How Much Will it Cost to Study Medicine in Germany
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How Much Will it Cost to Study Medicine in Germany in 2024

How Much Will It Cost to Study Medicine in Germany? – Money plays a very vital role in everything we do in life, and as such, it is important to make a budget so that we can know how to manage our resources.

However, knowing the cost of studying Medicine in Germany is very important, if you are planning to further your education there.

Having said that, in today’s post, I will be giving you information on how much you can pay as a medical student while studying in Germany. All the breakdowns will be discussed, so read to the end for every detail.

Before I move on, let me take a brief overview of what the study of medicine is all about.

How Much Will it Cost to Study Medicine in Germany

An Overview of Medicine

Medicine is a field of study in the tertiary institution that is concerned with the study of health and healing of sicknesses, and prevention of diseases, through various means, which could be tablets, injections, or even surgical operations.

The job of those who study medicine involves specialists in the field such as nurses, and doctors, who through diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, and medical research, bring good health to people in society.

Having said that, how much do you think a medical student can pay to study medicine in Germany? Let us find out!

How Much Will It Cost to Study Medicine in Germany?

If you are an international student, who want to study Medicine in Germany, there are certain thing that you need to know about the tuition fees paid for the course.

What you need to understand is that the cost of studying Medicine in public Universities and Private Universities are not the same.

However, in this section, I will be discussing the cost of studying medicine in Germany from two perspectives:

  • The Cost of studying medicine in public Universities 
  • The cost of studying medicine at a private University

Cost to Study Medicine in Germany as an Undergraduate

Let us see how many medical students are to study in Germany, both for public and private Universities.

Public Universities Undergraduate costs to studying medicine in Germany

In German public Universities, the study of Medicine is free for undergraduates.

Meanwhile, apart from the free, tuition fee, students are required to pay for a semester for enrolment, confirmation, and administration. For the above, the student is not expected to pay more than €250 (~US$290) for each semester. This is not the same in all Universities, though.

Furthermore, students are required to buy a “Semesterticket”, covering public transport expenses for six months. The price of the semester ticket option you choose will determine the price, therefore, the cost is not the same.

If you exceed the standard period of study by more than four semesters, you may also face a long-term fee charge, which could be as much as €500 (~US$540) per semester.

Private Universities Undergraduate costs to studying medicine in Germany

Germany has more public Universities, and a few Private institutions, whose sources of funds are from the tuition fees paid by students, because of that, they collect fees from students.

The tuition fees paid by medical students in Private Universities in Germany are:

Private University fees: €20,000 (~US$24,400) per year.

Cost of Studying Medicine in Germany for a Master’s Degree

If you are studying medicine in Germany as a master’s degree student, in a German University, you are to pay a tuition fee as stated below.

Master degree cost of studying medicine in Germany:

Public University: €20,000 (~US$24,400) each year

Private Universities: €30,000 (~US$36,600) every year

 Cost of Studying Medicine in Germany at PhD level

Tuition fee for PhD student at all universities in Germany is free, at least for the first six semesters.

Meanwhile, PhD students at all levels are required to make a semester contribution of no more than €250, which will serve as an administration and other costs.


Other financial need for studying as a medicine student in Germany

Apart from the cost of studying medicine in Germany, which concerns much on the tuition fee, there are still other costs that students need to take into consideration, they are:

  • Accommodation – € 6,000- 8,000
  • Textbooks and supplies – € 800- 1,000
  • Health insurance  – € 1,200
  • Personal expenses  – € 1,500
  • Food cost – €168 
  • Cost of clothing – €42 
  • Transportation cost – €94 
  • Telephone, internet, and TV license – €31 
  • Work/Study materials coat – €20 
  • Other leisure activities – €61


What is the cost of studying a foundation course and language course in Germany?

Foundation course and language course, are courses offered in just one year. The language and the medical foundation will take about 12 months to complete, and the package cost is about 23,200 EUR.

What are the requirements for studying medicine in Germany?

  • You must have completed high school.
  • Proof of English proficiency, 
  • Motivation letter, 
  • Recommendation letter, and CV
  • You must take an entrance exam and interview, which forms the selection process.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Germany in English?

You will pay € 1,000-2,000 for state-funded Universities, for international students willing to study in Germany. The average amount of studying medicine in English is € 28,000 for private universities, every year.

What are the documents required for MBBS in Germany?

To apply as a medicine student in Germany, the following are the documents required:

  • Passport with 18 months of validity
  • 10th and 12th mark sheet
  • Birth Certificate
  • 10 passport-size photographs
  • German language proficiency proof
  • Offer letter from the German Medical University
  • Authorization of all documents 
  • Legalization of documents from the German Embassy

What are the best medical Universities to study with in Germany?

According to the QS World Ranking of 2023, these are the best medical Universities to study in Germany:

  • Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • University of Hamburg
  • Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg
  • Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main
  • Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
  • Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
  • University of Cologne
  • University of Göttingen
  • Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Technische Universität Dresden


Thank you for reading this post. I am sure that you have been able to gather enough information that will help you to make a decision to study or not to pursue your medical degree in Germany.

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