How much do INEC staffs earn per month? | INEC Salary Structure
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How Much Do INEC Staffs Earn Per Month? | INEC Salary Structure In 2024

How Much Do INEC Staffs Earn Per Month? | INEC Salary Structure – INEC is a short form for the independent national electoral commission. It is an agency that is delegated the responsibility of conducting free, fair, and peaceful elections in Nigeria

Over the years, efforts have been made by the government to ensure the smooth running of this agency in other to sustain the democratic system in Nigeria.

INEC is a commission that came into existence in the year 1988 and has a well-defined structure. The agency employs a workforce that will carry out its duties in various positions in other to achieve a common goal.

The salary structure of INEC depends on the level and position you acquire. Also, INEC has different kinds of staff. it is also added that the years of experience matter as it will ea4rn you some benefits in the system.

How much do INEC staffs earn per month? | INEC Salary Structure

In this article, we will be talking about the amount an INEC staff earn in a month which is more like the salary structure of all sections or department of INEC staff.

So if your intending to apply or has someone who wants to apply for an INEC but doesn’t know what the salary structure looks like, you should go through this article so you have first-hand knowledge of what you should be expecting.


How much Do INEC Staffs Earn Per Month? | INEC Salary Structure

Basically, there are two kinds of staff at INEC

  1. The Ad-hoc staff
  2. The permanent staff

The Ad-hoc staff

The independent electoral commission mostly employs staff called ad-hoc for the election process. they are temporary staff that works just during elections and get paid. They are more or less like what we know as contract staff. their duties are off once the election process is over.

Generally, staff are paid every month but in the case of Adhoc staff, they are paid immediately after the contract is over. Whatever period it lasted, even if it is not yet the end of the month, they are being paid.

The positions of ad-hoc staff include;

  • Supervisory presiding officer: This is mostly staff on GL10 -14. Their annual earning ranges from ₦ 1,060,833 – ₦2,101,600
  • Presiding officer: Mostly corp members. They are ranked GL 07-10. Annual earning ranges from ₦638,133 – ₦961,577
  • Assistant pressing officer I/II/III: Staff on GL-GL10. Just like the presiding officers because they work hand in hand, Their annual salary ranges from ₦638,133 – ₦961,577
  • Registration area Technician (RATECH) Staff graded to be on GL 07. On the same level as the PO, and the APO, their annual salary is the same ₦638,133 – ₦961,577
  • RAC manager Staff is graded on GL 07. although different functions are graded and employed on the same level. So the salary structure remains the same ₦638,133 – ₦961,577

The payment differs in different positions. Most of it demands some certification while some do not. This is more like eligibility criteria. or requirement before you apply.

As such the payment is not going to be the same. Some position has duties that are a bit technical which will imply getting the staff trained while some are observing and functioning when needed.

The Permanent Staff

INEC permanent staffs are officials who are not temporary. This is to say, they’re working during and after elections. They are paid whether there is an electoral process or not.

Although it seems like the Adhoc staff earns more than them, they have more benefits than the Adhoc staff who just come in during the election.

According to their employment or grade level, the salary structure includes

Grade level 4: This is mostly secondary school level with no advanced degree or certificate and their annual salary ranges from ₦376,194 – ₦497,000

Grade Level 7: This includes persons with diploma certificates and their annual salary ranges from ₦638,133 – ₦961,577.

Grade Level 8: This includes graduates (people that have at least a bachelor’s degree). Their annual salary ranges from ₦799,421 – 1,174,395.

Grade level 14: This level is directors who oversee all the duties of the other levels. They have the highest salary.

Other benefits of the permanent staff 

The permanent staff seems to gain low during the election process but enjoy more benefits like allowances that are being given to them.

They are covered with health insurance, official cars for the directors, and transportation

  • Accommodation
  • Cooperative society
  • Medical care
  • Training
  • Promotion
  • Transport allowance
  • Pension


This is basically for workers with higher levels. they are being given money for accommodation or they might term it housing allowance.

Sometimes it is stipulated in their salary and in most cases, they pay it separately from their salary. It is an added advantage.

Cooperative society

Since they are not temporary staff. INEC runs a cooperative society among its workers which helps them save money that they can get and invest or start a business.

Most of them get capital for their business through the cooperative society. This lifts their status and helps them not only to depend on their monthly salary but create another source of income.

Medical Care

Permanent workers of INEC enjoy health insurance benefits. There are basic provisions that are made to cover the medical cost of the workers especially any illness or injury incurred during work.


INEC does not just employ staff it trains the staff employed. as the newly employed staff get trained, they also train their permanent staff as to get them up to date with the developed technology or method of work.

The training for permanent staff is done periodically to upgrade their knowledge of work while the newly trained get trained immediately after they are employed to introduce them to the system.


INEC permanent staff get promoted after meeting certain criteria at a particular stage. Promotion is usually between a specified period of time.

Staff due for promotion go through some assessment and if their performance s deemed okay they get promoted.

Transport Allowance

Generally, INEC makes provisions for transport whenever its workers go for official duties. Each staff is given transport depending n the distance it ranges from 1000 – 3000 daily.


This is one of the best benefits of being a permanent staff of INEC, just like government workers.

Fortunately, their pension is paid monthly, and they are included in the pension scheme of the federal government.


The salary structure of INEC is defined by the position or grade level. the ad-hoc staffs get benefits mostly during the election period while the permanent staff enjoys benefits during and after the election period.

So if you’re considering applying for an INEC job it is best if you go there with a certificate or degree as this will boast your salary.

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