractions. funny enough it doesn’t just have this but also has an educational qualification that ranks best in the world.

In this article, we will be discussing the best universities in Rwanda that accept international students.

Best universities in Rwanda for international students

Best Universities in Rwanda for International Students

The list of universities includes:

  1. University of Rwanda
  2. University of Kigali
  3. African leadership university
  4. Kibogora Polytechnic
  5. University of Global Health Equity
  6. Adventist university of central Africa
  7. University of tourism technology and business
  8. Institute of Legal Practice and Development
  9. Catholic University Rwanda

University of Rwanda

This university is known for its modernization, good infrastructure, quality education, and internalization.  It has an admission requirement of a secondary school certificate or its equivalent or a foreign certificate.

it was founded in 1963 with its unique colors including blue and white. located in Kigali province, Kigali

The fees schedule for international students and undergraduates are being sectioned into Undergraduate: 900,000 for STEM programs and 600,000 for Non-STEM programs Post-Graduate: Average of 2,500,000 for a Master Program (RWF).

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University of Kigali

Founded in 1986 with a population of more than 4000 thousand students. The university offers scholarship opportunities to students frm other countries

its admission requirement includes a secondary school leaving certificate or its equivalent and a tuition fee schedule of  1,600,000 per annum for a Master’s degree. (RWF)

It is also known to be called ULK “Université Libre de Kigali”. The universities motto is science and excellence. and also accredited by the national education council.

It is located in Kigali, Kigali province Rwanda, you can contact the school at +250 788 303 667

African Leadership University

Founded in 2017, the African leadership university is a leading university located in Kigali heights, Kigali, Kigali Province, Rwanda.

It is a private university with accreditation from the university Rwanda. the institution.

Its undergraduate courses include art and humanities, business and social sciences, language and culture, medicine and health, engineering,  and technology.

This university serves as a pathway for students to go to higher universities. the offer, diploma, bachelor, master, and directorate degree.

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Kibogora Polytechnic

This polytechnic is ranked 2 in the Rwanda universities ranking. It is located Opposite Free Methodist Church, Nyamasheke, Rwanda.

It is an institution that accepts students with an admission requirement based on past academic performances. It has a fees schedule for local students to be 480,000 – 600,000 per annum (RWF)

Founded in 2012  and accredited by Higher Education Council (HEC). For more information and inquiries you can call them at (+250)788 730 582.  you can also log into their website on

University of Global Health Equity

Founded in 2015, the university is located at Kigali Heights, Plot 772, KG 7 Ave., 5th Floor, PO Box 6955, Kigali, Kigali Province, Rwanda

A private university that deals with health science education with affiliate companies that backed up its launch.

You can contact the school at 0786405072. denoted by the acronym UGHE.

For more information and inquiries you can visit the school website at

Adventist university of central Africa

Founded in 1984 the Adventist university of central Africa admits both genders. Its tuition fees range from 250€ – 550€ yearly. denoted by the acronym AUCA.

It is an institution that is located in Kigali, Kigali province Rwanda. It is also called Universite Adventiste d’Afrique Central in french language. The university accepts international students from all parts of the country.

It is an institution managed by the seventh DAy Adventsist Church. Its core values include instilling skill, core morals, and Christian values in its studenty

you can contact them by calling 250 788 443 587

The University of Tourism Technology and Business

This institution is a private university that certifies students with bachelor’s degrees.

This institution doesn’t have a specified acceptance amount reason being that some courses students want to offer to require just a presentation of the required documents.

As such students or prospective candidates need to to go the school premises to make more inquiries on their preferred course of study.

It is located at  Inind House, Sonatubes, Kigali, Rwanda. you can call them at 250-788306203

Institute of Legal Practice and Development

Is a nonprofit institution with public-private funding. The institution specializes in three (3) different languages which include English language, French, and Kinyarwanda.

It doesn’t have a stipulated amount for acceptance fees this is because most of the student just needs to meet the admission requirement.

The institution’s admission requirement is a secondary school certificate and past grades from the previous institution.

It is located  at sport center Nyanza, Southern Province Rwanda. You can call them at +250 25 253 3238

Catholic University Rwanda

This institution  was founded in the year 2010, it is located in the Butare, Southern Province Rwanda. It is denoted by the acronym CUR. 

For more information and inquiries you can call 250 252 530 893.

The insitituion dosent have a specified admission acceptance fess. Also the institution admission requirement includes a secondary school certificate or its equivelent.

It is a university taht is funded by the catholic church in Rwanda. It is a private univers9ity. but it accepts both local and international students.


Listed above is a compreensive list of the major universities or best or top universities we have in Rwanda. Majority of this instituions admission requiremnt is a secondary school level ceryificate or good grades from past institution or itrs equivelent.

These unversities accepts international students from different countires. Students just needs to pickb  aone that has their courses of interest and begin the apllication process.

In the list above, we have the contact, and adrress for students who wants to make inquiries from each of the schools/universities listed there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i Make online application to this schools?

Yes as, a propsect,m you contact the school and aemil will be sent to you with the correct school link which whill help you through the apllication process

Can i get a study visa to rwanda?

As a student, yes you can get a study visa

As a nigerian can i apply for study in Rwanda?

Yes you can start with the online apllication fro the E-visa

What are the spoken languages of Rwanda?

These languages include English language, Swahali, and French


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