High Rated Handwork to Learn in Nigeria With Good Pay

High Rated Handwork to Learn in Nigeria With Good Pay

Do you want to learn handwork but don’t know which one to learn? There are several handwork or skills that you can learn in Nigeria as a young person and make a lot of money. And in this article, we are going to give you a list of all the highly rated handwork that you can learn and make money from it. Before, we proceed, let us give a brief definition of handwork.

What is Handwork?

Handwork is those skills we acquire and do with our hands. Al the handwork we do requires our ability and knowledge of the thing that we are into. Some handwork is specifically for women while some are mostly men in nature. There are some handworks too that can be done by both men and women.

High-Rated Handwork to Learn in Nigeria With Good Pay

below are the


Plumbing is one lucrative handwork that men or women can learn and earn a lot of money. It is a highly demanding handwork in Nigeria. Plumbers are those whose work to fix leaked pipes in people’s toilets, bathrooms, and water pipes in the country. They also perform other plumbing challenges for the people. 

Some of the obvious responsibilities of the plumbers are to install and repair:

  • Water pipes
  • Sewer lines
  • Gas lines
  • Drainage systems
  • And water heaters.

NOTE: If you have in mind to choose a particular handwork, I think plumbing is a choice. It is indeed profitable.

Smart Home Automation System Installation

Installation of a Smart Home Automation System is another lucrative handwork that young people can learn and make a lot of money from. Interested persons can even work from home. If you want to learn the installation of a smart home automation system these are your responsibilities:

  • Assembling and installing 
  • Repairing and servicing
  • Programming the smart home automation system
  • Selling the smart home automation system
  • Installation of access control systems
  • Installation of gate automation systems
  • Installation of Intercom systems

Car Wash and Detailing

High Rated Handwork to Learn in Nigeria With Good Pay

Car Wash and Detailing involves cleaning, waxing, and polishing cars. You can do the work with your hands or with machines. Car Wash and Detailing are done at the car dealership or on the side for extra cash, that is if they are done professionally. Depending on the type of car and the location, the average cost of car detailing in Lagos and Abuja for luxury cars ranges from about N55,000. These works are done:

  • In Auto-body shops
  • In car washes
  • Or in garages.

Printing Press

 The printing press is another lucrative handwork that you can learn and make a lot of money.

Those who are at the service of the printing press, are in the business of printing:

  • Card and stationery printing
  • Branding services
  • Printing invitation card
  • Packaging designs
  • Child dedication designs


High Rated Handwork to Learn in Nigeria With Good Pay

For centuries, painting has been a popular form of art, and a lot of people who have a talent for it have made a lot of money from it. Painting is a type of handwork whereby painters create beautiful pieces of art through the use of paint.

With this skill, you can make beautiful artworks of people, places, things, and living and non-living things that have a way of giving deep meaning and expression to people. And you display and sell these pieces of artwork at a very high rate on the internet, or place them in galleries, and other outlets. 

Another part of the artwork is sculpting. It is an art form that is used to create three-dimensional representations of organic or inorganic objects. This can be achieved by means of shaping and modeling materials such as: 

  • Clay, 
  • Wax, 
  • Plaster,
  • And metal.

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Cartoonists are creators of visual narratives. In recent times, cartoon creation has become a very essential handwork that people are now going into due to the increasing demand for it. And as such, it is also bringing a lot of money. However, if you need to learn a particular handwork you can consider becoming a cartoonist if you have a talent in it.

Music Production

Being a music producer is one big way to make a huge sum of money in Nigeria, it’s just that some people do not know. Music producers are silent millionaires who may not be very popular like the artist but they are always in the background producing nice tones for the singers, and they are paid a lot of money on a daily basis for producing songs for top and popular singers. So your opportunity of becoming a millionaire can be in music production.


High Rated Handwork to Learn in Nigeria With Good Pay

The second most popular handwork after the construction industry. Tiling and block laying have the highest numbers of artisans in Nigeria. Tiling has become an attractive option of handwork that people can engage in to make their money. 

Due to the growth in house building and renovations, the industry has seen a significant increase in recent years. As a tiller or bricklayer, there are basic skills you need to acquire, they include the ability to:

  • Read and write well
  • Carrying out simple math calculations, 
  • The ability to use hand tools such as saws and hammers, and having good communication skills

Master of Ceremony

A Master of Ceremony is the one who directs and orders the activities of an event. He/she must be persons who are very exposed and know the dos and dont’s of the event in question.

Their works are enormous, they include but are not limited to:

  • Greeting guests
  • Introducing people
  • Direct the flow of the event
  • A Master of Ceremony are people who possess the following qualities: Well-versed in etiquette
  • Managers of time
  • Presentation skills
  • They are organized
  • The job requires some experience
  •  Good public speaking ability
  •  And experience in hosting events.

Event Planning

High Rated Handwork to Learn in Nigeria With Good Pay

You can become an event planner if you have a passion for it. Event planners are the brain box of every event, they are responsible for what to do where to do, and how to do them. They ensure the complete success of the event, by bringing ideas, executing them, and supervising the activities to the end.

You have to be very hard-working and dedicated if you want to become an event planner.

Their responsibilities and qualities are:

  • Knowing how to hire staff, 
  • Ability to set up the venue
  • Handle logistics
  • Purchase supplies
  • Ability to run things smoothly

Examples of events that are planned by Event Planners include: Weddings

  • Corporate events
  • And conferences
  • Others are meetings and seminars.
  • And others

Other Handwork You can also do are:

  1. Photography
  2. Hair Barbing
  3. Hair Styling
  4. Makeup
  5. Tailoring & Fashion Design
  6. Phone Repair
  7. House Painting
  8. Wallpaper Installation
  9. Food and Restaurant Business
  10. Cake Baking & Pastries
  11. Meat Pie Making
  12. Peanut Making
  13. Phone and Laptop Repair
  14. Handbag Making
  15. Solar Power Installation
  16. Wristwatch Repair
  17. Beading and Jewelry Making
  18. Transportation Business
  19. Playing Musical Equipment
  20. CCTV Installation
  21. Electrician & House Wiring
  22. Auto Mechanic
  23. Nail & Eyelashes Fixing
  24. Crochet and Handbag Making
  25. Aluminum Doors and Windows Installation
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